Automend Pro Reviews 2023: Worth Choosing or Not?

Automend Pro Reviews

Automend Pro Reviews: As time changed, vehicles became an integral part of people’s lives. Without proper means of traveling, it is hard to imagine the daily life. With the immense development in the automobile industry, we can so many vehicles in the market.

However, with this advancement came an extensive list of costs. Because there was no method to know and define what was faulty with your car, you had to take it to a repair. As a result, mechanics and repair facilities typically demand high costs just because you do not know anything about the vehicles. 

In the modern-day scenario, the issue can be eliminated with the use of simple and highly advanced tools. With the development of such tools, people can basically know whatever is faulty in their vehicles. This made things simpler and less costly for the vehicle owners.

Here in this review guide, we will discuss Automend Pro Reviews, which is one such tool that detects the accurate issues of your vehicle. Being an affordable device, it stands out from the rest diagnosing devices.

Let us know everything about this cutting-edge device: 

Overview of Automend Pro

Automend Pro Reviews

Automend Pro Reviews

  • You can take the device along with you because it is small and has a portable nature. 
  • Along with telling you about the potential issue, the device will also let you know the estimated cost that you will have to pay. 
  •  You can use it for multiple vehicles simultaneously.

If you do not want to call a mechanical engineer often, then choose Automend Pro for diagnosing the issues with your vehicle. The simple answer that you can get about the device is its suitability for identifying car issues regardless of the car type. If you have an OBD 2 port in your vehicle, then all you need is the device and all the issues with your car will be diagnosed in less than an hour. 

People nowadays know less about vehicles and trucks than they did in the past decade. Today’s typical car owner knows relatively little about automobiles. Aside from automotive troubles, there are many more issues to be concerned about. That is why the mechanics are included. Despite not being a mechanic, you can cut back the costs of the same. 

When owning a car, one has to take care of multiple things. This is why Automend Pro has been manufactured. This device effectively ends car mechanics’ monopoly. Every potential issue with your car or truck can be found with Automend Pro, and you are free to get an estimate prior to visiting the auto repair shop.

We can infer from this that they would be unable to overcharge you. Now, it is time to avoid these overcharges and get all the issues identified on your own. 

Technical Specifications – Automend Pro Reviews

Let us take a brief overview of the technical specifications of the Automend Pro gadget:

Name Automend Pro 
Size 70*90*30 mm
Connection Type WiFi compatible
Weight 75 grammes
Compatibility With all smartphones 
Application Free application 
Vehicle Compatibility All vehicles after 1996

Reasons to choose Automend Pro 

When we talk about a new device, it is essential to know about several factors that make it different from the other alternatives available in the marketplace. In this section, we are going to discuss the exceptional features of this device that make it stand out from the competition.

Let us take a look at some of them: 

  • Save Cost: One of the major reasons to choose the Automend Pro is the amount of money you are going to save through a single purchase. You will definitely not want to spend additional cost on such services which are available for free. Quite often, people do not know much about the issues, mechanisms, and other aspects of their vehicles. When such is the case, professional mechanics can fool the vehicle owners. With the Automend tool, you will get all the information about the costs as well making you knowledgeable about the issues. In this way, no one will be able to charge you an extra amount. 
  • No more visits: Aside from spending more for what should be a minor expense, frequent visits to an auto mechanic increase car maintenance costs, which can become quite hectic in the long term. Automend Pro will inform you of the temperature at which your engine runs, and the fuel pressure, and perform other easy inspections for free. By this, you can cut down your frequent visits to the car mechanic shop.  
  • Suitable for all: No matter if you are a professional driver or just a newbie and do not know anything about car driving, this gadget is meant for all. The device is so easy for the installation process and setting it up that you will not require to visit the mechanic for even the installation process
  • Security Purposes: When people are in a new place, they might stay worried about the parking of their car. This might be possible because of the high level of risks and several methods that criminals opt for to perform unwanted thefts. However, with Automend Pro, all these risks potentials could be eliminated. This device can also perform the work of a tracker. This could be a great help in locating the car in an easy way. 

Why is Automend Pro so special?

Why is Automend Pro so special?

#1. Universal Compatibility: Automend Pro is compatible with all 1996 and the other later-on car models released. This tool will tell you exactly what is wrong with your automobile without letting a professional trick you, whether you own an SUV, Mini Bus, or Station Waggon.

