AirCooly Review 2024: Is it legit or just a scam?

AirCooly Review: With the arrival of summer, people start worrying about the electricity bills that instantly go higher due to the immense power consumption. The major cause of this increased power consumption is the air conditioning systems. During the summer season is impossible to survive without air conditioners, and it also becomes quite difficult to manage the electricity bills. 

However, you need not worry about all these things as in this AirCooly Review article, we are going to discuss one amazing product, the AirCooly Personal Air Cooler. So, read the following article if you also want to cut down on your huge bills and enjoy personalized cool air. This article will help you in understanding this innovative product. 

A Brief Overview of AirCooly

AirCooly Review

AirCooly Review

  • The cooling effect of this air cooler is so efficient that you will get complete relaxation through it. 
  • Also, the device offers you with an optimum capacity for cooling and dehumidifying. 
  • You will need not to worry about the refilling process of the tank as it is very straightforward to do so. 

AirCooly is a low-power air cooler that delivers a wonderful breeze. It cools the air and fills in as a fan too. It has a basic plan that permits anybody to utilize it without needing any prior information.

The gadget is controlled by a 5W USB charging link for low-power utilization. It likewise has three fan paces and three moistening timing choices. Contingent upon the necessities of your environmental elements, you can also pick among the two moistening types: Cold or Warm. 

AirCooly can be utilized in working and living spaces since it occupies little room and has a smooth plan that fits different arrangements. It likewise comes in numerous varieties with the goal that you can pick your number one. Due to its conveyability and versatile charging framework, it is additionally great for movement.

Technical Specifications – AirCooly Review

Before diving into the detailed AirCooly Review, let us take a look at the brief technical specifications of AirCooly: 

Product MaterialABS+CF+PC
Product Colour White, Pink, or Green
Size of the package 111*111*300mm
Product Size109*109*293mm
Long Spray Timing3 hours 
Tank Capacity 220 ml 
Charging TypeUSB Cable 
Operation Power 5W
Spray Fixing Time6 hours 

What makes AirCooly unique?

#1. Leak-Proof: As this air cooler contains a water tank, you must be worried about leaks. However, you do not need to worry about this as the water tank is manufactured in such a way that it retains any leaks and does not let water flow out of it. 

#2. Energy Efficient: This device was created to cut down the expensive electricity bills. This is only possible when it remains energy efficient. This is a core feature of this device making it to be ecologically friendly as well. There will be no harmful effect on the environment which will make your contribution to saving it. 

#3. LED Display: You can control all the functionalities of the cooler through the LED display. On this, all the information will be available making it easier for you to make customizations and changes. You will have no difficulty in reading or understanding the things mentioned on the display. 

#4. Toggle: There is a toggle switch in the air cooler which can be used to turn on or off the humidifier as well as the fan. Toggle the switch upwards and turn on the fan. The humidifier may then be activated by moving the switch downwards.

#5. Strong Outer Case: Various customers have claimed in their AirCooly Review that the device is manufactured using sturdy materials. This is why it is so strong and durable from both inside and outside. It can be resistant to rough usage and will stay in the same condition. 

#6. Pocket-Friendly: AirCooly delivers effective cooling. It enables you to remain useful despite the heat wave. It is available at a very reasonable price. AirCooly retailer provides a fantastic discount rate. It also helps you save money in the long run. 

#7. Different Speeds: The air cooler can be set into three different fan speeds as per your needs and requirements. No matter if you want a gentle breeze or strong cooling, the air cooler is capable of giving all that. All you have to do is switch the appropriate buttons. 

#8. Clean Moisture: Your nose, eyes, and skin are prone to irritation due to lack of moisture in the air. This is generally the situation with customary climate control systems. The AirCooly hangs out in. It adds unadulterated and clean moisture to the air. You can inhale calmly without pressurizing the nose to bleed or get itching. 

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Reasons to Choose AirCooly Personal Cooler 

Reasons to Choose AirCooly Personal Cooler 

#1. Immediate Cooling: When turned on, it immediately generates a cooling effect. There is no waiting time for anything, and the hydrating effect is noiseless because it creates moisturized air. It does not need to be linked to an energy source to function because it can be powered by previously stored charges.

#2. Zero Maintenance: When we talk about high-quality products, it is often seen that they come with a lot of cleaning and maintenance. It is nothing less than a challenge for people who are low with the budget and cannot afford so many additional costs. However, this device is different from the high-maintenance gadgets as it will not require any extra costs. 

#3. Versatile Usage: This device performs best indoors rather than outdoors. However, you opt to utilize both because they will both provide you with a cooling effect. It is a fairly basic device that may be used to generate a personal air conditioner without much difficulty. You can also choose whether to open or close your window while inside a room. The product is a personalized device since you can tilt it in any direction to provide optimum comfort.

#4. Portability: The device is meant to be portable and extremely easy to handle because of the materials that are used in the manufacturing process. The device can be carried anywhere you wish to go. You will have no issue with the movability of this product. All the parts of the device can also be used very easily. 

#5. Simple UI: To get the most out of this device properly, you will not need to be an expert in technology. In addition, unlike standard or traditional air conditioners, which must be installed by a technician, you do not need any special abilities to get them to function. The only thing you need to know to operate this is which button to hit at what moment.

Working Mechanism 

This personalized air cooler is worth more than normal air coolers. The reason is that the device is portable and comparatively easier to use. The functions can be easily understood which makes it better than the other alternatives present in the market. The air cooler needs to be completely charged when you are beginning its usage. 

Usage Guide: AirCooly Review 

This device has a simple and straightforward usage and mechanism. To use the device effectively, you will need to follow some steps:

Step 1: Pick a level, stable spot no less than 6 – 12 crawls from the wall. The area ought to have a waterproof cover. Guarantee the air is not aimed at any walls, furniture, or bedding.

