BigTime Pro Review: Is it Legit or Scam?

BigTime Pro Review

BigTime Pro Review: The traditional clock that we use has been a great help but it is not so reliable when it comes to the present-day requirements. Without an alarm clock, it would be nearly impossible for us to complete all of our daily tasks. We frequently experience disruptions to our regular sleep patterns due to late-night work and the need to fulfill deadlines, which increases our reliance on timers.

The present era is being dominated by cutting-edge alarm clocks that have many modern-day features. Due to technological advancement, more digital, computerized, multi-use alarms are now accessible, enabling consumers to completely appreciate their sleep.

As a user, you can find Big Time Pro to be a really helpful tool. The device may make it simple for users to alter their sleeping patterns. Let us discuss the device in detail in the following review article. 

About BigTime Pro Digital Clock

BigTime Pro Review

BigTime Pro Review

  • Capable Alarm Clock: This alarm clock is very efficient as you will get to wake up with soft and pretty gentle music tones.
  • The light illumination of the clock is also not so bright. In this way, you are going to have your morning in a very gentle manner. 

BigTime Pro is an alarm clock that is digital with a light projector that can be turned up to 180 degrees. It softly awakens you in the morning without disturbing light and has a lot of multipurpose features.

Even if turning over to check the time can make you lazy, if you have an alarm clock on your bedside table that projected the time onto the ceiling, you will wake up more effectively. The BigTime Pro watch can adapt to any angle and has a 5-metre range.

BigTime Professional is a tool that may be utilized by people in any profession as well as by corporations. Significant features include, among others, employee management, tax management, inventory management,  project management, billing, and invoicing.

BigTime Inc. is the organization responsible for creating and marketing BigTime Professional Digital Alarm Clocks. The business is headquartered in the United States.

Major Specs 

Take a look at the major key specifications of the BigTime Pro Digital Clock:

Name of the ProductBigTime Pro Clock
Color of the ClockBlack
Weight 187.4 grams
Size 18.5 * 2.4 * 7.7 cm
Weight of Package232.4 grams
Length of  Power CordOne and a half meters
Radio WireYes, available 
Charging TypeUSB C Type
Temperature RangeUp to 50 Degrees
Battery TypeCr2032 Battery
Humidity RangeMaximum 99%

Impressive Features

BigTime Pro Review

This clock is more than a simple alarm clock as it allows you to get so many extraordinary features. Here are some of those features:

#1. Light Integration: BigTime Pro Clock has a light intensity-adjustable transmitter since its main goal is to gently awaken you without causing any harm to your eyes. BigTime Pro Clock can detect and regulate its light intensity based on the environment until you select one of the six brightness settings that is between one to six. You may see the time written out for you in the ceiling by the light projector beams even from your bed. So long as the projections are within 5 meters of the ceiling, time will be displayed clearly. The beam can be turned in a 180-degree circle.

#2. USB charging: BigTime Pro Clock is a power bank that has enough energy in it to fully charge your smartphone. While you are sleeping, you may use BigTime Pro Clock to charge other devices, such as your USB-enabled air pods and electronic watches. It charges at 5V and needs a USB Type C cable, which is provided in the packaging.

#3. Energy-efficient Timer: BigTime Pro Clock may be used for days on a single charge, with the exception of when it is being utilized as a power source, in which case it usually only lasts for hours. BigTime Pro Clock is unquestionably one of the greatest energy-efficient digital clocks due to its minimal energy usage. To recharge the device, insert the USB Type C charger into the USB port on the gadget. BigTime Pro Clock functions as both an energy consumer and a producer of energy by acting as a power station. 

#4. High-end Design: Some owners of alarm clocks believe that the analog screens, handles, and designs of traditional alarm clocks are dated and outdated. Additionally, they struggle to fit in with your home’s decor. Ugly, always making a statement. BigTime Pro Clock is a sufficiently stylish, flat, black device that resembles a smartphone. This device will not need to be hidden. Instead, you will definitely flaunt it.

#5. In-built Audio System: Get rid of the annoying alarm clock songs that are either overly loud or make you feel anxious. BigTime Pro Clock comes with 10 alarm tones that have been tried and true to gently awaken you. There is a choice for more notes that may be obtained from Spotify along with additional platforms if you are unhappy with them.

#6. Radio Compatibility: Majority of the people have a habit of listening to music or soft songs while they are in bed and trying to sleep. Even if you have slept, the songs keep playing. With the radio compatibility of this digital clock, you can completely access the radio system. There comes a radio wire along with the clock which will work as an antenna for connecting the radio. You can choose any desired radio station as there are around 10 stations to opt for. You can play your favorite radio stations at any time and anywhere you want.

#7. LCD display: There are many numbers present on the large display of this device, all of which are bold and simple to read. The alarm clock has two time displays: the first one is ordinary time projection and the second one is military time projection. You will also notice humidity measurements in percentage (%) and temperature readings in degrees Celsius (OC).

#8. Sensors: When you have this digital clock you do not need any additional tools or equipment to get the readings of particular data. You will simply have the sensors to measure the humidity and temperature. The device is manufactured to give you the most accurate and precise measurement without any trouble. 