#2. App Support: Automend Pro Reviews will identify any problems with your vehicle and send the info to your smartphone in real-time. Once you have downloaded the Automend Pro app on your smartphone from the Play Store or App Store on your mobile device and have connected to Automend Pro through Bluetooth 4.0, you are ready to go. To find out whether or not your car is in top working condition, the device will simply scan it to check for Engine RPM, Fuel Efficiency, Fuel Pressure, Engine Temperature, Emission Pre-check, and a number of other criteria.

#3. 9 protocols of OBD2: Your car has a built-in self-diagnostic system called OBD2. If you take your car to a repair, he will diagnose the problem with an OBD2 scanner. You can now complete it yourself. Nine different OBd2 connector types are supported by Automend Pro, demonstrating a broad range of vehicle compatibility.

#4. Tracker Feature: Using Automend Pro, you can quickly find your automobile if you think it could be missing or are unsure of where you parked it. Through your smartphone app, the chip of the Automend Pro can be turned into a tracker to find your car. 

#5. Multi-vehicle Support: Automend Pro is not limited to working on a single type of car. Its compatibility for multiple vehicles allows you to scan and monitor a variety of automobiles. Ensure that all of the vehicles you want to track have their OBD2 scanners connected to your smartphone.

#6. Easy Installation: You also don’t need to be a computer professional to install Automend Pro because it is a plug-and-play device. You are not required to get assistance from your mechanic either. In comparison, it is fairly easy. Simply locate the OBD2 socket and insert the Automend Pro into it.

#7. Expense Cut Down: You will be amazed to know that the Automend Pro device will cut a lot of expenses for you. With this device, you do not need to worry about the expenses of calling mechanics and taking the simplest diagnostic tests. All this work can be done by this simple device. Thus, it can be said that this device is nothing less than a one-time investment for car owners. 

#8. Precautionary Measures: If you do not want your vehicle to be prone to any issues then it is essential to take all the precautionary measures to avoid them. Though this is not an easy procedure, Automend Pro can help you do it. The device is capable of detecting all potential issues including fluid running low or the health of the battery getting poorer.

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What will Automend Pro do?

You can take the help of this device and fix many things without having the necessity of anyone.

These are the things that the Automend Pro Reviews is capable of doing:

  • Fixation of the issues: By using this device, you become capable of fixing all the issues of your car without the need for a mechanic. This will also cut the additional costs. The device is also capable of providing you with solutions to any potential issue. 
  • Detects car issues: Whenever your car is in some trouble or will have any damage inside or out, the device will detect it instantly making it easier to evaluate things. 
  • Keeps you safe: When your car is maintained efficiently, it will not prone to be damage or accidents. This will make the car owner safe and eliminate the possibility of risks. 
  • Overview of vehicles: The device will let you have updated information on the things and other aspects of your vehicle. In this way, you are capable of keeping track of all potential issues and estimated costs of the repairs. 

These are some other important things that the Automend Pro device can do for you:

  • It will efficiently determine the oil’s temperature. 
  • You will get an update on the status of your car. 
  • History of the car
  • Mileage 
  • Coolant Temperature 
  • Oxygen Level 
  • Speed of the vehicle
  • Maintenance
  • Torque
  • Engine temperature 
  • Fuel pressure 
  • Ignition System 
  • Engine RPM 
  • Fuel Efficiency 

How does the Automend Pro work?

The working mechanism of the gadget is incredibly simple. All you need to ensure is the internet connection is stable, you have to turn off the engine of your vehicle that you want to diagnose, and the application must be smoothly functioning.

If you face any issues in opening the application, you can consider restarting it several times. After you have done all these things, you just need to take three easy steps and your work will be done:

Step 1: First of all, locate the USB dashboard port in your vehicle, and then connect it with this universal tool. 

Step 2: In the second step, you are required to open the mobile application on your mobile device and run a thorough scan of the entire vehicle. 

Step 3: Once the scanning procedure is complete, you are going to get all the information via the application on your mobile device. You can go through the current reports and check the past reports as well. 

Pros And Cons – Automend Pro Reviews


  • The gadget is going to cost you less in comparison to the other alternatives. 
  • The device will let you stay worryless about the additional repairing costs.
  • This diagnostic device can detect around 7000 issues with your vehicle in just some minutes.
  • With the Automend Pro device, one can have access to all the information and car data in real time. 
  • You can rest assured that the device has no risk in use and you are also eligible to return it if unhappy with the working mechanism.
  • No matter what type of car you own, you are free to use the Automend Pro device with it as the device is compatible with all vehicles. However, the model must have been launched after 1996.
  • The device can prevent you from paying additional costs even for minor issues. 


