The Kitchen Cube Reviews 2024: Read Before Buying

If you look into a typical kitchen cube, it will definitely consist of different sets of measurement cups and utensils. To make sure that they are following a recipe exactly, those people who use continental cookbooks tend to have more use of these measurement scales and cups. These are easy and convenient options where you can use them; after that wash and store them. The main issue with measuring cups is that these could be plenty in numbers and you might lose the smaller ones. 

If that is the case then you will absolutely like the equipment about which you are going to learn in this review article. A single cup called the Kitchen Cube reviews allows you to measure 19 different things. It is a compact and extremely simple product that your kitchen must-have. Let us read on to know more about this innovative measuring cup. 

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Know About The Kitchen Cubes

Kitchen Cube Reviews

  • It is perfectly safe to use in the microwave and to wash it in the dishwasher.
  • Low and affordable pricing is another perk that you get when purchasing Kitchen Cubes.

The Kitchen Cube is an innovative and revolutionary device to ease your measurement procedures. This square measuring tool was developed to make it easier for those who enjoy cooking or baking to take measurements out of their materials without having to clog up their cabinets with numerous small tools for measuring. 

All these cubes are safe for dishwashers. This also contains an instructional book and is available in five distinct colors including red, yellow, teal, white, and grey. These are made up of plastic which is BPA-free making it suitable for every kind of ingredient. Your meal’s flavor or look won’t be affected by this at all.

Why Are Kitchen Cubes Special?

The distinctive features of this cube which make it special are as follows:

  • The Kitchen Cubes offer a variety of measurements, such as teaspoons, tablespoons, milliliters, and ounces. For people who need them, the measuring vessel also provides fractional and measurements in metric.
  • The cups are easy and fast to access because they can all be fastened to the Kitchen Cube’s ring at once. There are coverings on every cup in the set of this Kitchen tube set, so nothing will spill over whenever it is not being used.
  • Cooking using these cups of measurement is so straightforward that the process takes significantly less time, and there will be no requirement to be concerned about losing any ingredients because everything will be measured out properly. By only buying the right quantity of groceries, you can also save money.
  • Every cube-shaped device is made of sturdy and high-quality plastic. Due to its incredible resilience, it definitely would not be damaged in the slightest by being stepped on or thrown. Furthermore, as the substance is safe for consumption, utilizing this tool to keep the components even safer ensures that neither you nor the others you prepare for will be exposed to toxicity.
  • If you are preparing a dish that calls for eggs, you are able to turn the square over and employ the integrated egg cracker to rapidly break each egg. This means you are not going to need to smash them against every part of the mixer bowl, which might not be as efficient as this Kitchen Cube got heavy as well as rounded sides.

Pros And Cons: Kitchen Cube


  • You will not face any difficulty in using the Kitchen Cubes.
  • The maintenance of these cubes is absolutely easy and you can store them at any place. 
  • The spillproof design makes it perfect to measure both dry as well as fluid components because it stops liquids from spilling.
  • You can use this device for precise measurements which means it will work as a measuring device of tablespoon, teaspoon, cups, and so on.


  • The price could be high for some people when spending on kitchen equipment. 

Steps To Use Kitchen Cube

Step 1: Add The Initial Component 

After you get your cube, you will discover that it is divided into pieces of varying sizes, each of which is designed to hold different amounts of your chosen cooking or culinary ingredients. In the metric system, they vary between two milliliters to 120 milliliters, while in the system of imperial measurements, they range from one-quarter of a teaspoon to an entire cup. Prior to using it, please choose the most suitable compartment on the surface and then include the initial component.

Step 2: Add The Component To The Basin

Once your initial ingredient, no matter if it is flour or sugar, is in the right compartment, place this Kitchen Cube above a bowl for mixing it all together. If there is any further requirement then you can repeat the process again until there is enough material as per your need. 

Step 3: Finish Your Cooking 

After this, you can go to finish your cooking when the appropriate quantity of material is added to the mixing basin. After that, you may keep it near the wash basin to wash it later on. This can also be cleaned using the dishwashers

How To Buy The Kitchen Cubes 

  • If you want to purchase a single Kitchen Cube then it will cost you $19.9. Shipping and handling fees will be assessed separately.
  • You can purchase two cubes and get one absolutely free at a cost of $49.98. This will be around $16.66 on each Kitchen Cube and there will be free shipping in the entire USA. 
  • You can get two cubes free of cost when you are purchasing three Kitchen Cubes at a price of $74.97. This means a single cube is going to cost you around $14.97 with free USA shipping. 

Is Kitchen Cubes Worth Purchasing?

When it comes to deciding whether it is worth purchasing or not, then you can check the customer reviews on the product’s website and other platforms. The positive reviews are enough to tell about the effectiveness of this product.

This Kitchen Cube set makes things in the cooking area easier by preventing spills and saving people from having to do the measurements with various tools and spoons. Furthermore, utilizing a single unit rather than multiple ones is pretty better and simple.  It is an exceptional solution if you have trouble with complicated measurement cups.

Final Thoughts: Kitchen Cube

This innovative tool will help you to organize your cooking and kitchen. It will additionally help you in learning cooking as you will get accurate measurements of the components and other materials.

If you want to get rid of multiple measurement spoons and cups then this will be a perfect fit in your kitchen. This item is convenient and reliable at the same time which makes it a must-have kitchen appliance. Apart from all these plus points, it also has excellent customer service which resolves all your queries in less time. 

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FAQs: Kitchen Cube Reviews

Q1. Is The Kitchen Cube Safe For Food?

Ans. Yes, it is composed of a substance that has received FDA approval and is suitable for the oven and washing.

Q2. Is There Any Money-back Guarantee On This Product?

Ans. A maximum thirty-day money-back guarantee is offered on this item from the date of delivery. You can return this item and request a full refund if it causes you any problems. This request must be made via customer service policies or through the official website. 

Q3. Are The Kitchen Cubes Safe for Children?

Ans. Yes, these cubes are exceptionally safe for kids and have unique and interesting designs. This will help them to indulge in cooking with you and the cubes do not have any sharp edges so you also do not need to be worried about cuts and wounds. 

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