ELM 327 vs FIXD – What’s Your Best Option for 2023?

ELM 327 vs FIXD

If you are worried about the condition of your car and need to have a proper track of all the real-time data then opting for car diagnostic service must not be a bad idea. Car Diagnosis Services are done to know all the issues of your car.

Though it is a convenient procedure, it will take a lot of time and patience. To avoid the situation, you can get help from the car scanners. With the array of car scanners in the marketplace, ELM 327 vs FIXD hold the top contending positions. 

These reasonably priced car scanners are an excellent choice if you are unsure of the condition of your automobile or want to acquire a repair cost estimate. In the following comparative guide, we will talk about both these scanners. You will get to know what is so special about these scanners and which is better to choose as per your car requirements. Let us dive in to know more:

Know About ELM 327 vs FIXD

ELM 327 vs FIXD both the devices have the same functionality of diagnosing the issues of your car. Providing the same functions yet both these tools have slight differences. Before diving into them, let us know what ELM 327 vs FIXD are.

ELM 327

ELM 327 vs FIXD

A scanner called the ELM 327 is used to identify problem codes in automobiles. Both the car’s internal systems and its electronic sensors can accommodate it for installation. It utilizes wireless technology, enabling connections with all smartphones, computers, tablets, and other devices.

Its dimensions are small, and is also compact and lightweight. This makes it transportable, allowing you to take it wherever you like. No matter if your automobile is driving or not, you may view all the data in real-time. This tool can change the setup of folding mirrors and logs, based on their setup and type. You may also change the dashboard’s data and the reactivity of the gas pedals.


ELM 327 vs FIXD

One of the most portable and user-friendly interface devices or scanners available is FIXD. It is well-liked since installing it is simple. It can be used to identify vehicle issues by mechanics as well as automobile owners. The smartphone app shows an extensive list of the car’s problems.

It can find more than 7000 possible instances of your car. It can also be applied to diesel, petrol, and hybrid vehicles. Continuous monitoring can be used if you’ve found a problem with your car. Due to its “Check Engine Light” recognition, it distinguishes itself from its competitors. Additionally, it features a mix of hardware and software that increases the effectiveness of this tool. 

How to use it?

FIXD is a little tricky to use but the installation process and usage are quite simple. Simply follow the instructions to complete the setup:

ELM 327 

  • Go to the WiFi option in the Settings menu. Click or choose the ELM 327 option that will appear here.
  • The app will pull all available data from the vehicle’s control unit once it is activated.
  • It will request some other information, such as the automobile model and year of manufacture, among other things.
  • The OBD2 port of 16-pin needs to be located after the car is turned on.
  • Connect the following scanner once all the other things are done.
  • The LED light of red color will turn on right away.
  • Then, activate the ELM 327 connectivity after receiving data on the laptop, tablet, or smartphone.


  • The code reader must be obtained. The next step is to connect FIXD to the OBD2 connector, which is located beneath the steering wheel at the bottom of your vehicle.
  • You’ll need to download and sign up for the application after the device is successfully positioned at the steering wheel. The application is accessible on Android and iOS smartphones. 
  • The following step is to fill out the required personal data on the app’s initial login form.
  • The number of FIXD data points that were gathered from the level must now be recorded on the app.
  • First, the OBD2 sensors and application configuration need to be finished. You may proceed.
  • All the data will be available on your smartphone. You can save it if you think there will be further requirements. 

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What is unique about: ELM 327 vs FIXD

Both these devices have some special and unique features that make them different from each other and all the available alternatives. Here are some of them:


  • Ease of use: The scanner can identify over 7000 trouble codes in your car. Of its generation, it has one of the most code generators.
  • Multiple Vehicle Compatibility: The device offers compatibility with several different vehicles. Verifying that your child’s car is fit for use involves a quick inspection. The same feature is also available to owners of several vehicles. There won’t be a requirement to create unique apps for every car.
  • Portability: When connected to your car’s OBD2 port, the FIXD sensor is small and less noticeable thanks to its practical design. The device’s portable shape makes it useful for carrying along. 
  • Wireless Usage: The FIXD hardware-software combination uses Bluetooth to communicate and retrieve data from the laptop or desktop in your car, so you do not have to be concerned about tangled cables on the steering wheel whenever you need an update on the condition and wellness of your automobile.

