Turbo VPN Reviews: Is it the Right Choice?

Turbo VPN Reviews

Turbo VPN Reviews: The internet has become an essential aspect of our lives in this present-day scenario. We all must be familiar with the necessity of having an online presence. However, with this increasing online presence come worries about security, access to foreign content as well as privacy. Virtual Private Networks (VPN) can help with combating these issues.

In today’s digital world, people give the utmost importance to cybersecurity and when it comes to privacy, this becomes even more necessary. Are you also trying to overcome internet limits and increase your online privacy?

It is suggested to go for the Turbo VPN, a potent digital tool made to improve your web browsing. This tool has impressive reviews and customer ratings yet if you are a potential customer you might have doubts regarding the reasons to choose Turbo VPN.

In this review article, we will be covering all the important aspects of this innovative tool. You will also be able to know the benefits, features, and the level of value that the Turbo VPN tools provide to its customers and users. Read on to learn more:

Specifications Summarized 

Let us discuss some of the critical specifications in brief:

Data CapFair Usage Policy 
VPN Speed45 Mbps
IP addressNot Disclosed 
Logging Policy No Such Data
Server Locations Variable 
Jurisdiction Singapore 
DNS LeaksInfrequent Leaks
Bandwidth Unlimited 
Streaming No 
Customer Support Live Chat 24/7
Price $4.17 minimum 
Return Policy One Week 

Overview Of Turbo VPN

turbo vpn reviews

Turbo VPN Reviews

  • It has a boosted availability of different online security services and there are no DNS leaks suspected. 
  • Turbo VPN comes with a restricted return policy of around thirty days.
  • You can sit back stress-free as they know to respect your security and privacy making the networks secure for you.

If you want to understand Turbo VPN, you must know the brief history of this particular tool. Having said that, you will be surprised to know, that at the time of its launch, which was around a decade ago, users considered the Turbo VPN to be not secure. Today, the VPN is counted among the safest and most widely used VPNs.

There are 300 million customers of Turbo VPN, one of the free VPN services, globally. Users seem to enjoy its simple interface and free price, which completely makes sense. However, TurboVPN is rated as a mid-tier option among all the VPNs that have been tested so far.

Apart from the free service, users can also go for VIP subscriptions that make the use of this VPN even more enjoyable, easier, and versatile. Despite having all the impressive and appreciable features, you might come up with safety and privacy concerns. Taking that into consideration, we will have an intensive study about Turbo VPN.

Features of Turbo VPN

Here are some features of Turbo VPN that you can have a look at:

  1. 5-Device Connectivity: If you have even a single VPN account, then you are capable of getting protection for five devices simultaneously.
  2. Customer Support: Turbo VPN provides live chat support 24 hours a day. You can email their customer service department to ask questions and receive responses in all languages.
  3. Simple and compelling UI: The user interface of the VPN tool is so simple that you will not need the help of any experts to set it up. With some simple steps, you can get it done with super ease.
  4. WiFi Protection: No matter whether you are connected to public wifi or other networks, this VPN tool can keep you protected from vulnerable threats and potential security risks.
  5. Detects ISP throttling: If you are worried about the possible threats of ISP throttling, then this tool can be a great help to you. It detects ISP throttling and also eliminates it.
  6. Return Policy: The VPN network tool comes with an impressive policy of money back if you are not satisfied with the efficiency and working mechanism of the product.
  7. Anonymous Browsing: You can go for searching everything you want in an anonymous way. This simply means that your IP address and other private information are not going to be disclosed to any involved third party.

Reasons to choose this tool

Reasons to choose this tool

If you are thinking about switching to the Turbo VPN tool, then you must be familiar with the reasons that make it a worthwhile option.

Let us take a look at them:

#1. No Complex Usage: As we mentioned before, the tool has a very simple usage. You do not need to be an expert in using it. All you have to do is follow the simple steps for starting it and then you can easily do everything that is available on the tool with ease. The entire process is easily understandable and needs no additional effort.

#2. Contracts Versatility: The agreement you enter into with Turbo VPN is permanent because it is completely free. Because it outlines the VPN provider’s obligations, the contract is crucial. You are able to select a different provider if you are unable to find the responses you are looking for.

