Visualcleanx Review 2024: Best EarWax Remover Tool

When it comes to hygiene of our body, we all tend to try our best in maintaining it to the best as with the fresh and clean body, it makes your mind fresh and clear and helps you in focusing on your work more efficiently.

But to maintain the hygiene and keep your body clean, taking a bath does not just do the full job properly. For example, Manicure is a kind of treatment that enhances the good appearance of the fingernails and the hand and just like manicure, pedicure is a treatment that enhances the good appearance of the feet.

People tend to take such treatments in order to maintain the hygiene and the good appearance of their body parts. Same like this, most of us are also very peculiar in the hygiene of our inner section of our ears.

We are talking here about the ‘ear wax’. We all tend to get rid of or do the cleaning of the ear wax from time to time. While it may  sound like an easy job to do by oneself, it is not that much easy.

Most people also ignore the fact that how necessary it is to get rid of the ear wax as having it inside your ear for long makes things big problematic for your health as having the ear wax is a home to the disease spreading bacterias.

Many people try to clean their ear in order to remove the ear wax by going through different methods. While we do not judge the different methods people use to clean their ear wax, it is highly recommended that it is very important that one should consult an expert or a doctor if going to try any kind of product or medicine. 

Most of us use the basic idea to clear the ear wax by using Q-tips. While there are multiple types, sizes and shapes of Q-tips available in the market, when we try to use them, in many cases, instead of taking out the ear wax and clearing the ear we tend to push the ear wax deeper inside. 

So, it is no secret that many of us have not been very successful in getting rid of the ear wax and cleaning the ears properly. Many of the people are scared to use the Q-tip to clean the ear wax as they are worried that using the Q-tip inside the ear may result in something bad like.

What if accidently they shove the Q-tip a bit too deep inside the ear that it touches the sensitive part of the eardrum resulting in hurting themselves and getting in pain. That is the biggest reason why many of the people ignore the cleaning of the ear wax from their ear and while the rest think that they are keeping it clean but in actual they are clearly not.

This problem has come into notice to a group of engineers from Poland. They worked on this issue thoroughly and came up with a solution. The solution that they came up with is a ear cleaning device called the “VisualCleanX”. In this article, we will be talking thoroughly about the VisualCleanX device and its features and benefits.

What is VisualCleanX?

Visualcleanx Review

Visualcleanx Review

  • HD Camera
  • Battery Life –
  • Water Resistant
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Patented Technology

The VisualCleanX basically is an ear cleaning device that uses technology to help one to clean the ear and get rid of the unnecessary ear wax. 

The VisualCleanX device can also be described as a camera cleaner tool as in the VisualCleanX device, a camera is fitted that captures the images inside your ear and using the bluetooth technology, sends those images to your computer, laptop or phone screen. 

This process helps you to clean your ear by making you see the inside images of the ear so that you can do the cleaning process without damaging your eardrum or hurting yourself. 

The idea that makes the VisualCleanX stand out in the market is the technology used in it. Most of the people thought that what exactly was in the VisualCleanX that most of the hygiene companies lack. 

Well, the main idea that sets VisualCleanX apart is the use of the camera in its procedure. With the help of the camera it became very easy to see what you are going to touch and to clean, that too in a real time. This thing enhanced the safety and cleaning of the ear.

If you are not aware then let us tell you, in the medical field, during examination of a patient,  the head with a camera is being used which illuminates due to the use of mini LED lights in it. The same method or say technology is used in how the process of VisualCleanX device works.

Features of VisualCleanX:

Now, we will be discussing about some of the features of the VisualCleanX in detail, in order to more understand that how this device works, how it is very much beneficial to an individual to clear the earwax and how this device helped in making the cleaning of ear from inside so easy that makes it stand out in the market.

Below mentioned are some of the features of VisualCleanX –

HD Camera

HD Camera

The VisualCleanX tool has multiple features in it and one such major feature is that it has a 1.3MP HD Camera in it. This camera feature makes it easier to do the cleaning of the ear wax. 

And thanks to this camera feature that captures and transmits the real time images into the screen, the cleaning process can be done without putting much effort and making sure that one does not damage their eardrum in the process.

Battery Life –

Battery Life -

The VisualCleanX device has a fast charging, lightweight and small battery fitted in it. This built in battery is basically a 120 mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery which runs for quite a good time before dying completely. 

Being a 120 mAh battery, it does not require charging very frequently. The battery of the VisualCleanX in a single use, lasts up to an hour of cleaning due to its anti discharge system.

Water Resistant

Water Resistant -

The VisualCleanX also has water resistant features in it too, which means that one does not have to worry about using it at the times after having a bath, due to which the ears get wet as this device is waterproof and makes the cleaning process easy.

