VitusPen Reviews: Best Facial Device or Not?

VitusPen Reviews

VitusPen Reviews: As people age, they start worrying about their physical appearance. It is quite obvious because, with the changes in lifestyle and diet, the skin of people starts aging before a definite time. You can see people having fine lines, acne, and other skin issues at such an early age. Usage of skin care products has become so common these days. 

However, when using an ointment, it is seen that absorption is not done properly and so much gets wasted gradually. It leads to a waste of money though. When we talk about spa and salon treatments, they are even more costly.

Nevertheless, there is an instant solution available in the market, the VitusPen Facial Device. Here is a complete guide for understanding the product in a better way.

Let’s go through it:

Overview of VitusPen Facial Device

VitusPen Reviews

VitusPen Reviews

  • It protects your skin from hazardous elements and decreases scars and blemishes.
  • Each VitusPen purchase is a one-time payment that does not require any additional charges after the purchase. 
  • The device can be used on the scalp, face, and any part of the body. 

People who want to rejuvenate their faces with ease and do not want to spend money on surgical procedures can use the VitusPen without worrying about any side effects. It is a thoroughly designed tool that can be helpful in the upliftment of facial skin. This is such a device that will not let the women or men visit salons or dermatologists. You can have the salon-like treatment at a comparatively low price and without going through severe pain

It has been proven through studies that when the appropriate items are applied, the skin regenerates in the places that require regeneration. This means that damaged skin can be repaired if the person provides it with proper care and high-quality products.

However, cosmetic therapies that do this are typically expensive for individuals who have a low income. Fortunately, VitusPen promises to be a luxurious facial rejuvenation treatment individuals can easily do on their own and it will also be not a burden on the budget. 

Reasons to Choose VitusPen 

Reasons to Choose VitusPen 

As mentioned earlier, this device has some interesting features that make the product reliable and different from the contenders.

Let us discover some of those features:

#1. Microneedling Technology: You can sit back and relax as the micro-needling technology employed in this device helps vanish wrinkles, fine lines, and other major skin problems that can be caused by growing age. It ensures that the product makes a proper reach to the deepest layer of the skin. This will help your skin to glow organically and flourish from the inside. 

#2. LED Light Therapy: When using the device, you are also getting the cutting-edge technology of LED Light Therapy. All you need to do is choose among the three color options given. These include green, red, and blue lights. Each light can help you target various skin-related issues including acne, aging as well as pigmentation. 

#3. Ergonomic Design: The ergonomic design of VitusPen ensures a comfortable grip and easy flexibility that helps the users by allowing them to reach all areas of their face effortlessly. The better and easier will be the grip, the more will it reach the inner part of the skin. Because of this, people can use it easily without any issues

#4. Rechargeable: The device is designed to be used almost everywhere you want it to rendering it to be rechargeable. It is operated via batteries that have an excellent lifespan. This is the reason why you can use it for an extended time with just a single charge. 

#5. Wireless: As mentioned, it works via batteries so it is cordless and wireless. This is another important feature as due to this, the device can also be transported to any location. 

#6. Travel-friendly: The VitusPen Facial Device has a compact design which makes it travel-friendly. You can have your skin care treatment with you at every location you go. In case, you are a frequent traveler, then also you can maintain your skin effectively as this facial device can always be with you.

#7. Customizable: People who are using the device can also customize their treatment as per the requirements. All you have to do is make modifications in the treatment with adjustable needle depth settings, ensuring comfort and efficacy for your specific skin type and concerns.

#8. Dermatologist Recommended: The VitusPen tool has been created by keeping skin issues in mind. The manufacturing firm of the particular device took several tests and then claimed the efficacy of this device. Also, it is recommended by several dermatologists which makes it reliable and a medical-grade item. 

#9. Boosts Production of Collagen: The device is also known for the production of collagen. In this way, it helps your skin to be hydrated and resistant to external factors as well. The external factors include dust, sunlight, ultraviolet rays, and pollution.  

#10. Complete Absorption: This device is secure and effective in resolving skin concerns at their source. It gives your skin an instant glow and makes you feel 10 years younger. Make the most of your favorite face care products by gently applying them with this gadget, which immediately enters the bloodstream of your skin.

