Home Remedies For Hair Breakage: Everything You Need To Know

Home Remedies For Hair Breakage

Since forever, lustrous, healthy hair has been considered the crowning glory of women. In modern times, having healthy and shiny hair is everyone’s ultimate goal, even if it’s not as long as Disney Princesses. However, increasing pollution, direct exposure to harmful UV rays, and unhealthy lifestyles have made the battle against hair breakage relentless. 

It might be hard to take time for your hair care from your busy schedule, but just 30 minutes a day can improve your overall lifestyle including the quality of your hair. And no, you don’t need to rush to the parlour and spend a fortune to get chemical treatments for that. 

Here we are presenting you a list of potent home remedies for hair breakage. Following the routine consistently will not only make your hair strong but will give you the healthy shiny voluminous hair you desire for. 

So let’s dive into 10 easy and extremely effective home remedies for hair breakage treatment without any delay. 

Most Common Reasons For Hair Breakage

Most Common Reasons For Hair Breakage

Now before you learn about the potent home remedies or treatments for hair breakage, you need to know what are the possible reasons for hair fall, dry, damaged, and frizzy hair that eventually leads to hair breakage. While reasons like the environmental ones can’t be controlled by you, a few personal habits definitely can. The common reasons for hair breakage are_

Harsh Chemical Treatment: One of the most common problems for hair breakage is harsh Chemical Treatment including bleaching, colouring, permanent hair perming, and so on. Using these chemicals can damage your hair cuticle. As a result, your hair becomes weak from the root and prone to breakage. 

Excessive Hair Styling: Frequent use of hair styling tools like straighteners or hair curlers can weaken your hair. Raw exposure to high temperatures for hours without any hair protection can strip away the natural moisture from your hair. 

Poor Hair Care Routine: Brushing wet hair, detangling knots too harshly, not using conditioner after shampooing, Not using shampoo on a regular basis, and tying your hair too tightly can cause hair fall.

Environmental Factors: Nowadays the increasing pollution, harmful UV rays, unpredictable weather, and overall environment are diminishing the overall quality of hair. Harsh weather can often make your hair dry and frizzy, making it brittle.

Nutritional Deficiencies: To keep your hair healthy you must follow a healthy diet. A healthy diet should contain the proper amount of carbs, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals. A lack of vitamins like biotin and minerals like an iron deficiency can make your hair breakage-prone. 

10 Home Remedies For Hair Breakage

Home Remedies For Hair Breakage

Home remedies have been used for skin and hair care for years. It’s easy to make, quick, pocket-friendly, and effective. Try these 10 Home remedies for hair breakage and watch your hair become strong and shiny again

1. Coconut Oil Massage:

One of the oldest and most effective home remedies for hair is using coconut oil. Coconut oil has lauric acid, which is proven to repair hair damage and make it shine

How to apply it: Warm your coconut oil gently and massage your scalp and hair with it. Wait for around 60 minutes before shampooing your hair

2. Fenugreek ( Methi) Paste: 

Methi aka Fenugreek seeds is a great source of proteins and nicotinic acid. This combination helps strengthen hair and reduce breakage. 

How to apply it: Soak fenugreek seeds in a glass bowl for the whole night. The soaked seeds need to be blended to make a smooth paste. Apply the paste on your scalp and hair strands evenly and let it dry for 45 minutes. Make sure to wash your hair with a mild shampoo and conditioner.

3. Yogurt and Honey Hair Mask: 

Yogurt and honey are the best combination to provide natural moisture to your hair. The mixture works as a conditioner, deeply nourishing your hair. It helps you to repair your dry frizzy hair and prevent breakage.

How to apply it: Make a thick paste with 2 tbsp of yogurt with 2 tsp of honey. Apply the mixture evenly on your hair strands. Leave it for 30-40 minutes. Rinse your hair with shampoo.

4. Hibiscus Aloe Vera Hair Pack:

The Hibiscus flower is known for its hair-strengthening properties. While being applied with aloe vera gel once a week, it reduces hair fall. Makes your hair strong and shiny

How to apply it: Take 4 /5  hibiscus flowers and add 1 tbsp of aloe vera gel in it. Blend to make a thick paste. Now apply it to your hair and wait for around 40 minutes. Use a gentle shampoo to wash your hair. 

5. Onion Juice: 

Onion is a good source of dietary sulfur and antioxidants. It has antimicrobial properties. Applying onion juice boosts collagen, reduces hair breakage, and promotes hair growth. 

