PicoBuds Pro Review 2024: Does it Work or a Scam?

PicoBuds Pro Review: In our ‘humans leading world’, there is no doubt that as we grow up, most of us age with some or the other kinds of health related problems or issues, that may not be much critical but still we pay our attentions to those health or body related issues as we don’t want to ignore such issues as they may also get turn into bigger health related issues in the future. 

These health related issues can be anything related to your body or health, like Blood Pressure, sugar related issues or headache. Similarly, most of the human population faces issues with their hearing ability.

Though the issue with the hearing ability is much more common in older people, there is no denying that some people in their mid ages also start to face this issue. While it may be a hard fact for some of us to accept, there is no option that we can go way past it. 

But on the other hand, it is no doubt possible to deal with the hearing related problem. We are living in a technology driven world. Everyday, technology is getting better and better and it keeps on upgrading, and there have been designed many electrical devices for the people to deal with their hearing related problems. 

In this article, we will be focusing on one such electronic device called the PicoBuds Pro Review, which is a hearing aid that is becoming popular in the market these days. In this article, we will be reviewing and talking in depth about the features of the PicoBuds Pro and how it functions in order to be beneficial for the people with hearing related issues. 

What is PicoBuds Pro?

picobuds pro review

PicoBuds Pro Review

  • Three sets of ear plugs
  • One rechargeable battery
  • One listening device additional
  • One brush for cleaning purpose

By this time, it must have become very clear for most of us to guess the ‘buds’ in the PicoBuds Pro. As the name suggests, it is very much clear that PicoBuds Pro are a type of earbuds. This electronic device is not just your normal set of earbuds but is also a hearing aid that helps in solving the hearing related issues.

When talking or discussing the hearing aid, the picture that comes in most of us minds are the heavy headsets that just go all over the ear. But in this article, we will get to know how the manufacturers of the PicoBuds Pro have redefined the meaning that we have been knowing till now about the hearing aids to a next level.

This electronic hearing aid device is very much compact in size. This makes it almost not noticeable to the front person if you are wearing it for the very first time. Also, the PicoBuds pro does not invade deep in the ear where the sensitive parts are located as that approach would be an invasive one. 

So, these are some of the features and pros of the PicoBuds Pro that makes this electronic hearing device an excellent choice. Also, one of the biggest green flags to have your hand on the PicoBuds Pro is that it is very much affordable for everyone. 

This device’s pricing is made in a way that most of the customers are able to afford it. Also, when looking at the market, it is for sure not guaranteed that you will be able to find many reliable and affordable products with an amazing blend of quality and affordability. Further in this article we will be having a thorough look at the features of PicoBuds Pro.

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Following are some of the Features and the benefits of PicoBuds Pro:

As of now, we already know that this is not that device that should be used by everyone, but only by those people who face any issue with their hearing. Mentioned here are some of the features of the PicoBuds that we will discuss thoroughly.

1. Battery Backup: PicoBuds Pro Review

The manufacturers have made sure that the user does not have to worry about charging the battery every now and then and that is why, the makers of the PicoBuds Pro have used Zinc material in making of the batteries which makes the battery backup of the PicoBuds pro the finest and amazing one out there in the market in comparison to any of the electronic hearing aid devices. The battery used in the PicoBuds Pro is rechargeable, hence, the user does not have to worry about the device getting discharged outdoors very soon.

2. Light and Comfort: PicoBuds Pro Review

While using any kind of accessory or in this case ‘aid’, it is expected or pretty much assumed that having to use any aid makes it a bit stressy or is less comfortable or in other words having to use any additional aid, you have to leave your comfort. But, this is not at all the case with the PicoBuds Pro hearing aid, as it is very much light weight, that the user will not even feel this while wearing it in their ear that ultimately makes this device very comfortable to carry and wear.

3. Bluetooth Connectivity: PicoBuds Pro Review

As discussed earlier in the starting section of this article, the PicoBuds Pro is an electronic device that does not act just as a hearing aid that helps in solving the hearing related issues but as your normal set of earbuds also. Hence, the makers of the PicoBuds Pro have put the bluetooth feature in it too, which provides the ability to the user to connect his phone device to it and enjoy the hassle free music.

4. Fitting can be adjusted: PicoBuds Pro Review

The makers of the PicoBuds Pro have made sure that the users do not have to worry about the size and the shape of the hearing aid in reward to their ears. Hence, the package of the PicoBuds Pro earbuds contains three different sizes so that the user can choose the right size as per his comfort.