Step 2: Fill the tank with water (cool water, not hot or warm water). Supplant the cap, then, at that point, reinstall the tank into the humidifier.

Step 3: At the point when the AirCooly works appropriately, a green light will enlighten on its control handle. Each 10 to 15 seconds, the contraption will discharge a noticeable fog.

Step 4: At a point, when the necessary moistness level has been reached, you can change the fog result to a lower level. Your home will feel lovely with a general moistness somewhere in the range of 40 and 60 percent.

Pros And Cons: AirCooly Review


  • The cooling effect of this air cooler is so efficient that you will get complete relaxation through it. 
  • Also, the device offers you with an optimum capacity for cooling and dehumidifying. 
  • You will need not to worry about the refilling process of the tank as it is very straightforward to do so. 
  • Apart from an air cooler, you can also get a humidifier integrated into the device.
  • It has a noise-free operation which means you will not get disturbed while doing important work. 
  • The air cooler can be used in three different settings which will determine the fan speed. 
  • The process for installing the device is quite straightforward and does not require any cables or wires. 
  • It offers you multiple functionality along with an ergonomic design that makes the utility even simpler. 
  • The battery is another important factor that makes this device beneficial as it can be used for extended periods without needing to charge it frequently. 
  • Due to its small size, it is more convenient to carry around and use it wherever you want. 


  • The device might have limited availability due to less stock and the fact that you can purchase it through the organization’s site only. 

How to get the AirCooly Device?

If you want to purchase this AirCooly Device, then it is suggested that you should purchase it from the official online store only. Opting for any other site can lead to scams and other frauds. Moreover, the product you get may be fake. You can also rest assured of getting the original product at the most reasonable pricing. 

Also, the official site offers you discounts and other deals through which you can enjoy price reductions. At the present time, users can enjoy the discount offer of 50%. This offer is automatically applied when you purchase more than one item. If we talk about the payment methods then making payment is pretty straightforward as you will get multiple options to pay. 

Apart from this, the return policy on the device can attract users even more. It is clearly mentioned in the return policy that if the customer dislikes the product for any reason they can right away return it to the manufacturer and claim for replacement or full refund. This can be applied for a maximum of thirty days. 

Purchasing Guide: AirCooly Review

Here are the details about the prices according to the quantity you will purchase. Take a look at the following: 

  • Purchasing a single unit of the air cooler will cost you more and will be around $85.
  • The cost of two AirCooly air coolers will cost you no more than $139 making the cost of each unit to be $70 only. 
  • If you want to purchase four air coolers then it will cost you around $219 making the cost of one unit to be $54.75. 

Is the AirCooly Personal Cooler legit?

If we talk about the AirCooly portable air conditioner, then it can be said that it is legitimate. You can go through the reviews present on the official site and other platforms as well. AirCooly AC is a double capabilities climate control system that is made for people who need to appreciate cool and agreeable air in their space without fearing anything. 

It functions as your climate control system which is exceptionally utilitarian than any of its sort and simultaneously functions as an air humidifier which gives you air that is loaded up with proper moisture. What this AirCooly Review suggests is that with AirCooly AC you would not need to face the cruelty of dryness and low moisture levels. 

AirCooly AC is a convenient and lightweight forced air system that is intended to go with you any place you go. Is it true that you are fed up with grumbling of intensity at whatever point you are away from your home? Is it safe to say that you want to go on an excursion and you don’t have the foggiest idea about the best convenient climate control system that will assist with beating the intensity in your space? AirCooly AC is all that you can at any point find concerning excellent and successful cooling.

Final Thoughts: AirCooly Review

In the troublesome days of heat waves and humid weather conditions, having a personal air conditioner can be a great help. As there are so many options available in the market, it is hard to determine which one is the best to use. However, from the array of choices, you can pick the best personal air cooler according to your needs and the AirCooly Review from customers. 

AirCooly AC is a movable, compact, and inexpensive air conditioner with many features that will keep you cool this summer. It is your fan. It functions as an air humidifier, providing cold and fresh air. Air Cooly AC provides instant cooling. It has a lengthy life span for the battery and a tank that can be filled. It may be charged with the help of a USB type C charger. 

With all the benefits and amazing features, this portable and personalized air cooler is the right choice for individuals who are fed up with the heat and humidity.  All you need to do is place your order right away so that you can avail extraordinary offers. Hope you have got all the information you need through this article!

FAQs: AirCooly Review

Ques 1. How can I charge the AirCooly Device?

Ans. You can charge the device using the USB cable that comes along with the product. All you need is to have a power supply so that the device can be charged to its full potential. 

Ques 2. Is the device worth purchasing?

Ans. AirCooly air humidifier gadget merits purchasing as it truly makes the air around to be cool and great for relaxing. It is likewise great and assists you in your evening and night rest as it assists a ton with making your rest quiet.

Ques 3. Is there any chemical used for cooling and manufacturing purposes? 

Ans. The AirCooly air cooler is not comprised of any chemicals. There is the utilization of ice for cooling the surroundings. While in the manufacturing process, there is no harmful chemical used so that the device can be safe for people of any age group. 

Ques 4. Can I purchase an AirCooly Device from any online store?

Ans. No, the only place to purchase the AirCooly device is the official site. Purchasing from any other online store can lead to fraud and scams. It is advisable to go for the official store only. 

Ques 5. Can I set the air cooler to any particular temperature? 

Ans. No, you cannot set the air cooler to any definite temperature as the outer weather conditions and humidity will determine the air that you get from the air cooler. It allows three types of settings to regulate the wind timing and misting as well. 

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