EnergySaver Pro Review: Is EnergySaver Pro a Scam?

EnergySaver Pro Review

EnergySaver Pro: There has been a controversial discussion among the customers who are using this product and the customers who are willing to use it for energy-saving purposes, “Does Energy Saver Pro genuinely work to save you approximately sixty percent of your electricity costs as well as safeguard your electric appliances, or is it just a scam intended to get you to part with money?

Well if you are someone who wants an answer to such questions you have indeed landed on the right page. Here in this article, we are going to talk about this product thoroughly. Here in this article, we will be covering all the necessary features, specifications, pros & cons, conclusion for this article, and at last some on. So, without missing out on any of such important information do read this article till the end.

Now, before riding into the topic, it is very important that we learn about the product. Learn about what it is, how it works, who are its manufacturers, what it looks like, etc, etc. Well, to answer your questions let’s dive into the topic where we will learn about the product first. 

What Is EnergySaver Pro?

The EnergySaver Pro is a product that is advertised with the assurance that it can magically cut your monthly electrical bill by up to 60%, extend the life of your devices, and shield them from voltage spikes.

EnergySaver Pro Review
EnergySaver Pro Review
Buy 4 for $45 per unit.
Buy 2 get 1 free: $49 per unit.
Buy 3 get 2 free: $39.8 per unit.*
Buy 5 get 3 free: $29 per unit.
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Additionally, it is also said to repel mice and insects. The EnergySaver Pro seems highly suspicious because there is no obvious organization backing it, no official website for the manufacturer, and no indication of its nation of origin.

How Does EnergySaver Pro Work?

The Energy Saver Pro’s primary function is to balance the Voltage in the power stream and stabilize the voltage. 

Longer usage increases the device’s efficiency. It can also offer surge protection in addition to the power-saving benefit. You can use it to cut down on the electricity your electric appliances use since it consumes so little of it. For every 500 square feet, one EnergySaver Pro is needed. 

It will work with all of your electronics, including the air conditioner, television, and refrigerator. For heating appliances like electric stoves and electronic cookers, it is unable to offer you energy-saving effects.

According to its manufacturers, the EnergySaver Pro can be used by merely plugging into any socket outlet within the house, at work, or any other place of use, and it will subsequently carry out the following tasks automatically:

  1. It is been preassumed that this device can effectively cut down your cost of electricity bill by 60%, or even more of it.
  2. This device also protects your appliances from any kind of voltage irregularities and as a result, this increases the life span for your electric appliances. 
  3. It also protects your electrical appliances from any kind of voltage spikes that can occur.
  4. Now, this can be something new but very useful. Well, this device also utilizes ultrasonic vibrations to deter pests and rats.
  5. The website that deals with this product EnergySaver Pro only makes these assertions without actually describing how these functions are accomplished scientifically.

Can EnergySaver Pro Reduce Your Electric Bill?

Now, till now what are your thoughts when I raise this question? Till now it’s very unclear about the functioning of the product. So, let’s talk about it if it can really do what it claims for.

Well, the answer to this question is “No”, EnergySaver Pro cannot save money on electricity as it claims to do so. I have additionally addressed the comparable offerings in my evaluation of the Electricity Saving Box.

Such devices like EnergySaver Pro are mostly marketed as ones that can increase the Power Factor, which in turn lowers the electric current and lowers the bill. However, these assertions are untrue because in such a situation you are being charged based on the amount of active power you use in kWh rather than the current price.

Additionally, both active and reactive power can be affected by the current value. These devices solely impact the component associated with reactive power, which is NOT the value of which you are paid, if they lower the current value. These tools fundamentally try to convince you that the thing they fix is not actually broken.

I went into a lot of detail about how pointless these power savers are. If you’re looking for devices that can assist you in cutting money on your power bill, you should choose ones that are supported by solid scientific evidence rather than exaggerated advertising. To discover gadgets that may actually help you, read the evaluation of Energy Saver Pro’s final section.

