Bug Bulb Reviews 2024: Must Read Before You Buy!

It is really difficult for one to eliminate bothersome insects, particularly mosquitoes. Like millions of other individuals, you may have used several insect repellents, but the outcomes could not have proved satisfactory. Not all people can handle the adverse consequences of insect-removal sprays and vaporizers sold by different companies, which include a lot of chemicals.

People who are suffering from respiratory diseases might find this issue even worse. To avoid any inconvenience to such people and eliminate the bugs as well as mosquitoes, you will need to opt for an impressive solution. You can get the best results with the Bug Bulb reviews. Here is a review guide to let you know about this amazing product and decide whether it is worthwhile or not.

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About The Bug Bulb Zapper

bug bulb reviews

Bug Bulb Reviews

  • There is no use of toxic substances so you can use it even when your kids and elderly people are around. 
  • It will be affordable for you as it comes with decent pricing and you will also get a guarantee of complete satisfaction.
  • You do not have to worry about complicated cleaning routines as it is easy to maintain and clean.

This device combines a light bulb and an insect zapper into one item. It contains a large LED that attracts flying bugs to it and then electrocutes them once they approach too closely. Although it is smaller than a standard bug zapper, the basic principles are the same.

Bug Bulb is lightweight and small. It can easily tuck into any room’s nook. You may put it in the center of the lawn or even on the porch. It is practical to travel or use anywhere because of its compact design. This tool does not require a connecting cable like a regular zapper as it only requires a battery that can be recharged for powering itself. As stated by the customers and manufacturers, the batteries can work for a maximum of 20 hours if charged fully at once.

What Makes It Unique?

What Makes It Unique?
  • When a mosquito touches the electrical coils encircling the Bug Bulb, they instantly die. The mosquitoes perish immediately upon interaction, dropping to the floor surrounding the Bug Bulb rather than flying throughout your home and then dying in any corner area. This will make cleaning much easier.
  • While the device is operating, the Bug Bulb makes no sound. This is the reason why you will stay protected from dangerous insects and you are able to sleep or have fun at an outside event.
  • Since it has simple controls and does not need to be installed or serviced before application, it is a simple device to be used, operated, and maintained. With the aid of the user’s guide that comes along with the Bug Bulb, anyone may use this equipment.
  • You can use electricity and light to organically destroy pests rather than spray your residence with hazardous substances or other pesticides. Avoid using insecticides, dangerous pest control products, and other procedures with a lot of chemicals. You can protect your house from bugs by using the Bug Bulb while maintaining the security of your pets and loved ones.
  • Some bug-killing products leave your house smelling bad. Some people spray dangerous chemicals all over their properties. You may attract mosquitoes via the Bug Bulb while eliminating offensive smells and sprays.
  • The Bug Bulb may be recharged similarly to how a mobile device is recharged. Just connect the USB cable. You do not need to deal with AAA or AA batteries. Simply recharge the bug bulb and leave it running for about 15 or 20 hours, as per your requirements.

Pros And Cons: Bug Bulb


  • It serves as an all-purpose bug zapper and insect repellent. 
  • There are no dangerous or harmful components in the Bug Bulb Zapper. 
  • It won’t hurt your skin or eyes because it doesn’t contain any chemicals. 
  • You may use it even when it is raining outside because it is weather-resistant. 
  • It is a little, lightweight gadget that is convenient to take along.
  • You will stay protected throughout the night while you are asleep. 
  • You may employ it for spaces 16 by 16 feet because it is capable of covering 250 square feet of space when turned on.


  • The product is available on the official site only and the stocks are also limited.

Steps for Usage: Bug Bulb

The steps to use the Bug Bulb are exceptionally simple. All you have to do is follow these steps and have a bite-free and comfortable experience.

Step 1. First of all, just take the device out of the packaging and go for recharging it. A red light on the gadget will show that it is in charging mode. When it is fully charged, the red color will turn green.

Step 2. In order to turn on your gadget, flip the top switch. Before turning it on, the gadget will make a clicking noise

Step 3. Place the Zapper in the desired location for around two hours for getting the greatest results. Use it at least two hours before you are going to sleep to assist you to get rid of mosquitoes that are keeping you up at night. 

Cost of Bug Bulb 

  • The price of a single Bug Bulb is just $39.99.
  • If you are going to purchase two Big Bulb Zappers then it will cost you $79.99.
  • The cost of three zappers will go for $89.99.
  • In case, you wish to purchase four Big Bulb Zappers then you will need to pay $119.99 for all. 

Final Takeaway: Bug Bulb

Anyone wishing to safeguard their own health and those they love from illnesses spread by mosquitoes may benefit from using Bug Bulb, an efficient, secure, and simple-to-use repellent method. Its strong LED bulb, free of chemicals functioning, compact design, durable battery, and handy features make it a distinctive and priceless upgrade for any house or outdoor area.

You may rely on this gadget to keep you secure and it also functions as a nightlight. The ability to recharge over USB is very useful. It has not been overpriced by the company either. Additionally, you will find bulk package reductions and a return guarantee on the items when purchased from the official site. 

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FAQs: Bug Bulb Reviews

Q1. Can I Use It As A Zapper And Light At The Same Time?

Ans. Yes, it can serve you with both functions simultaneously. You can use it as a zapper or light and even both whenever you find the need to.  

Q2. Are The Bug Bulbs Safe For Pets And Kids?

Ans. When you use conventional coils, chemicals, and lanterns, they leave a negative impact on the health of kids and pets. However, when you are using the Bug Bulbs, your kids and pets will remain absolutely safe.

Q3. Is The Bug Bulb Device Portable?

Ans. Having a built-in and battery-operated battery capacity of 2,000mAH, the device can be carried wherever you want it to. You may put it just anywhere, hang it from a great height, or even take it on vacations. Because Bug Bulb is so little and portable, you’ll find yourself carrying it everywhere.

Q4. Do The Charging Cables Come With The Device?

Ans. Yes, you will get the USB cables to charge the Bug Bulb Zapper. A single-charged device can last up to an entire day without having the need to charge it again several times. 

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