Viscosoft Active Dry Mattress Protector Review 2024: Buying Guide

Viscosoft Active Dry Mattress Protector: Maintaining your mattress can be a tricky job. Over time, pests like bed bugs and mites have become a serious concern. Mattresses lose their shape, start making noise, and hard surfaces give you hip and back pain.

Overall, we often have no other option than getting another one. Imagine, you are about to hug your bed after a long tired day and suddenly your dear pet spills something accidentally onto the mattress! Sounds like a nightmare, right? Don’t worry. We have a solution for you. 

Do you know that all of these issues can be prevented with the Viscosoft Active Dry Mattress Protector? The high-quality latex foam gives you comfort and feels super soft. Its unique anti-allergic property saves you from dust allergies and protects your bed from harmful insects. Viscosoft Mattress Protector gives you guaranteed protection from spills and stains. And all of these without making any noise and at a pocket-friendly price. 

Now let’s delve into the excellent benefits of using the Viscosoft Mattress Protector and explore why it stands out from the rest. Viscosoft Mattress Protector Features, Benefits, Pros, Cons, Viscosoft Active Dry Mattress Protector Review, Price, But Online and why Viscosoft is a better choice compared to the normal mattress protector, we have discussed it all. If you want to know all the details, this article is worth checking out. 

Features Of ViscoSoft Active Dry Mattress Protector (Viscosoft Active Dry Mattress Protector Review)

Viscosoft Active Dry Mattress Protector

Viscosoft Active Dry Mattress Protector

  • Keep your mattress in good shape and don’t make noise.
  • Budget-friendly.

Anti-Allergic Shield: The Viscosoft Mattress Protector is like a shield for your mattress, keeping away bacteria. Its special and unique topping stops germs from getting cozy in your bed and protects you from allergens. The anti-allergic property makes it different from regular protectors.

High-Quality Latex Foam: Inside the Viscosoft Protector there’s a Gel-infused Memory Foam. This high-quality latex foam not only lets air flow better but also makes the topper feel denser. The airflow also helps to cool down your body while sleeping. 

No More Wet Worries: The Viscosoft Mattress Protector doesn’t let liquids in. It’s like having a waterproof layer. So if something spills, your mattress stays dry. No more yucky smells or discomfort from a soggy bed!

Fits Any Bed: This mattress protector isn’t picky. It works with all kinds of mattresses. (Up to 20 inches of mattresses ). So, whether your bed is big or small, the Viscosoft Mattress Protector is ready to keep it safe.

Soft and Snug: Made from high-quality foam, the Viscosoft Mattress Protector feels really comfortable and super soft. If you also want your bed to be soft and comfy, this protector is for you.

Cool Sleep Vibes: The Viscosoft Mattress Protector ensures you stay cool during sleep. It retains less body heat. So no more discomfort or waking up in the middle of the night from excess heat, just a soothing, comfortable night’s rest.

Why Is Viscosoft Active Dry Mattress Better Than Normal Ones?

High- Quality     ✅
(Made up of high-quality latex foam.)
(Mostly Made up of cheap plastic.)
Anti Allergic Properties    ✅    ❌
Resistance against insect bugs and mites    ✅      ❌
Cooling Properties    ✅      ❌
Breathable properties, soft, comfortable    ✅      ❌

Viscosoft Active Dry Mattress Protector Review From Verified Buyers

Viscosoft Active Dry Mattress Protector Review

Viscosoft Active Dry mattress protector has an amazing rating of 4.5 on its official website. 2964 verified buyers have reviewed the product and most of the buyers are very impressed with the result. You can have a look at the detailed reviews of some of the verified buyers before getting yours.

Rating: 5/5

Great Buy!

I purchased this topper because I am pregnant and my bed was beginning to give me back and hip pain.I’m now able to sleep at night again. I’ve had it for three months and love it. No smell when I opened and plumped right up. I’ve recommended it to my friends and ordering one for my daughter’s bed.”

____ Tausha.

Great Purchase _ Worth The Price.

I am thoroughly pleased with this purchase. The comfort that it added to the guest room exceeded my expectations. It saved me from buying a new mattress. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to improve their sleep.”

___ Linda J.
Rating: 3/5

This topper is advertised as mid-firm.

“This topper is advertised as being a “medium firm”. It most certainly is NOT. More like a very squishy marshmallow. Disappointing. It does sleep cool as advertised and has a nice cover but if you’re looking for a way to firm up your mattress, look elsewhere.”

___Margaret W.

Benefits Of Viscosoft Active Dry Mattress Protector 

1. Stay Clean and Fresh:

Using a Viscosoft Mattress Protector keeps your mattress in top shape for a long time. It shields against odors, ensuring your mattress stays fresh. Plus, it delays the need for washing, and maintaining cleanliness.