Temperature monitoring

Temperature monitoring -

The VisualCleanX has a smart chip that controls the temperature of the device. This smart chip inside the VisualCleanX tool helps in preventing the overheating of the device inside your ear. On the other hand, any other spiral ear cleaners lack this temperature detecting feature in them which adds a plus point to the VisualCleanX device.

Patented Technology

Patented Technology -

With the help of the application, the VisualCleanX supports the High Definition live telecast over the WiFi. It has a total of six bright LEDs that lights up the whole ear canal which ultimately helps in providing a better visibility and control.

Various kind of Cleaner and Scrubber Heads

Various kind of Cleaner and Scrubber Heads -

The VisualCleanX comes with a total of four different types of Cleaner and Scrubber Heads that are capable of removing all types of earwax, from the hardest to the most sticky earwax. So, as per the type of dirt and the earwax, you can use one out of the four cleaning heads accordingly.

Multipurpose use

Multipurpose use -

One of the best things about the VisualCleanX is that it is a multifunctional device, meaning that it can be used not just only for the purpose of cleaning the ear, but for other purposes too. 

To explain more of this multipurpose feature of the VisualCleanX is that it can be used to have a clear view of the inner side of your nose, to have a closer view of your hair or to have the perfect view of any part of your body that you usually can not see properly.

Easy Installation

Easy Installation -

One of the best things about the VisualCleanX is that the installation process of this device is very easy as you just need to connect it with any of the vices via bluetooth and you are good to go.

Ultra Bright micro LED lights

Ultra Bright micro LED lights -

In order to get a right view of the inner side of the ear, apart from the HD camera, VisualCleanX has six micro ultra bright LEDs that light up to provide a perfect and clear view of the inner side of the ear.

Safe to use

The VisualCleanX is no doubt with the features in it is very safe to use in comparison to any spiral cleaning devices. One can safely perform the process of cleaning of the earwax without damaging or hurting themselves.

Apart from the above mentioned features, the VisualCleanX can be used to treat in other areas of difficulty where a clear visibility is needed, like for the purpose of having a clear view of the nasal cavity.

The VisualCleanX is compatible with almost all types of devices like the android, iPhone televisions with bluetooth feature, desktop computers and many more.

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What makes the VisualCleanX tool special:

The HD camera and the micro ultra bright LED lights fitted in this techy gadget allows one to have a better, clearer and perfect view of the inner side of the ear canal that helps in removing the earwax completely without putting much effort and without hurting oneself as one can see the real time picture/view of the inner side of the ear.

With the help of VisualCleanX, one can study their ears much more hassle free and can detect any kind of such points that may in the future can trigger situations like having problems like having infection, earache or situations like having permanent loss of the hearing ability.

People who suffer from different types of ear related problems like the disease eczema or say people suffering from cognitive issues who wear hearing aids are more likely to develop ear related infections. 

The VisualCleanX device is the one that helps such people in handling their ear related issues by helping them to have a better view of their inner side of the ear canal for the purpose of cleaning the dirt and avoiding any future related ear problems or infection.

Costing of VisualCleanX:

We have talked about all the beneficial features of the VisualCleanX and how this tool is better in most of the aspects from the different kinds of spiral cleaning devices that are available in the market. 

Now comes the question of how much does the VisualCleanX really cost to an individual to get an idea if it really fits the budget of an average earning person or not. The normal retail price of the VisualCleanX costs almost $134 which still is cheaper and a fair price to get your ear cleaned than getting it cleaned professionally.

With this cost, the VisualCleanX is a tool that gets in the range of almost most of the people on average and one can enjoy the benefits of a good hearing aid without having to pay a lot of money for a hearing aid. Hence, costing of the VisualCleanX suits best to the budget of an average individual who is looking for a quality hearing aid that is budget friendly too.

Conclusion: Visualcleanx Review

Coming to the conclusion of this article, we just have to say that if you are someone who hates the earwax and the dirt inside your ear and already fed up of trying different methods to get rid of the earwax but eventually failed to do so, then you must have your hand on the VisualCleanX device as it makes the cleaning of the earwax easy, effortless and smooth. 

The process of cleaning of the earwax is simply pain free with the VisualCleanX. What makes this device a perfect choice is that it has many useful features like having an intelligent temperature controlling chip, an HD camera to get the right view of the dirt, four kind of cleaning heads and it is waterproof are some of the beneficial features that you will not be able to find easily in any other cleaning devices in the market.

So, we will recommend you to have this device in your closet as its multifunctional feature is the one that you should be looking for in any cleaning device.

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