5. Volume can be controlled automatically: PicoBuds Pro Review

The best feature or to be more precise, the benefit of having the PicoBuds Pro as your go to hearing aids is that this device comes with the automatic volume control feature. Unlike other standard aids, in which the user has to keep on adjusting the volume of the speakers as per the environment manually, with the PicoBuds Pro the user enjoys the effortless process as it adjusts the volume automatically.

6. Frequency Adjustment: PicoBuds Pro Review

One of the primary functions of any hearing aid is to channel the audio into different frequency regions which are called here as channels. Usually what is done in a normal hearing aid is that the adjustment of these channels is done with the help of software. The PicoBuds Pro is a hearing aid that has this feature in it and the adjustment of the frequency in this device is done very hassle free.

7. Noise Cancellation: PicoBuds Pro Review

This feature is also one of main features that the customers are looking for before buying any earbuds in the market. That is why, the manufacturers did not forget to add the noise cancellation feature too in the PicoBuds Pro device. This device not just amplifies the hearing ability but with the active noise cancellation feature, it also provides a good sound clarity, that too within the budget range!

8. Easy to clean: PicoBuds Pro Review

The fact that you need to do the cleaning of the earbud or hearing aid on a time to time basis if you are using them on a regular basis is very normal and common. Hence, the designing of the PicoBuds Pro is done in a way that the cleaning of it when required can be done properly and easily without putting much time and effort, which adds as a plus point to using the PicoBuds Pro as a hearing aid.

9. Audio Quality: PicoBuds Pro Review

The PicoBuds Pro is basically an amplifier that collects the sound and audio from the surrounding and channels / amplifes it in the user’s ear. This amplified sound that results from this hearing aid is very clear to the ear. Hence, the audio quality of the PicoBuds Pro is quite amazing if you compare it with the other available hearing aid products that are available there in the market.

10. Affordability: PicoBuds Pro Review

The PicoBuds Pro device comes in a package that contains many useful features that are very beneficial to the end user. Even after having many useful features, the price of the PicoBuds Pro is not much in comparison to many aids that are available in the market. The PicoBods Pro is very budget friendly that makes it very much affordable for the users.

Inside the Box: PicoBuds Pro Review

The PicoBuds Pro comes within a package. This package contains several accessories within it. Following mentioned are the accessories that you will be able to find in the box:

A. Three sets of ear plugs
B. One rechargeable battery
C. One listening device additional
D. One brush for cleaning purpose
E. One Wax Guard
F. One Sanding Tool
G. One Instruction Guide

All the above accessories come close packed inside the box and the user can enjoy the benefit of these.

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How to Use PicoBuds Pro?

How to Use PicoBuds Pro?

Before purchasing the PicoBuds Pro, many doubts may occur in one’s mind as if it would be a good choice or not to use this  without any prescriptions or doctor’s recommendations. Well, the answer is, YES, you can totally use this hearing aid without needing any kind of prescription from the doctor. The PicoBuds Pro, unlike any hearing aid out there in the market, is more like a booster that boosts the hearing capability of a person than a medical device.

Now, after deciding and having your hands on the PicoBuds Pro comes the question on how to use it in the right manner. That is why keeping this in mind, the manufacturers have designed the learning curve in a way that each and everyone can understand and use this device effortlessly.

The main idea behind making the PicoBuds Pro hearing aid was that this device should be able to enhance the hearing of an individual. Hence, this hearing aid acts as an amplification device. In other words, PicoBuds Pro collects the sound and audio from its nearby surroundings and channels directly in your ear, making you hear the surrounding sound with clarity and effortlessly. So, using this device is as easy as keeping it in your ear.

After having your hand on this device. You will be able to find out that the package of the hearing aid basically contains three separate sizes of earbuds. This thing enables you to select and choose the right size that suits to your ear of the earbud from the three different sizes available in the package.

In the package, you will also be able to find that it comes with a cleaning brush as well, that can be used to clean up the earbuds once you are done using them for the day. And once you are done cleaning them up, you can store the earbuds in the premium box. 

Conclusion: PicoBuds Pro Review

Coming to the conclusion of this very article, the PicoBuds Pro Review is one of the best hearing aids that is available in the market as there are multiple features in it like the bluetooth connectivity, lightweight, automatic volume control and the good battery backup. 

The reason that makes it one of the best is that even after having so many great features, this hearing aid comes within the budget of many of the needy users in comparison to the many available hearing aids in the market whose market retail price is expensive so as many users can’t have their hands on them. 

This budget friendly feature of the PicoBuds Pro makes this hearing aid very affordable to purchase. So, even if one is not in need of this device at the moment, one can surely take the PicoBuds Pro in order to give to someone in need or gift it to any of your family, relatives or friends who are in need of such hearing aids as they might be too shy to have something done about it.

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