Heatsus Reviews 2023: Buy it or not?

Heatsus Reviews

Heatsus Reviews: If you have ever lived in a cold location or dealt with heavy rains frequently, then you must be aware of the mess that it creates. Having said that, if we talk about the cold winter season, we all know how hard it is for so many people.

You must be familiar with the saying that your body catches cold through your feet. When going outside in the chilly weather, you never forget to put on sassy boots. When you are back home and want your shoes or boots to be dry till the next morning is quite difficult. This could make your shoes smell very bad.

The same will be the condition if you are going for outdoor adventures in rainy weather. No one will ever like to wear smelly or damp shoes. Moreover, it could be uncomfortable as well. Wet boots and shoes could also be a dangerous sign to your health.

The fungus that grows because of wearing wet or damped shoes can lead to many major health issues. However, if you want your shoes to be dry and comfortable, then it is possible now. Simply purchase the Heatsus shoe dryer and your work is done. 

Heatsus Shoe Dryer is an innovative device that has an excellent battery life to help you keep your shoes dry even when you are out. We will discuss everything about this product in the following review guide. So, let us dive in to learn more about this amazing product:

Technical Specs

Before knowing what exactly this product is, let us first take a look at the technical specifications of the Heatsus device:

Material Digital Thermostat
Power 350 Watt Power 
Usage Timer-based 
Working Element Ceramic Heating 
Display LED
Sound Around 44.8 dB
Connectivity Wireless
Benefits Control over temperature Portability Impressive Design Compact Lightweight

About Heatsus Shoe Dryer 


Heatsus Reviews

  • It will act as a disinfectant and will remove bad odors, humidity, and other unpleasant things from your shoes. 
  • It is a compatible device making it suitable for all sorts of footwear. 
  • If you have waterproof boots, then you can use this device to dry clean them without any hassle. 

If you want to give extra relaxation to the feet of your family members then choosing Heatsus Shoe Dryer will be an ideal choice. If we talk about this sophisticated shoe dryer then we will find that it is a compact, highly portable, and compatible device. The quality and performance of the device are so good that you will grab it soon after you reach your home spending a day in cold or rainy locations.

The working of this device is carried out by the emission of heat which allows the elimination of unpleasant smells and wetness. It also works on the humidity so that your shoes remain dry. This helps them to be ready for wearing again whenever you need them. Beyond just drying off the shoes and footwear, this shoe dryer also warms, gets rid of odors, and sanitizes your footwear. 

Your shoes are dried and heated quickly with the Heatsus Shoe Dryer. This shoe dryer is a great tool for warming and drying shoes on cold or wet days. You can have control over the temperature and heating simultaneously through the LED display present on the device.

Apart from this, it also has a digital thermostat which makes it even more convenient to manage the heat and other functions. It also has a built-in timer which simply means you can set different timings to turn off the device. The available timings are three, six and nine hours

Need of Heatsus Dryer 

If you are thinking what is the need to choose a dryer then you must know that Heatsus Dryer is simply more than a dryer. It acts as a disinfectant and eliminates humidity and odor as well. It is a mobile heater which means all you have to do is connect it to your mobile device and you can keep your shoes free of moisture wherever you are.

This heater is available to you at every single place you want it to be. No matter whether you are out in hilly areas, mountains, or in a snowy place, this device will be a great help in your time of need.

Promising Features 

No wonder the size of the dryer is small, still it has exceptional features that make it an outstanding option and set it different from the alternatives. Read some of its promising features:

  • It works on electricity so you will not need to worry about the battery.
  • The warming temperature of the device remains around 82.2 degrees Celsius
  • There are three different timers for its turning-off feature including three, six, and nine hours respectively.
  • No matter what type of your footwear is, it will get dried instantly
  • The device has a feature for controlling the temperature that keeps the temperature below the marked limit. 
  • If you want a shoe dryer for kids’ footwear, then it is perfect for that as well. 
  • It will act as a disinfectant and will remove bad odors, humidity, and other unpleasant things from your shoes. 
  • It is a compatible device making it suitable for all sorts of footwear
  • If you have waterproof boots, then you can use this device to dry clean them without any hassle. 

Why choose Heatsus Shoe Dryer?

This device is much faster and better than the contenders. This can be said due to the benefits that it provides. Here are some of its advantages that you must know:

#1. Eliminates odor: Shoes that are ice cold and sopping wet will soon be an aspect of the past. You will be thoroughly dried out no matter when you intend on wearing it next thanks to the innovative Heatsus electric system, which emits heat while removing dampness and bad odors. The clock timer might be set for durations of 4, 8, or 12 hours. Therefore, you can go to bed feeling absolutely at ease.

#2. Power Consumption: You don’t need to be concerned about the device’s power use. This is not a gadget that uses a lot of energy to operate. It utilizes less energy than conventional heaters and dryers. The device’s internal timer may be used to manage power usage as well. You can keep a check on the turn-on and off timing of the device

#3. Portable: If you travel frequently, you must have a very portable gadget. This gadget is perfect for you. This one is meant for you as you might need something portable if you travel frequently, particularly for ski vacations, tours, or events. They are fantastic if you travel light and the majority of them include lighter plugs, so you can use them in your car.

#4. Practical: Due to the compact design and simplicity of the mechanism, this shoe dryer becomes a practical thing to have. All that is required is the equipment purchase; everything else is completed automatically. It is practical to use as it has multiple functions and can be used for diverse reasons. 

