SoundJoy Earbuds Review 2024: Better Sound Quality at for less money!

SoundJoy Earbuds Review: We all are very much aware of earbuds in today’s world. You can also call it a wireless generation. Our lives are so dependent on our phones that we cannot do anything if it’s not there. Chatting with friends, learning, video calling, trading, coaching, and whatnot? We can do anything and everything with our phones.

Listening to music is a part of it, earbuds are structured in such a way that it has completely replaced the wired earphones. By using earbuds you can listen to music, video call with your friends and family, and complete all audio features of your mobile phone.

Earbuds have become an essential part of our lives. So, to fulfill such a need for every one of us. Huawei has launched SoundJoy Earbuds and being very honest about it, this is such an amazing product that after knowing all about it you would love to give it a try for sure.

So, without making any further delays let’s get right into the topic and learn about it.

What Is SoundJoy Earbuds?

SoundJoy Earbuds Review

SoundJoy Earbuds Review

  • T6 aluminum hilts with durable blades tend to be ideal for intense dueling.
  • It also has an extremely vibrant blade along with excellent detection of motion. 

Basically, SoundJoy is a wireless earbud that is built in such a way that it can serve you well with all your audio-related concerns. Any concern related to listening to music, talking to a friend while walking, and keeping your hands free. These earbuds use a technology named Quad-Core to give out a brand output. 

This technology of Quad Core enables these earbuds to give deep rich bass and crisp clean highs without considering the level of sound.
It also has a feature of noise cancellation, which the makers have used as an active technology for making the sound quality of this product even clearer and also when it is being used to receive calls or attend any meetings online.

These earbuds are Bluetooth-enabled and use 5.0 technology that allows them to connect with any Bluetooth-supported device quickly. It has allowed the devices to keep connected in the maximum range. Also, these earbuds allow devices like phones, iPhones, Apple watches, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices.  

This amazing product of SoundJoy is a product of an American-based company. This brand solely focuses on delivering quality to all its customers with the most affordable cost for their product on the brand name, unlike the other established brands. 

Specifications: SoundJoy Earbuds Review

This product, SoundJoy earbuds has all the mentioned specifications below. It is that you must recognize and look for these specifications in other products within this range. 

1. Dual Quad-Core Speaker – Firstly, we are going to talk about its Dual-core speakers which ensure the quality of its sound. You must always look for this feature if you are someone who loves to listen to music or if you are someone who is mostly into Zoom/team meetings or calls. Apart from this, if you are a gamer or you like to play games in your spare time then before buying any such product you should always look for this feature. 

2. Bluetooth 5.0 technology – Now, let’s talk about its magical feature, Bluetooth 5.0 technology. It has inbuilt Bluetooth 5.0 technology in it which enables the device to connect with other Bluetooth devices hassle-free. It also allows you to keep connected even with a favorable range and also allows you to enjoy more uninterrupted music.

3. 36-hour charging case – Let’s talk about its coolest feature which is its battery life. This amazing device Sound Joy earbud offers you 36 hours of charging case and to be honest an appreciable battery life. You can enjoy music or use this product for extended hours.

4. Ergonomic shape – Now, behind this shape, there is brilliant science behind it which I would like to tell you all. Well, this ergonomic shape and its different types of 3 silicone fittings will be there just to ensure your comfort with the earbuds- whether their size is right for your ear or not. This also ensures that you can easily wear these earbuds for long hours without feeling any kind of pain or discomfort.

5. IPX5 waterproof standards – This feature of the product will carry your complaints away if any. Well, because of this amazing IPX5 waterproof standard feature you can easily use this product while doing extremely heavy workouts where you will be too sweaty. But without worrying about this you can easily focus on your workouts.


There is no doubt that these SoundJoy earbuds have some amazing features to offer you all, but for your knowledge, I am listing some of them out here in the article. 

Top Quality Sound: SoundJoy Earbuds Review

There are undoubtedly a lot of things to talk about, but the first thing that clings to my mind is its top-notch sound quality.  If we’re ever going to talk about SoundJoy Earbuds then it is definite that the functionality of earbuds, and the quality of the sound that they produce is the key to determining the functionality of earbuds. These earbuds have to offer an outstanding sound quality output.

It has a good deep bass and a very clear sound. This can fulfill the purpose of every kind of music that you would like to hear whether it is classical or heavy metal music. There is no doubt about its quality and output it puts across different levels of columns irrespective of the volume of what you are playing. 

Simple wireless pairing: SoundJoy Earbuds Review

As I have already mentioned earlier as well that this product uses the new Bluetooth 5.0 technology which enables the fast connectivity of these products with your music devices. These SoundJoy earbuds can be used for connecting with various music devices and it also has a strong connection as well. 

With these earbuds, you do not have to worry about the interruptions that may occur because of poor connectivity. In addition to this, the Bluetooth coverage range for this product is impressive. These SoundJoy earbuds are totally apt for use during meetings, calls, gym, dance, etc. 

