SabersPro Review 2023: Must Read This Before Buying

SabersPro Review

SabersPro Review: If you are a Star Wars lover then you must be aware of the vast fan following that it has. Several fans from all over the world admire the story, characters, assets, and every single thing of the movie series. As a consequence, devoted admirers have created a unique subculture, which is spawning multiple items and memorabilia. 

Although the majority of Star Wars-related merchandise is legally licensed by Disney, which has acquired the rights to the genuine movies series and it’s subsidiary companies, makers throughout the community of fans keep developing amazing assets that are an ongoing tribute to the main story’s mythos.

SabersPro Saber is a company that is driven by fans and gives tough competition to the official products. In this review guide, you will find the advantages, pros, and features of the SabersPro products and their worthwhileness. 

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What Is The Term SabersPro?


SabersPro Review

  • T6 aluminum hilts with durable blades tend to be ideal for intense dueling.
  • It also has an extremely vibrant blade along with excellent detection of motion. 

SabersPro items were initially created to add an exhilarating feeling of reality to convention cosplay costumes. These pieces have become valuable collectibles in their individual way. The firm’s lightsabers are built with aluminum and resistant to impact polycarbonate.

Moreover, the little things are flawlessly positioned and the final result is exceedingly skilled. The lightsabers are customizable and you can easily change their colors. The unique creations of the products make them exciting as well as interesting at the same time.

Features of SabersPro Review

The Sabers and blades produced by the company are designed according to various films, movies, and shows. This is the reason why the features could vary, however, several features are common in all the products. Here are some interesting and common features that distinguish it from all the other manufacturers and merchandise holders. 

  • Neopixel technological advances are available in the products which employ packaged LED strips in order to generate an accurate light display on every Saber’s blade.
  • Soundfont customization allows you to change the audio implications when you move.
  • The products come with an excellent feature of quick ignition.
  • Also, there is an electronic core comprising different components including a speaker, audio amplifier, microprocessor, motion detectors, etc. 
  • The appropriate size is designed to fit the size of the screen. The complete size also includes the blades. 
  • Innovative and high-end materials give the products excellent durability and a gorgeous look too. 


  • They lend a realistic touch to costuming.
  • They can also be perfectly used to serve the purpose of dueling.
  • Supporters and cinema trivia collectors may regard them as customized treasures because they are perfect and well-crafted. 
  • You will also be stress-free for safety purposes as they meet all the security standards.
  • The guarantee of getting the money back is another great advantage you will get when purchasing the SabersPro products. 

SabersPro Review Pros & Cons

Top Pick


  • The effects that it produces are excellent, and there is lots of room for personalization. 
  • You are not required to change over the emitter for using the blade.
  • It is perfectly created by the artisans which appears to be the same as the film originals. 


  • This game is neither officially licensed nor there is any specific information about the owner. 

Modes Available In The Lightsabers

There are numerous modes available according to the lightsabers that you will choose. Every design comes with its own specialized modes. However, some of these are common among them and are mentioned below.

  • Smooth swing 
  • Lock-ups of the blade
  • Flash-on-clash
  • Blaster Deflection ]
  • Selection of the blade colors

SabersPro Review Customer

“This is the place where I purchased my very first saber, and I was completely impressed by how good it was. They are far superior to the Disney versions and cost far less.”

George K. 

“I just got a red basalt Inquisitor on my kid’s birthday; it’s fantastic!” I have a few master replica sabers, but this SabersPro blade is far superior for dueling and much more customizable. I would have liked to acquire one for myself.”

Andy T.

“I was pleasantly delighted when it got there, and it was lovely. When I purchased it, I was really suspicious and worried, but once it got here I was entirely satisfied.

Assembling is simple, uncomplicated, and enjoyable to do so, and it feels great to gather and own. I’m a great admirer of the Jedi Fallen Order, thus this is fantastic.

I’m betting it’s a little distinct from other versions, but it’s functioning equally well. I adore it.”


Buyer’s Guide – SabersPro Review

The cost of a well-manufactured SaberPro ranges from generic or the latest lightsabers to its more personalized creations. The higher-priced designs have been influenced by particular characters of the series, ranging from Lord Vader, Leia, and Luke from the originally released movie to Rebellion and Ahsoka warriors from some of the latest streaming programs.

  • The pricing of the SabersPro blade of the Luke version is discounted to $198.95.
  • The blade design of the Darth Maul film characters is available at the price of $311.95.
  • You are going to save 30% on the Luke EP6 version blade as its cost price has been reduced to $268.95.
  • SabersPro Ren version is available at a cost of $180.95 reduced to this price with a discount of 20%.
  • Anakin’s version of SabersPro will come at a price of $403.95.
  • SabersPro Saber blade of the Fallen character will cost you no more than $445.46.
  • The design influenced by the Ahsoka version is available at the cost of $778.97. 

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FAQs: SabersPro Review

Q1. Is the SabersPro Licensed By Any Of The Official Companies?

A. No, this is an independent company that is neither licensed by Lucafilms nor Walt Disney. It is known for employing artisan techniques in the manufacturing of its products. 

Q2. What Is The Ideal Pricing Of These Products?

A. To know the exact pricing, you can go through the manufacturer’s website as they offer discounts on their various products. The cost price may also vary as per the choice of the customers. However, the price ranges from $89.95 to a maximum of $780.95. 

Q3. What Is The Refund And Return Policy At SabersPro?

A. If you are returning any product within fifteen days from the date you got the delivery, then you are eligible to get the complete return of your payment. The shipping back of any item is free in the UK and the United States and you will need to ship back the item at your cost. Also, the company will refund $10 of the total shipping charge if the return requests are made from outside of the UK and the US. 

Q4. Are The Lightsabers Ideal For Dueling?

A. Yes, you can use these lightsabers for dueling. However, you will need to be careful as these are ideal for the swordplays that have a light as well as medium impact. 

Final Thoughts – SabersPro Review

The products of this company are ideal for every Star Wars lover. The fan community of this series has shown immense love and reliability on these products making them a trusted company all over the world.

It has great craftsmanship by renowned artisans giving the blades and SabersPro products excellent quality. However, these are not meant for kids as it could be dangerous for them. You can go through the website and get the best and most suitable one for you or your friends.

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