What Is It Used For?

Let us take a look at the things that the manufacturers claim this device is capable of doing:

  • It lets you have smoother skin that eliminates the signs of aging skin.
  • All the symptoms of poor skin are reduced including acne, pigmentations, wrinkles, etc. 
  • It also helps boost the growth of your hair by the rejuvenation of the scalp.
  • The VitusPen contributes to the production of collagen which helps in keeping the skin hydrated. 

VitusPen Reviews Pros And Cons


  • The VitusPen is ideal for increasing collagen formation and hence improving skin health.
  • As there is the use of a microneedling application gadget, your cosmetics go the extra mile.
  • The product is capable of ensuring that the functioning elements reach the dermal layers.
  • It is most likely safe to use on the body, face, and scalp, and it penetrates deeper into sensitive areas
  • The intensity levels are appropriate for all skin types and purposes.


  • Results given by the product may differ from one person to another.
  • For one person it can be highly effective whereas for others it can be less effective

Working Mechanism 

You can be properly moisturized with VitusPen without any negative side effects. This simply means that the product leaves no residue and will not lead to skin sensitivity. Having said that, VitusPen is similar to face rejuvenation spa treatments or procedures when it comes to skin hydration and tightness.

Regardless of the gender, this product is meant for all. It is equipped with highly advanced technology which ultimately boosts the health of aging skin. It helps the skin to get vitaminized and fight all the harmful bacteria and cellulite. All these mechanisms contribute to the skin’s glow naturally with the elimination of skin-aging issues. Take a look at the steps to use the product on your skin:

Step 1: The device comes with a container in which you can fill the product before starting to apply it on the skin. This is the first step that has to be done once you have received the product.

Step 2: After all the material is filled in the application container, you need to set the needle to the required intensity. This will let the product go deep inside your skin. 

Step 3: At last, you just need to apply the VitusPen to the part of your skin where you want it to be improved. Just sit back and let the product perform its function. 

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Purchasing Guide 

You do not have to visit the market to purchase the VitusPen as it can be purchased at the online official site. The cost is quite affordable and you can also avail of the 50% discount offered by the owners of the firm.

Here is the price list offered on the official site:

  • A single VitusPen is available at the cost of $105 with the exclusion of the shipping charges. 
  •  If a customer wants to purchase two VitusPen then it will cost $92.5 for each which will make the final price to be $185
  • On purchasing three products the cost deducts to $78.33 per device rendering the overall cost to be $235
  • The best available deal is purchasing five devices at once. The cost of one VitusPen will become $65 after applying the discounts and you have to pay $325 for five devices. 

Additional Offers 

The firm also comes with additional offers at regular periods. At present, you can enjoy warranty offers on each product just by making a small investment.

  • Users can enjoy the warranty on the product for two years by paying $9.95.
  • You will need to pay $5.25 and get the warranty on VitusPen for one year. 

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FAQs: VitusPen Reviews

Ques. What cosmetic products can I use with VitusPen?

Ans. When you are using VitusPen, you can go with using any other cosmetic product. Whether it is serum or creams, all the skincare products are effectively compatible with the mentioned product. 

Ques. Is it easy to use the VitusPen?

Ans. There will be no issues or challenges while starting to use the VitusPen as it has an easy mechanism. All you need to do is press the power button and the device will help in rejuvenating the skin. 

Ques. How much time does the battery take to get charged?

Ans. The device has a superb battery life and it gets charged exceptionally fast. You will need to wait for just four hours for its complete charging. 

Final Verdict 

In conclusion, it can be said that the product is efficient in providing the optimal results. As we have gotten to know through this review guide, it is very clear that the device has high efficacy and provides the best results at an affordable price when compared to conventional cosmetic products. It does not have complex or lengthy procedures making it easier for people who have a busy schedule. 

You will be simply amazed to see the surprising results in just a few uses. Now, you do not have to visit salons and spas to get facial treatments. Invest in this device right away and enjoy favorable results. Hope this article helped you in gaining all the information about the VitusPen product

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