Active noise cancellation: SoundJoy Earbuds Review

This is another impressive feature of this product which you would love to have and this is surely gonna make your life so easy. This feature of SoundJoy earbuds is actually a key feature that differentiates the greatness of SoundJoy earbuds from any other brand’s earbuds.

You must already be very much aware of the word sound cancellation. Well, then like other products this also helps to cancel out unnecessary noises from your background, this can help you in your online Zoom meetings, listening to music, attending important phone calls, etc.

Adaptive Silicone barrier: SoundJoy Earbuds Review

Well, this can be a very common problem that each one of us faces right after using our earbuds for quite some time, the pain right after removing them. However, Soundjoy earbuds have been developed in such a way that they just don’t fit your ears but their silicone buds improve your experience once you start using them. And apart from keeping it well, but also maintaining it in the right place no matter what you are doing it gives you a seamless experience of using SoundJoy earbuds.

Clear phone calls and Zoom communications

In most of my experiences with earbuds, they are suitable for listening to songs but when it comes to making calls they have been a proven example of a faulty product. But when it comes to SoundJoy earbuds it gives you a valuable experience with clear phone calls, Google Meet, Zoom meetings for any other form of online communication.

Price for SoundJoy Earbuds
1* SoundJoy earbuds cost $ 59.99
2* SoundJoy earbuds cost $ 111.99
3* SoundJoy earbuds cost $ 136.99
4* SoundJoy earbuds cost $ 156.99

Portability: SoundJoy Earbuds Review

Of course, the portability of this product is something to be discussed. It is kind of to see such a small product can cater to such big needs of ours. Not just the product it also has a very portable case to carry. You can easily carry your earbuds whenever you want and use them with all your convenience.  

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How to use the SoundJoy earbuds 

SoundJoy Earbuds Review

Well am being very honest about this, it is not rocket science to use these earbuds but definitely, to make it a seamless experience for their customers, it comes with a user manual.
Here below I am mentioning all the steps to use the SoundJoy earbuds:

  • First and foremost, Make sure your SoundJoy earbuds are charged.
  • You have to keep your power on for the earbuds.
  • After this, just switch on the Bluetooth connectivity on your music device, and from there you can simply select SoundJoy earbuds.
  • Now, just put it on your ear and you are good to go. Enjoy your music!

Benefits and usage of the SoundJoy earbuds

Well, there are plenty of benefits of having this product but I would like to mention out of my favourites out here.

  • Gives freedom to enjoy music anywhere- Well, you can easily listen to your favorite track whenever and wherever you want to. You just have to plug in the earbuds and enjoy. You can use these buds whenever you want to cut yourself away from the situation or people. 
  • Memorizing songs- Well, this could be new and unexpected but you can use this amazing device for some specific needs like memorizing a song or meditating on a script, or anything like that.
  • Wireless usage- This is such an amazing feature because it has been on top of my list is its wireless feature. It ensures seamless communication even when your hands are busy. This is a very common scenario especially in workplaces when you have to keep your hands busy with your keyboard and you also have to communicate with either your clients or family or it could be anyone.
  • Hear out sensitive information- This is such a sensitive device which to be honest fulfills all our listening concerns, even if we are sitting in a private environment we can still listen to any sensitive information that we may not like to share with others.
  • Listen to Music- Last on the list but definitely not the least. This SoundJoy earbud can be used to listen to your favorite music at its best without worrying about your surroundings or placing the cords of other music devices.

Well, there are so many more benefits we can talk about for this SoundJoy earbuds and the list of them is like a never-ending list. But I have listed out almost every important point which you should be aware of. Now, Let’s just talk about some of the cons that you should be aware of.

Cons: SoundJoy Earbuds Review

1. Less availability – The cons that you might have to deal with is its availability. Well, yes it is only available on the official website.

2. Limited availability – Apart from the location where you can find it, but also their no. of product is also less. This will definitely be a big con for such a good product.

Final Verdict: SoundJoy Earbuds Review

Well, my final verdict for this product would be a big yes. As you see this is a complete package for a device that is so handy and almost fulfills every need of your listening device. There is no doubt about its quality and the features it claims. Totally worth your money. If you are able to find the product available you should buy it now and enjoy the seamlessness in your life.

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FAQs: SoundJoy Earbuds Review

1. What is the difference between this SoundJoy earbud and the other earbuds I have seen at the top of the list?

Well, if you are looking this way then it is definitely the price of the product. If you are someone who is looking for dual quad-core speaker earbuds which also offer wireless audio that too at a reasonable cost. Then it is very tough to beat these SoundJoy earbuds.

2. Is it possible to answer calls from the device itself or reject or put on hold?

Well, of course, you can do all such things just by touching the earbuds. It has touch controls where you can do all of these things also, you play, pause, and change the song using the touch controls.

3. Will this device be able to connect with my device?

These SoundJoy earbuds can be easily connected with such devices as iPhones, tablets, androids, computers, and even smart watches, so the answer to your question is yes. 

4. Will these going to hurt my ears?

As I have mentioned earlier as well that this is designed in such a way that it will not hurt your ear even after long hour usage.

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