#3. Different Services: The versatility of the services also makes the VPN tool different from the others.

These are some of the services that you can enjoy:

  • Users who connect with a free Wi-Fi network are protected by it.
  • Anyone can use its interface because it is so simple.
  • Offering UDCP and TCP OpenVPN protocols, it can get around most firewalls.
  • It can connect through Wi-Fi, LTE, 3G, 4G, and other data transmission methods.
  • The possibilities for using the data are endless.
  • It has the power to unblock virtually all regionally restricted content.

#4. Devices Connectivity: The maximum number of gadgets that may connect with a free VPN service for mobile phones is five per license. This does not state that the user cannot obtain the VPN even though he has control over multiple devices. As long as they have different licenses, it is simply possible.

#5. Support: This VPN provides its users with basic attention. Through emails, anyone are going to able to discuss any issue, and in most cases, you may be able to respond in a random period of time. However, several individuals report not getting any responses to their questions or problems, thus this VPN’s customer support cannot be considered as the best.

#6. Torentting: Regarding the streaming service and torrenting issue, this VPN is a little unclear. Despite it being a free VPN, it only works with the premium edition of Netflix. However, when it comes to torrenting, compatibility is completely incompatible whether the trial or premium version is utilized, which may be seen as a restriction. The potential issue is said to be eliminated, however, some users still have to deal with it.

#7. Security: With the AES-256-bit protocol used by this VPN, it is guaranteed that no records of any type will appear in the searches performed by its users. It should be emphasized, nevertheless, that it occasionally gathers specific “information“. When a fact that is subject to legal norms is involved, this can be utilized. Keep in mind that VPN services require some permissions and you need to be aware of the permissions you are giving to it.

#8. Various Countries: The Turbo VPN tool has a very impressive performance when we talk about the network and connectivity. A VPN must offer top-notch services in order to appeal to users. Having servers located throughout the world is an important feature of this VPN. With the fact that their speeds change when connected to them and also it might not have a consistent connection, it is crucial to have various servers in various areas.

Some Other Policies

Jurisdiction Policy: It is important to know that the owner countries of the Turbo VPN are Singapore and China. The fact that Singapore is a member of the 14-Eyes intelligence group may cause some Western countries to worry about supervision. Even worse, China does not recognize the right to an individual’s privacy. Turbo VPN might have greater government involvement than you consider because all VPNs in the nation must be authorized by the government.

Logging Policy: It claims that some data is gathered solely during your VPN session in order to enhance the service. Regarding the nature of this kind of information, nothing specific is given. Furthermore, a brief glance at the app’s settings indicates that before anyone can use Turbo VPN, it requires to have access to your personal information, device, documents, media, and images among other things. In principle, Turbo VPN could observe, gather, and share all data if it has access to these items.

Privacy Policy: At the conclusion of each session, Turbo VPN asserts that all use logs are deleted. This is advantageous because it suggests that this VPN will likely offer sufficient security for the majority of users’ requirements.

No personal information, including IP addresses, is disclosed to marketers directly, according to the privacy statement. The VPN does, however, acknowledge that advertisers may be gathering user data and that they may also implant cookies into your browser.

Turbo VPN Reviews: Pros And Cons


  • Turbo VPN offers fast connections, as the name implies, guaranteeing smooth downloads, video gaming, and streams.
  • With some of the latest and innovative features, the tool places itself above all the other alternatives. 
  • Customer service is available no matter what the time is and it is prompt as well, dependable, and accessible, ensuring a positive user experience.
  • The Turbo VPN has a reach to around 50 global countries and also offers 6000+ network services eliminating the geo-restricted approach. 


  • The advanced features of this VPN may seem lacking to some people as many important features are missing.
  • The server networks might also be unsafe when we take subscription costs into consideration.  

Steps to create a Turbo VPN account 

As there is an immense advancement in internet technology, the installation and creation of the Turbo VPN account is quite simple. Simply follow these steps and you will get all done:

Step 1. You need to utilize an emulator in order to download Turbo VPN. Personally, it is advised to choose Nox App Player, therefore you must first search for this page with a reputable browser.

Step 2. You must double-click the file after the network download is complete to begin the configuration procedure.

Step 3. Next, a few brief but straightforward instructions will show up, enabling the correct setup of the emulator.