ELM 327

  • Live Data Tracking: You can assess the efficiency of your vehicle as you drive thanks to live data. Employing in-built sensors, it delivers an immediate feed of your vehicle. 
  • Speed: Your car may be experiencing an emission system issue if it suddenly starts operating at a slower rate than usual. You may determine your car’s running speed by accessing real-time data from the speed detector.
  • Smog Testing: The device can also provide you the smog tests so that your vehicle remains environmentally friendly. These things can avoid the violation of vehicle regulations. 
  • Customization of Dashboard: You may organize the functions that are most frequently utilized on your app’s dashboard using ELM 327 to make it simpler for users to find them.
  • Multi-purpose Usage: The device is capable of performing multiple functions. It not only includes the testing of issues in your vehicle but also other engine-related problems. It gives a thorough check-up of your vehicle’s engine performance. 

Perks – ELM 327 vs FIXD

ELM 327

  • It can be customized while it is on the dashboard of the car.  
  • The device has an ideal size with not so much weight.
  • It has wonderful compatibility with Android devices and computers. 
  • The tool also helps to maintain the emission system working efficiently.
  • It transfers all the data to your mobile device quickly and easily.
  • It also helps you to read the levels of fuel, indication, and airflow.
  • It tracks the real-time data whenever your car is moving. 


  • It provides a detailed and instant diagnostic analysis.
  • The tool and application are simple to set up and connect to the OBD2 port.
  • You can get alerts for car upkeep with a repair background.
  • More than 7000 issues can be identified using this tool. 
  • The FIXD scanner tool is appropriate for Android and iOS devices.
  • It features a 30-day return period and a one-year warranty. 
  • You can use this device to detect the issues of a maximum of five vehicles simultaneously. 
  • All the data that is received and detected remains safe for further needs. 
  • If there is any error code then it is capable of detecting that too.
  • The newest autos and other vehicles will be compatible with the FIXD scanner. 

Disadvantages  – ELM 327 vs FIXD


  • If your car is not on then the device will not work. Also, it has no compatibility with Windows phones. 

ELM 327 

  • It can be used with a single car at a time. Additionally, the connection will be lost if it is used for an extended amount of time. 

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Purchasing Guide – ELM 327 vs FIXD

ELM 327

The device can be purchased from the offline automotive stores and online marketplaces. It will completely depend on you from where you want to purchase it. Nevertheless, it is suggested that you go for the official site or any authorized retailer in order to avoid any potential scam or fraud.

By purchasing from the official site, you can also enjoy the benefits of various deals, discounts, and offers. The manufacturer also keeps sales from time to time in which the price is reduced according to the number of scanners you will be purchasing. 


Though FIXD is available at online stores as well as physical stores, the only thing you need to consider is convenience. You can purchase the device from online and offline automotive stores. However, it is advisable to choose the official retailer for purchasing the device as it will be the most reliable platform.

When buying from the official site, you will get a year warranty along with a 30-day return policy. Here, there is an availability of the devices depending on the sensors that can be used for several vehicles at the same time. 

Final Thoughts: Comparing ELM 327 vs FIXD

All things considered, purchasing an automobile health monitor will definitely be a wise purchase. You will not need to make numerous trips to the automobile dealer when the engine light comes on, which will help to save you both time and cash. Because of the incredibly cutting-edge technology, you can always keep an eye on the state of your vehicle.

When we talk about both these devices, ELM 327 vs FIXD are useful and adaptable tools made for the use of regular drivers. They offer a wide range of functions that let you learn more about the condition and wellness of your car. It all depends on your individual tastes along with what you hope to gain by using the device when choosing one for yourself.

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