#5. Sterilize Footwear: Users should be informed that this device can increase the lifespan of socks and shoes in addition to drying shoes, as is previously known. It also shields their fabric from fungal damage while sterilizing them. You can stop the transmission of germs to the foot and the emergence of bacterial-related diseases by utilizing the Heatsus device. This device could be very helpful for those who have fungal foot infections.

#6. Eco-friendly: Just because there is no radiation caused by the device, it becomes friendly to the environment as well. There is no dirt or such particles emitted in the atmosphere helping the environment to be clean. The dryer works with zero sounds and there is no sound emission as well. 

#7. Affordable: The Heatsus Shoe Dryer helps you save money at the time of purchase as well as after purchase. As we know, it saves energy and it comes at a competitive price. You can also avail of the offer that claims to deduct the price to 50%. Additionally, the more units of the device you purchase, the more you have the chance to get price deductions. Thus, you are saving money both in the short run and in the long run as well


  • Portable 
  • Lightweight 
  • Produces zero sounds 
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Affordable
  • Removes unpleasant odors
  • Available in different sizes 
  • Simple UI 
  • Secure Usage
  • Helps in Energy Conservation  
  • Increases your shoes’ durability
  • Built-in timer available


  • The only thing that can trouble the customers is the product’s availability as these are highly in demand so the stocks get over very soon.
  • Also, their purchasing availability is limited to the official website. 

Working Mechanism 

For boots and shoes, Heatsus reduces the drying time to a few hours. They can make use of it whenever they witness poor weather or after washing their shoes. Additionally, Heatsus can be the ideal travel companion if you have only a single pair of sneakers or boots. The gadget may be stored in any luggage or backpack because it is small and portable, thus a person will always possess a set of shoes available. To know its mechanism, you will need to go through the steps of using it:

Steps to Dry Your Shoes 

As the device has an easy and extremely simple as well as user-friendly interface, the steps are also relatively easy so that you can follow them for drying and cleaning your shoes. Here are those steps:

Step 1: The Heatsus shoe dryer must first be unpacked before being connected to the power source in the location of your choice.

Step 2: Insert the device into your shoes, set the timer for whatever amount of time you desire, and wait for it to dry.

Step 3: Put on footwear or stockings and then take any time you like to relax in your cozy slippers or shoes

Where it can be brought from?

Where it can be brought from?

You cannot simply opt for any conventional store to buy this product as its availability has been limited to the official store only. Here you are also eligible to grab a discount of 50% that will be given per unit. The payment methods also remain safe here and you do not need to worry about the security policy.

The various methods that can be used for making payments are PayPal, Visa Card, Master Card, American Express, Discover, etc. They also came up with a return policy of 30 days eliminating the dissatisfaction regarding the product. 

Pricing Details 

With being a quality product, this device is also extremely affordable. The competitive pricing makes it cheaper when you place an order for more than one device. Here are the quantities mentioned with their discounted prices:

  • Customers can buy a single device for an amount of $59.95
  • If you wish to purchase two pieces of this same device, then you have to pay a maximum amount of $79. This means one device will cost you $39.5
  • If any customer wishes to purchase three Heatsus devices then you will have to pay a total of $99. In this way, a single device will become $33.  
  • Five units of the Heatsus shoe dryer are going to be $155 making a single device cost around $31.8

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FAQs: Heatsus Reviews

Q1. Are the Heatsus Shoe Dryers completely safe?

Ans. Yes, these shoe dryers come with several safety features that allow smooth usage. These features might include the automatic shutting off according to the timer set. This eliminates the overheating and any of the potential damage that can be caused to the shoes and other footwear. 

Q2. Is it possible to use the dryer for any other accessories?

Ans. Yes, many Heatsus shoe dryers come with attachments or accessories that allow you to dry gloves, hats, and other small accessories. They are versatile and can be used for various items that contain moisture and have the requirement of drying. 

Q3. What is the mechanism of Heatsus Shoe Dryers?

Ans. The dryer does not have any complex mechanism as the warm air is circulated into the footwear to dry it and eliminate all the unwanted or unpleasant smells and moisture. Many latest models also have adjustable settings according to the footwear you are using.

Q4. What is the expected time that the device will take to dry the shoes?

Ans. This will depend on the wetness and moisture content of the shoes and boots. The more wet your shoe is, the more time it will take. However, only some hours are required to dry the wet shoes. Also, many models come with a fixed timing within which they dry the boots. 

Q5. Is it possible to use the device for various outdoor activities?

Ans. Yes, the Heatsus device is especially meant for people who are outside enthusiasts. Having said that, no matter what outdoor activities you are doing, the dryer is suitable for each of them. If you are a skier, scuba diver, or hiker, you can keep your shoes and boots comfortable and dry simply by using this amazing device. It is also suitable for a person who is a frequent traveler and does not get the time to thoroughly wash the shoes. 

Final Thoughts 

This device is meant especially for people who are tired of having wet shoes due to sweat and other unavoidable reasons. If you are also the one who likes to have dry and moisture-free socks and shoes, then consider purchasing the Heatsus Shoe Dryer. Modern technology and electricity are used to warm the shoes.

It also dries shoes whenever they are damp and eliminates the unpleasant odor that shoes can develop after an extended period of walking. However, you do not need to put your wet shoes next to a radiator, heater, or fire to dry them after a rainy day.

This task is eliminated by the latest and highly innovative technology of this impressive device. To place an order, all you have to do is go to the manufacturer’s website, do so, and then watch for a seamless delivery. 

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