Does EnergySaver Pro Do Anything as Advertised?

In order to save energy, increase gadget longevity, or offer protection against surges, EnergySaver Pro fails to function as advertised.

The EnergySaver Pro is unable to do whatsoever in order to extend the lifespan of your electrical appliances or to protect them from surges; the utility system and the electric board you have at home already provide all the required regulations for the voltage and safeguard your equipment against voltage spikes.

And as they have lied about almost every function, I completely do not understand this, why are they honest about repelling rodents and insects.

But even after all this you are someone who wants a solution for pest repellent then I would suggest you find some better options from Amazon with much less cost than Energy Saver Pro.

EnergySaver Pro Price & Discount

The selling price for EnergySaver Pro is $118 per unit, and the discount for the same is $59 this discounted price can only be availed if you are buying the product during the first 30 minutes of your visiting the product page.

In case you are buying more than one unit of this product then you can easily get a discounted price for this product, as mentioned below:

Buy 2 for $55 per unit.

  • Buy 4 for $45 per unit.
  • Buy 2 get 1 free: $49 per unit.
  • Buy 3 get 2 free: $39.8 per unit.
  • Buy 5 get 3 free: $29 per unit.

For an additional $9, a 3-year warranty is available.

There is also a guarantee of satisfaction which you are able to utilize to get your money back, but it is a conditioned guarantee that calls for you to get in touch with their support team first and complete a few steps before you are entitled to a return and refund.

Since this would be a hassle, I would not force you to purchase the EnergySaver Pro in any case. If you are comfortable with speaking to their customer care definitely you should take a move on it. I would never stop you as well for doing that.

EnergySaver Pro Positive & Negatives

  • Money Back Guarantee: While buying this product you will get a money-back possibility, but yes this is not 100% guaranteed.
  • Save 60% on Electricity Bills: This product claims to save you some extra penny on your monthly electricity bills. After using this product many customers have claimed a reduction in their monthly final electricity bills. 
  • Ultrasonic mouse and pest repeller: This claims to be such a great product that it not only saves your money on your electricity bills but also keeps your home safe and sound from uninvited pests and mice by using their ultrasonic feature.
  • This product does not 100% work the way it claims to do. So, keeping that in my mind I would call it useless when it comes to saving on electric bills, and prolonging appliances’ lifespan, and surge protection.
  • It has not been proven to work as a pest repellent.

Who Is EnergySaver Pro for?

Considering all the factors and features of this product which we have talked about till now in my opinion, for everybody.

To be very honest with you all, I am not in very much favor of purchasing the Energy Saver Pro because doing so would just result in time and financial waste.

For reputable substitutes for the EnergySaver Pro device, see the review’s final section.

EnergySaver Pro Suppor

The support of EnergySaver Pro is offered through email from the website that sells it, which is not related to the manufacturer.

There’s no phone number to call.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much can we save on our electricity bill?

You can see a difference of 15-60% on your monthly electricity bills. You can see the visible difference only after using it for 2 months at least.

2. How can we install this product?

It is as simple as putting your phone on charge. Just simply find an A/C socket and plug it in and you are done.

3. There’s a sound after installation is it normal?

Yes, that sound is absolutely normal after the installation of the product. This sound comes out because of the capacitors that are installed inside the product. These capacitors perform as a local compensation.

4. This product claims to be a mice repellent by using its ultrasonic frequency, is this frequency harmful to my pet?

No, this ultrasonic frequency is completely harmless to your pets. This frequency is specially adjusted to affect mice and other small unwanted insects.


Well, in my honest understanding and review, I can not call this a scam. While ordering you are getting a product for which you have paid and also, there is a money-back guarantee for this product which is of course conditional but it is there. 

I have gone through various testimonials for this product and didn’t see 100% hate about this nor 100% positivity. So, I am quite neutral about this product. You can definitely give it a try and see how it works for you.

If you find the product working as it claims, please do share your feedback as well for the same.

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