Step 4. After that, you will have to start it and log in with your Google account details. This will let you browse the Play Store. You can make it simple by searching the VPN by its name. Once found, click on download and your VPN will start to be installed.

Step 5. After you have clicked the download button, your VPN tool will be installed automatically. Once it is installed on your PCs, laptops, or other devices, you are free to use it without any hassle.

Subscription Plans and Pricing

This particular VPN service is funded through advertisements. Apart from this, you can purchase various subscription plans according to your needs and requirements. Before that, you will avail of a free trial of the tool which can users further converted into other plans if they are satisfied with the efficiency of the Turbo tool.  The trial period can be canceled if you do not want it to be carried forward. Here is the pricing of Turbo VPN.

  • If you are purchasing the plan for one week, then it will cost you $9.99.
  • They also provide you with a monthly plan which will cost you no more than $11.99.
  • Users are also eligible to opt for a yearly plan which is available at a cost of $35.88 each year. This will make the monthly cost no more than $2.99.
  • The best value plan is at $1.77 per month which is billed at $63.72 every three years, providing all premium features at an incredibly affordable price.

Methodology for testing a VPN

Methodology for testing a VPN

When you talk about the efficacy of a particular VPN, it cannot be given any judgment without prior testing. Having known that you must be aware of the methodology used to test a VPN. Here are some crucial factors that require to be taken into consideration:

  • Speed: One of the most important aspects of any VPN is speed. Slow connections can make streaming or even web browsing impossible, in addition to being annoying. It is suggested to check whether the VPNs performed exceptionally well in the speed tests to ensure that they are capable of addressing this issue.
  • Applications and Simple Usage: Today, more individuals compared to ever before use VPNs. Therefore, the usability and design of an app are crucial. It is required to examine the user interface (UI), features, operating platforms, and complexity of the client apps.
  • Streaming services: It is getting more difficult to access streaming websites with a VPN. However, a lot of VPN services assert that they can, to varied degrees of success, work with streaming websites. Before recommending a VPN service for streaming, it is suggested to check the VPNs against a variety of well-known streaming platforms, including Netflix BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, etc.
  • Torrenting: It has been so long but the P2P file sharing is still going strong. Though some VPN service providers forbid torrenting on their network, some even offer dedicated P2P servers. You must examine each VPN’s guidelines for torrenting and put those that do through tests to discover how they manage file-sharing.
  • Privacy and security: Privacy and security requirements are pretty important to check when testing a VPN. you must go through the privacy policy of the provider, and the logging policy they are using. Also, check the types of security that they provide to make the connectivity secure.

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FAQs: Turbo VPN Reviews 

Ques. Is the Tutbo VPN reliable and worth it?

Ans. Yes, certainly the VPN is worth using. However, you might be troubled by the third-party advertisements that pop up every now and then. This can make you prone to malware attacks other than this, the Turbo VPN stands to be highly secure for the users.

Ques. What is the speed rate of the VPN?

Ans. When we talk about the speed rate of the VPN, it is crucial to know that it will depend on the server location. Your location matters a lot when it comes to the speed of Turbo VPN. if you have availed of the advanced features and subscription, then the speed will be comparatively fast.

Ques. What is the legality of the Turbo VPN?

Ans. You must check the legality of Turbo VPN in your location. Though it is legal in a number of countries, your country might have some restrictions and regulations regarding its use. It is advised to go through it and follow all the rules.

Ques. Will Turbo VPN work on restricted applications and websites?

Ans. If you are using Turbo VPN, then it can assist you in accessing websites and applications that could be prohibited or restricted in your area. Geo-restrictions and censorship can be avoided.

Final Verdict

Turbo VPN stands out as a strong option in the digital world where security, privacy, and unlimited material access are essential. Turbo VPN offers to all types of users, no matter whether you are a casual internet user to a committed digital professional, with its mix of high-speed connectivity, strong security measures, extensive global server coverage, and a user-friendly interface.

It is considered to be the best tool for securing your IP address and other essential considerations. It is equipped with amazing features and superb customer support. You can also cancel the subscription if you dislike it after using it once or repeated times. We hope this article helped you in gaining information related to Turbo VPN. We appreciate the time you invested in reading this review article. 

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