How To Straighten Your Toes: 5 Treatment Options That Work!

How To Straighten Your Toes

How To Straighten Your Toes: Feet are considered to be the foundation of one’s body. We all know that the feet work as the sensory part that provides balance to the entire body. They are responsible for providing the body with optimum balance and support. It is crucial to keep the feet and toes in proper condition, as they will determine the posture of the person’s body. 

Nevertheless, we see that the toes and feet weaken with time. There are several reasons why the toes get out of their normal shape. The reasons could be minor or major, but the potential foot issues might be severe. To avoid the issue, you want to get the greatest care possible. 

Understanding the condition of the crooked toes is crucial in order to perform this effectively. In the following detailed article, you can find all the information needed about crooked toes. You can also find different ways to straighten the toes. Let’s start: 

Overview of Crooked Toes

Crooked toes are one of the major concerns that have become common these days. Though it is flexible when in the initial stage, it can become rigid if left untreated. Crooked toes are a condition when the toes swell or grow abnormally and start overlapping each other.

Such conditions might be painful, and the person with this issue might become unable to walk properly. Among the causes of the issue, a major one is wearing shoes and footwear of the wrong fit. Let us discuss more about the causes of crooked shoes in the next section. 

What causes toes to get crooked?

Crooked toes might be the result of multiple causes. Some of the primary and major causes of the issue are as follows: 

#1. Genetical Issue: Having crooked toes can be caused by hereditary traits. In many cases, it has been observed that a particular person is likely to have the issue of curly toes if anyone in the family or close relatives has the same issue. This is a genetic problem that will run through generations. It is suggested that you take the necessary precautions if you want to avoid having crooked toes. 

#2. Footwear: Another major cause of curly toes is the improper footwear that a person wears. By this, we mean to say that when the footwear is not of the correct size, your feet and toes might have to struggle more.

This will lead to extra pressure on the tendons and muscles as well. Both of these are the major factors that keep the toes and feet straight while making them aligned. When you wear high-heeled shoes and sandals, that puts more pressure on them, which ultimately combines with other potential causes and leads to crooked ones

#3. Past Injury: Any injury that has an impact on your toe can be the cause of a curly toe. This means that any injury will not directly lead to a crooked toe, but if it is not healed properly or the medications cause any side effects, then the toes will get an adverse effect and they will start becoming abnormal. 

#4. Nerve Damage: If the nerves of your foot or toes have ever been damaged because of any unwanted or unavoidable reasons, then it might unfortunately lead to curly toes. This can make your toes even weaker, as the already damaged nerves are more likely to cause serious issues. Nerve damage is the result of excessive alcoholism and diabetic conditions. 

#5. Age Factors: Age also plays a vital role in the development of various types of crooked toes. If a person has reached a certain age and has any issues with their feet or toes, then it is possible they will develop the condition of crooked toes. It is also observed that women are more likely to have this certain issue.  

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Different Types of Crooked Toes

Different Types of Crooked Toes

You have to first assess the sort of problem you have in order to lessen the look of crooked toes. Hammertoe, mallet toe, claw toe, overlapping toe, and adductovarus toe are the five main varieties.

Discover the details of each category, including potential reasons and therapeutic options, in the sections below:

  1. Hammer Toe: The main cause of the Hammer Toe is genetic issues, injuries, or improper shoes. Any toe that bends at the PIP joint—the joint that is most closely associated with the ball of the foot—is referred to as having a hammertoe. The second, third, and fourth toes are most frequently affected; however, any toe might develop hammertoes. Hammertoes are initially rather flexible, but as they mature, they become immobile. This produces inner foot pain as well as corns, blisters, and calluses where the toes rub awkwardly on the inside of shoes. When you go through the diagnosing procedure at the initial stage, you will only be suggested to switch your footwear and perform some simple strengthening exercises. 
  1. Mallet Toe: When you see a curve at the outermost end of any toe, then it is the condition of having a mallet toe. This issue mostly arises on the second toe. It also affects an important muscle that is responsible for foot mobility. You will notice that the toe is becoming extensively tighter. In the developing stage, the issue is not so serious, but if you do not pay attention to the condition, it can become worse, and you might have to deal with serious outcomes later on. It is better to start putting on the right shoes so that the worsening of the condition can be stopped. It is comparatively the most painful type of crooked toe that does not even let the person walk normally. 
  1. Claw Toe: Any of your toes other than the bigger one is prone to getting the claw toe. As a result, there are two places on the foot where this curvature manifests itself: an upward bend from the ball of the foot to the middle joint of the toe, and a downward bend from the middle joint to the toenail. In severe instances, one or multiple toes may even bend to the extent that they curl beneath the foot. When the toes cannot be treated with exercises, your doctor will suggest you have surgery. 
  1. Overlapping Toe: Overlapping toes occur when certain toes rest atop others, with the second and fifth toes being the most susceptible to this condition. Typically, this occurs due to the compression of the big toe and the three outer toes, pushing them inward as a result of tightly fitting shoes. This compression forces either the second or fifth toe to protrude upward to create space. Toe spacers and light workouts may be used to address the issue if it is not too severe. 
  1. Adductovarus Toe: When you wear tight shoes, the second-last and last finger might end up having an adductovarus toe. This is commonest in the last two fingers, causing bristles and both toes to get upon each other. This causes slight pain and discomfort while walking as well. However, this is a mild condition and can be treated with some mild medications and exercises. You do not even have to visit the doctor, as this crooked toe can be treated at home

Diagnosing and Potential Symptoms 

When you are dealing with the issue of crooked toes, you will have difficulty straightening the toes and even the feet. You might need to deal with extreme pain.