2. Fight Bacteria:

Viscosoft Mattress Protector comes with antibacterial properties, offering protection against various bacteria. This special quality makes it different from other protectors, ensuring a healthier sleeping environment.

3. No Bugs and Mites: 

Worried about bed bugs and mites? Not with Viscosoft. This protector is resistant to bed bugs and mites, protecting hygiene and any potential damage.

4. Gentle on Skin:

Designed for all skin types, including sensitive skin, Viscosoft Mattress Protector makes sure that there’s no risk of skin irritation or allergies. It’s a rare quality that adds to the appeal of this top-tier product.

5. Affordable Protection:

Getting quality protection doesn’t have to break the bank. Viscosoft Mattress Protector is not only effective but also budget-friendly. The company keeps giving additional discounts and offers. According to the buyers the price is definitely worth it.

6. Shape Maintenance:

Over time, mattresses can lose their shape. Viscosoft Mattress Protector comes to the rescue by helping your bed maintain its form. It’s a simple yet impressive benefit that ensures your mattress stays comfy and usable .

7. Temperature Regulatory Properties:

Viscosoft retains less body heat. Its porous material increases the airflow and helps cool down the body. So you don’t have to wake up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat. 

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Pros And Cons Of Viscosoft Active Dry Mattress Protector Review


  • Keeps your mattress safe from stains and spills. 
  • Made from high-quality latex foam.
  • Anti-allergic Properties.
  • Stop mites and bugs.
  • Keeps you comfy by controlling the temperature.
  • Easy to wash and easily manageable. 
  • Keep your mattress in good shape and don’t make noise.
  • Budget-friendly. 


  • You can only buy it online from the official website or on e-platforms like Amazon. 
  • The stocks are often limited. So you might need to wait for longer.

Where Can I Buy Viscosoft Active Dry Mattress Protector?

Viscosoft Mattress Protector isn’t available in any retail stores. You have to buy it from their official website or on Amazon. 

The company often provides exciting discounts and offers. You can check the official website of Viscosoft to get more information regarding this. 

Viscosoft Active Dry Mattress Protector _ 90-day money-back policy

The most impressive thing about Viscosoft mattresses is their money-back policy. The company is offering a 90-day money-back guarantee policy for customers who won’t be happy with the product. You can contact the authorities and inform them of your concern. The officials will help you with this. However, you should also know that the product needs to be undamaged and has to fulfil other terms and conditions. 

Viscosoft Active Dry Mattress Protector Pricing

Viscosoft Active Dry Mattress Protector is quite affordable and pocket-friendly. The price varies based on the different sizes of this mattress topper. Here’s the price list below. 

Twin is available for $79.99

Twin XL is also available for $79.99

Viscosoft Full Mattress Cover for $89.99

Queen-size Cover for  $99.99

King Size Mattress Protector for $119.99

Should You Buy Viscosoft Protector Or Not__ Our Final Review  

The Viscosoft Mattress Protector is excellent at safeguarding your mattress from spills, thanks to its waterproof design. It stands out with top-notch quality and fantastic features, surpassing common protectors. Before using one, consider the benefits, with Viscosoft, you also get temperature regulation, offering coolness in hot weather.

Quality sleep significantly impacts our well-being. Using the Viscosoft Mattress Protector ensures the desired sleep quality. It’s affordable for everyone, with additional online discounts cutting costs. This ViscoSoft Mattress has all the advanced features that you can seek in a mattress protector. The product is a must-buy to enjoy a peaceful comfy good night’s sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions About Viscosoft Active Dry Mattress Protector Review

Q1. Is Viscosoft Active Dry Mattress Protector Truly Waterproof?

Ans. Viscosoft Active Dry Mattress Protector is made up of high-quality latex foam and it’s truly waterproof. It keeps your mattress dry and stain-free even after you spill any food or liquid. 

Q2. Where Can I Get the Viscosoft Active Dry Mattress Protector?

Ans. You can buy Viscosoft Active Dry Mattress Protector from its official website. Otherwise, it’s also available on giant e-platforms like Amazon. But you need to know that, Viscosoft products are only available online. You can’t find any of the Viscosoft products in retail stores. 

Q3. How Is Viscosoft Active Dry Mattress Different From The Normal Mattress Protector?

Ans. Whereas a lot of mattress protectors are made up of cheap plastic, Viscosoft is made up of high-quality foam. The most unique feature of Viscosoft Mattress Protector is its anti-allergen shield. Viscosoft will protect your bed from allergens, insects, bugs, and mites that normal mattresses can’t. It fits all sizes of mattresses (up to 20 inches) and has the ability to cool down your body heat while sleeping. In one word, if you want peaceful, comfortable sleep, you should choose the Viscosoft Active Dry Mattress over any other. 

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