How to apply it: Extract the onion juice using the mixer grinder machine and apply it to your scalp. Let the onion juice be soaked by your hair for 30 minutes. Shampoo your hair and follow with a cold water rinse.

6. Egg Mask:

The abundant amount of protein in eggs deeply nourishes your hair. You can apply egg yolk with olive oil once a week to make your hair stronger. It will reduce your hair breakage eventually and promote hair growth

How to apply it: Whisk an egg and add 2 tsp of olive oil to it. Apply the mask to your hair and allow it to air dry for approximately 30 minutes. Afterwards, cleanse your hair with shampoo and rinse using cold water.

7. Curry Leaves With Coconut And Olive Oil:

Curry leaves are an amazing source of proteins and antioxidants. Coconut oil is scientifically proven to treat hair breakage. Olive oil helps in hair growth. 

How to apply it: Boil curry leaves with coconut oil and olive oil for a few minutes. Let it cool down a bit and apply the oil on your scalp. Gently massage your hair and allow it to sit overnight. Shampoo your hair in the morning thoroughly with normal water.

8. Amla Paste (Indian Gooseberry):

Amla has an abundant amount of vitamin C which is very necessary for healthy hair. Applying amla paste once a week will make your hair healthy and shiny. 

How to apply it: Create a mixture by combining amla powder and water. Apply the blend to your hair and let it dry for approximately 40 minutes. Wash your hair with normal water. 

9. Aloe Vera Gel:

Aloe vera gel has a lot of medicinal value. It has an anti-inflammatory property and helps to soothe your scalp. Aloe vera gel along with honey and coconut oil treats damaged hair and promotes hair growth.

How to apply it: Make a paste with 2 tbsp of aloe vera gel and 2 tsp of honey.Add 1 tbsp coconut oil. Now apply the mixture to your hair. After half an hour, use mild shampoo to cleanse your hair.

10. Henna:

Henna has been used for a long time for hair care. It doesn’t only work as a natural hair colour but reduces breakage, strengthens, and adds shine to your hair.

How to apply it: Make black tea and add it to the henna powder. Make a thick paste and let it soak overnight. In the morning you can add yogurt or egg if you want to. Now apply the paste to your hair evenly and let it dry for 3 hours. Wash your hair thoroughly and shampoo your hair the next day. 

Tips To Reduce Hair Breakage

Besides following the home remedies mentioned above, you also need to pay attention to your diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle. You can follow the effective tips mentioned below to reduce your hair breakage.

1. Balanced Diet: What you eat has a direct effect on your skin and hair. Make sure that your diet contains the proper amount of carbs, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals.

2. Avoid Excessive Hair Styling: The high temperature of hair straightener and curler can damage your hair permanently. Overuse of hair bleaching and colouring weakens your hair and makes it brittle. Avoid any process that might potentially harm your hair.

3. Gentle Hair Handling: Gently brush your hair with a broad- toothed comb. Use a mild shampoo and conditioner which will keep your hair healthy and nourished. Use a microfiber towel to dry your hair and a satin or silk pillowcase while sleeping. Make sure to comb your hair and preferably make a braid before going to bed. Handle your hair gently.

4. Stress handling: Constant mental stress or mental illness like depression and anxiety can also be a reason for hair breakage. Do yoga and meditation and try not to take much stress to keep yourself happy. 

5. Regular trimming: Make sure to trim your hair in a gap of 2 to 3 months. You can prevent split ends in this way, which may potentially lead to hair breakage in near future.

Sometimes serious illness and seasonal changes can also be a reason for hair breakage. But if you feel the matter is getting serious, visit a dermatologist without any delay. They will give you best advice to reduce hair breakage. Otherwise following the above home remedies and quick tips constantly for one or two months should reduce your hair breakage. Let’s embrace the process and let your hair shine

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Frequently Asked Questions About Home Remedies For Hair Breakage

What are the best home remedies for hair breakage?

Coconut oil, hibiscus-aloe vera gel mask, egg mask, yogurt-honey mask, Fenugreek seeds paste, and henna are some of the best home remedies for hair breakage.

How can I stop hair breakage naturally?

Follow a healthy diet chart, exercise, follow the home remedies mentioned above, avoid excessive hair styling, be gentle to your hair, and try to be stress-free.

Which food has biotin in it?

Eggs, fish, meats, nuts, sweet potatoes (along with other vegetables), and nuts are sources of biotin.

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