  • The product has an immense demand due to which you might have to wait for a longer period for the confirmation of your order. 
  • Some customers have claimed that the application is slow so if you also experienced the same then you might opt for the way to restart the application. 

Where and how can you buy Automend Pro from?

It would be the best deal if you purchase the Automend Pro from the official online store. There are many retailers in the market who sell fake products at a higher price claiming them to be the original ones.

To avoid any fraud, you are suggested to grab the best deals from the official store only. At the present time, manufacturers have opened an impressive offer of a 50% discount on the device if you are purchasing multiple items. 

The process that you need to follow to make the purchase is quite straightforward and easy. The payment methods are also quite understandable and you can do them with ease while the check out. You can choose among the different packages available on the website according to your needs and requirements. Here is a brief price list of the Automend Pro device:

  • If you want to purchase a single Automend Pro, then just simply pay $69.99. This will include the charges of shipping the device to your location. 
  • Two separate units of the same device are going to cost you around $109.99.
  • Three units of the Automend Pro device will go for around $149.99. You will also get free delivery of your order to the mentioned location. 
  • If any customer is looking to purchase four devices at the same time, then they just need to pay $179.99. 

Return Policy – Automend Pro Reviews

If you have any doubt about the working efficacy of the device, then you can rest assured that your investment can get back to you if you are not happy with the product. Having said that, the makers kept the satisfaction of their customers in priority so they offered you a return policy of thirty days.

You will be happy to know that you can return the product and get your investment back. All you have to do is make a request for the order return. 

Why Choose Automend Pro over other such gadgets?

If you go through the claims and customer reviews about this product, then you will find it is a far better and more affordable gadget than the other available diagnosing gadgets. The biggest reason for this is the accuracy of the results that it provides. Other such devices might have software or compatibility issues but with Automend Pro, you do not have to worry about all these potential problems. 

When you are unaware of a particular product or the benefits that you can get from it, you might end up making a huge investment but with this product, you can rely on it first. If you are still unsatisfied with the mechanism, you can return it to the manufacturer. This feature is not available with all the such gadgets in the market. Having this tool can be a game changer for you as it cuts multiple costs and is way better than the other diagnosing gadgets

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FAQs: Automend Pro Reviews 

Ques. Is it fine if I leave the device connected to my vehicle?

Ans. It will completely depend on the fact that you drive your car regularly or not. If the vehicle is being used on a regular basis then it is fine to leave the device plugged in but in case you drive it less then you might end up having issues with the car and the device as well. 

Ques. Is it necessary to have an internet connection to use Automend Device?

Ans. Yes, you are required to have a stable internet connection in order to make the device work properly. If the connection is weak, then you will be unable to receive the updated information about your vehicle. 

Ques. Can I get to know the best solutions for the fixture of a particular issue?

Ans. No, the device is just meant for analyzing and diagnosing purposes. This simply means that the device will tell you about the potential issue and the expected cost you might have to spend to fix it.  

Ques. Will this device leave any impact on the manufacturer’s warranty?

Ans. No, there will be no effect of using the Automend Device over the manufacturing warranty of your vehicle. It is only developed to analyze the issue which will not leave any harmful effect on the vehicle. 

Ques. Can I use Automend Pro while my vehicle is on?

Ans. The device will show the best possible results only when the car is in off mode. If it is on then you might get fluctuations in the result and in many cases the results are wrong as well.

Final Verdict – Automend Pro Reviews

Every car owner worries about the repair cost that they might have to spend on their car breakdown as it gets older. No matter what model vehicle you are having, there are still so many potential issues that you might encounter.

To deal with the issue of overcharges and overwhelming risks,  you can purchase the innovative Automend Pro Reviews. This tool can be considered an incredible solution to all the unwanted problems of the car owner. 

With this cutting-edge gadget, you do not even need to go anywhere. All the vehicle issues are detected via the tool and you can see the results on your smartphone. The usage of the device is extremely simple and can be done with some easy steps.

Once you purchase the tool, you can get to know the potential problems even before they come up in your vehicle. This is the best possible solution to avoid accidents and car breakdowns. As there is an availability of exciting discount offers, you can order your Automend Pro right away and enjoy the one-time investments.

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