BigTime Pro Clock: Who needs this?

After going through the features, it is suggested to know whether you or your loved ones have the need to purchase the clock or not. Almost every single person needs to have an alarm clock as busy schedules do not let have people proper sleep and rest.

Saying this, if the body is not rested properly, you might not be able to get up in the early morning.

If you are any of the following you have a great requirement for this digital alarm clock:

  • If you need a reminder for a significant occasion or meeting.
  • If you’re a student who attends class and the times are early in the morning. 
  • It is most likely the greatest option for those whose job schedules are erratic.
  • people who experience difficulty waking up as a result of stress, a physical condition, or any other irrational bad habit. 

Working Mechanism 

This alarm clock has a simple mechanism like every other ordinary alarm clock in the market. It has an LCD display that allows you to set alarms and timings to wake you up and other important events. It includes basic features like snoozing options, setting up multiple alarms, and other important features. You just need to set it like you do your normal alarms. 

However, this device helps you to do the task in a modern and more innovative way. You can have access to the connectivity of Bluetooth, radio systems, tuners, sensors, and so on. This alarm clock comes with built-in tones that are around ten in number.

Apart from them, you can also go for download more tunes of your choice. You might get the buttons on the clock seem confusing but you can simply understand them by reading the manual guide you get with the clock. Unpacking the clock and putting it on your table is the only task you need to do. 

Benefits: BigTime Pro Review

BigTime Pro Review

There are plenty of benefits offered by this innovative digital clock. A few of them are as follows:

  • Capable Alarm Clock: This alarm clock is very efficient as you will get to wake up with soft and pretty gentle music tones. The light illumination of the clock is also not so bright. In this way, you are going to have your morning in a very gentle manner. 
  • Table Clock: You can use the BigTime Pro as a table clock. This can be operated as a table clock anywhere it is supported by its movable arm. The time, temperature, and humidity of your room can all be seen on the LCD panel, which is large and legible.
  • Nightlight: The device can also function as a nightlight. While seeking your glasses at night, it is simple to harm an object or harm yourself. You will have no need to search for light in the dark while you are awake thanks to the Light Projector, whose brightness is easily customizable. 
  • Rear Mirror: On the back side of the clock, there is a mirror. This mirror will let you have reflections similar to the normal mirror. You can use this mirror as the general one when set still. 
  • Power Station: If you have an immediate need to charge your device, then this clock can help you to do that as well. The simple gadgets including your mobiles, pods, or smartwatches, can be charged using the BigTime Pro clock which will be a great benefit to you. 
  • Brightness Levels: In case you want to adjust the brightness levels, you can easily do that as there are six different levels up to which you can customize your brightness. This can be a great advantage to your eyesight. 


  • It does not have modern customizations in various settings which makes the user interface complex. The deducted prices and offers are not going to be available for an extended period of time.

Purchasing Guide 

The clock can be purchased from the official store with very decent pricing. Here are so many impressive discounts and deals that allow favorable price deductions making the clocks even more affordable for the customers.

The price list is as follows:

  • If you are purchasing two BigTime Pro, then one will be given to you for free. The price of each clock will be $36 which will make the final pricing to be $109.
  • The cost of three BigTime Pro clocks will be $30 each which will make the final price $149. You are eligible to get two clocks for free on a purchase of three clocks.
  • One BigTime Pro is available at the price of $ 59. This will exclude the shipping and handling costs which need to be paid separately.
  • If you want to go for two BigTime Pro then it will be around $45 for each clock. The ultimate price will be $ 89

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FAQs: BigTime Pro Reviews  

Ques. Can the clock be used for charging iPhones?

Ans. Yes, you can charge your iPhones, iPods, Android devices, smartphones, and smartwatches simply by using the digital clock. The power capacity will be up to 5 volts. 

Ques. Can the radio system be turned on overnight?

Ans. Yes, it is possible to do so. However, the majority of individuals choose to sleep with the BigTime Pro radio system on for a short while. The radio could wake you up after a restless night.

Ques. Can I return the clock if it does not work?

Ans. Yes, you are eligible to return the clock if it does not work up to your expectation levels. This can be done within the first thirty days after you have got the delivery of the clock. The policy includes replacement or a complete refund. 

Ques. Is there any feature for battery backup?

Ans. Yes, the BigTime Pro Digital Alarm Clock features a battery backup function, ensuring that your alarm settings and time stay intact even if there is a power interruption. It is required to function as a backup. Hence, your alarm will work normally all the time. 

Wrapping Up

This alarm clock is innovative and has many advanced features that make it a worthwhile clock. You will get a smooth sleep and a gentle awakening when you use the BigTime Pro Alarm Clock. The adjustable settings are more advantageous as they allow the clock to be used by everyone.

However, it is possible that the clock you are purchasing is slightly different in design as there are several models of the clock. You will get real-time data on temperature and humidity as well. The customer reviews and ratings are quite favorable and let you know the worth of the product.

The dim lights will help you sleep better and the soft tones will make your morning smooth. The price is also decent which will not lead to any burden on your budget. 

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