Crooked toes can be detected by a number of symptoms, some of which are listed here:

  • There is excessive pain in the toes that are affected. The pain gets increasingly worse when you try to move it or put on footwear. 
  • There is swelling in the entire toe.
  • There could be difficulty in moving and walking.
  • The toe length can remain shortened.
  • There are open sores on the toe and inflammation as well

You will need to go for a physical examination to confirm that you have curled toes. They will suggest you have X-rays if they detect any abnormalities in your feet. If the toes are badly affected, then the physician will also suggest some more tests. This becomes even more necessary when you are diabetic or have heart issues

Methods to Straighten Crooked Toes

When you talk about the methods to treat your crooked toes, you are required to check the severity of the issue and how long has been its existence. If the toes are not serious, you can opt for some slight changes in your lifestyle and daily habits. If not cured then you might have to go for surgical options. To avoid those aggressive methods, you may try the following simple ones:

#1. Correct Footwear: Once you have diagnosed that you have crooked toes, the simplest change that you can make is changing your footwear. This simply means that you can switch to shoes and sandals that have a perfect fitting for your feet.

Additionally, you must avoid wearing high heels or shoes that tend to put pressure on the toes or feet. You can opt for footwear that has a heel of up to 5 cm. You can also purchase open-toe footwear that will allow proper air circulation. Also, ensure that the sandals provide enough space for your feet

#2. Toe Spacers: If you are looking for a simple and affordable solution then you must opt for the toe spacers or separators. These are cheap options available for the treatment of straightening your toes. When you talk about toe separators, you will find that these are simple options for fixing crooked toes.

Toe separators are typically intended to address the whole web space within a foot at once, whereas toe spacers might target a number of individual toes. They are intended to help straighten the toe with regular use. They can also help in reducing pain and are compatible with any type of shoes.

#3. Exercises: People can also add daily exercising to their routine so that it helps in straightening the toes. A well-designed workout schedule for your foot, ankle, and toes can also aid in toe alignment.

This usually entails a variety of strengthening, gentle stretching, and coordination exercises aimed at enhancing your capacity to engage in daily tasks. However, you also need to be assured that there are no faulty movements addressed because they might cause more issues to your bad toe alignment.

#4. Cold Therapy: For people who are looking for temporary relief from pain, cold therapy can be proven as an ideal solution. It will help you manage swelling and pain simultaneously. It is recommended to apply ice to the injured region for at least 20 minutes.

Your toes will eventually relax and straighten as a result of the pain being reduced thanks to this. This therapy can be done on an hourly basis during your entire day. This will help to reduce the symptoms and deal with the condition easily. 

#5. Weight Management: When you are dealing with foot or toe problems, then you need to do essential weight management as well. The weight of the person is also responsible for the worsening of the crooked toes. If you working on straightening them, it is important that you maintain a proper weight.

Apart from this, having proper weight also eliminates a number of health issues. Nevertheless, when we are talking about maintaining your weight, you cannot simply rely on diet or exercise. You have to add several things to your lifestyle. You need to have water to keep the body hydrated. Sleep plays an important role in addressing the issues. 

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FAQs: How To Straighten Your Toes

Ques. Is it possible to treat crooked toes without surgery?

Ans. Yes, you do not need to worry about the expense and pain of the surgical procedures as your crooked toes can easily be treated without opting for it. All you have to do is stretch out and put on shoes that are the right size. These practices will help in straightening the toes and alleviate every kind of pain. 

Ques. When should I opt for the surgical procedures?

Ans. In general, surgical procedures are the last option that doctors suggest to opt for. Surgery is typically considered when non-surgical methods fail to provide relief, and the crooked toe causes severe pain or functional limitations. It is better to have a consultation with a podiatrist or orthopedic surgeon for an evaluation.

Ques. Is it possible to stop crooked toes from developing?

Ans. Though there is no permanent way to stop crooked toes from developing at the initial stage, you can take some measures to eliminate its causes. It is advised that you should not wear high-heeled shoes, sustain a healthy weight, and do foot exercises regularly. 

Final Words 

As we have discussed earlier, these crooked toes have several types and each type of crooked toe might be caused due to one or multiple reasons. It is possible that the person has had the issue since birth or developed it because of poor habits. No matter what the reasons are you can manage your crooked toes by opting for some simple strategies and lifestyle changes

In most cases, the treatment can be done with some simple exercises that are used to strengthen and straighten the toes as well as the muscles. If the toes are bent enough that you cannot even walk properly, you might have to undergo surgery. However, surgery is suggested in the most extreme cases. You are required to seek medical help when the pain is unbearable. 

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