FIXD vs Autel AP200 – What’s Your Best Option For 2023?

FIXD vs Autel AP200

If you are a car owner then you might know the issues that come along with car maintenance. The more important car maintenance is, the more it knows all the potential risks. For that, people opt for car diagnosing in the service centers.

Additionally, the process is time-consuming and there is a chance that the diagnosing steps could be done incorrectly. It will become a matter of concern if the problems are not identified beforehand. 

This is where OBD2 scanners become handy. These scanners are very helpful in thoroughly detecting problems for your car, including data on its mileage, speed, pollutants, range, and much more. Among the most popular car scanners are FIXD vs Autel AP200.

Both these scanners work for diagnosing the issues of your car and providing you the possible solutions. Let’s go through a comparative guide between these two to know which is the better choice:

Comparing FIXD Vs Autel AP200 

Though both of these scanners are capable of detecting the issues easily, there are some slight differences between them. Let us evaluate the differences but first, we should know FIXD vs Autel AP200 are:

What Is FIXD?

FIXD vs Autel AP200

This is an exceptional tool that is used for vehicle diagnostics and monitoring. This gadget is mounted in the dashboard’s OBD2 port of the vehicle. Through its sophisticated sensor, this little tech device can identify 7000+ basic to advanced auto issues.

This gadget cannot repair detected auto issues, but it can provide you with information when auto maintenance is required. Using the FIXD app, you may save five vehicles’ worth of data at once with this device.

Know About Autel AP200

FIXD vs Autel AP200

The remarkable Autel AP200 can analyze your car’s diagnostics using a live data feed provided by the device’s AP200 app. This gadget reads and clears error codes, scans data on vehicle faults, and constantly checks the engine.

The time and money you would have spent looking for the problem manually would be saved by using this programme. The Autel AP200’s Bluetooth smartphone connectivity is another notable feature.

With practically all of the devices in the lineup, including iOS, Android OS, and Windows OS devices, Autel AP200 is free software. 

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Working Mechanism 

Autel AP200 

This device is extremely simple to use and designed, especially for people who do not want to spend a lot of time and money on car diagnostic services. Here are some simple instructions for using the Autel AP200. 

  • To begin, locate the OBD2 connector on the dashboard and connect it to this little gadget.
  • The next step is to download and install the MaxiAP AP200 App from the app store.
  • Using the relevant information, you may begin setting up the application with your gadget once the setup procedure is complete. Now that it is available, you can utilise it for nothing. 
  • The required vehicle-specific programming can then be purchased from the Autel AP200 “mall.” The first one you downloaded is without cost.
  • But you must turn on the ignition to observe the green signal from the dongle’s LED.
  • You can now use Bluetooth to pair your mobile device with the apparatus.
  • Once this process is completed, you just need to scan the VIN retrieval and from here you can see all the functions in real-time. 


This is also an easy-to-set-up and use device that is ready to work just in a few steps. The procedures are as follows:

  • The code reader must be obtained. Next, you ought to start by putting FIXD into the OBD2 port on the bottom underneath your car’s steering wheel.
  • Once the device is effectively placed at the steering wheel, you will then need to download and register for the application. The application is available for both iOS as well as Android devices. 
  • You must next provide the necessary personal information in the initial login form that displays in the app’s UI.
  • You now need to log how many FIXD data points were collected from the level on the app.
  • The OBD2 sensors and application configuration must be completed first. You may proceed.



  • This scanner can help you to get live updates and feeds of your car diagnosing. 
  • In case it detects any malfunction, it will start giving alerts. 
  • The device will also provide you with track of servicing timelines and maintenance periods.
  • It is free from any other additional batteries as this can be run on the power of your cars. 
  • Because it is portable, you can move it to different locations. 
  • If you want to get an estimate of the maintenance of your vehicle, then it will do it for you. 
  • The car has numerous issues and all those issues can be detected by this device. The count of issues can be more than 7000. 
  • It is exceptionally compatible as it can work with almost five vehicles. 
  • You can also get a maintenance history on the device itself. 
  • This device will also tell you about the mileage of your vehicle.
  • You can get the alerts in real-time and it keeps you updated on anything potentially happening. 

Autel AP200

  • It is an incredible product that gives you the most accurate information and readings. 
  • You can use this scanner in 19 distinctive languages.
  • Any information that is detected gets picked up automatically. 
  • The process of connecting the scanner is relatively simple. 
  • This device is made up of robust materials but it is lightweight at the same time.
  • Any sort of information related to your car is stored in this device automatically. 
  • The features of OBD2 are free of cost if you use the application especially created for these scanning devices. 
  • Get all the latest updates through the built-in application. 


Autel AP200

  • The fact that this device is a little more expensive than competing models is one of its main disadvantages. This device also has glitches as there are too many functionalities. 


  • This device is not efficient in multi-functionality and is also not capable of supporting electric vehicles. 

Comparing Both Scanners 

FIXD vs. Autel AP200 Comparing Both Scanners 

There are plenty of similarities and differences when comparing these devices. Here are some key points about both these devices:

#1. Connectivity: The majority of scanners on the market right now include a specific smartphone or tablet app that establishes a wireless link with the hardware. The majority of the time, you must download the program, install it on the mobile device you are using, and then link it through Bluetooth to the hardware component.

#2. Functionality: Both these devices include the ability to reactivate the check engine light, the ability to freeze-frame, and the functionality to stream live data, in addition to allowing users to keep track of all the other engine-related issues. The FIXD device may retrieve temporary, pending, and stored codes and output a description and recommended fix for each code.

#3. Compatibility: The iOS and Android operating systems both support the AP200 and FIXD apps. On OBD2-compliant vehicles, the scanner tools are usable.

#4. Applications: Both devices have special in-built applications for easy utilization of the devices. You can make modifications in the settings using the apps. Also, the real-time data can also be tracked using the applications. Both of them are available for iOS and Androids as well. 

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Final Thoughts: FIXD vs Autel AP200?

After comparing the FIXD vs Autel AP200, one can conclude that both products are effective in their own right. An inexpensive car diagnostic tool with amazing functionality and a free app is called FIXD. The AUTEL AP200, on the contrary, is a pricey but high-quality gadget with a tonne of functionality. It has some free features that make it a worth purchasing device.

With 19 paid features, it has around nineteen capabilities that are exclusive to OBD2 functions. Additionally, you can upgrade this app for free forever. Because FIXD is a cheap device with the required features and you can utilize FIXD for free, I suggest it for either of these devices. If the price does not pose an issue, you can make use of a number of distinctive characteristics in the AUTEL AP200.

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