Dodow Review 2023 – Is It a Good Choice?

Dodow Review

Dodow Review: For many people, having a sound sleep at night can be very troublesome. The reason for this is the hectic working schedules and imbalanced lifestyle. Having proper sleep at night is more than a basic necessity. It is important for one’s overall health.

Several major reasons are nowadays affecting the sleep cycle. People have started depending and relying on medications which is not ideal when it comes to overall health. Medications might have a harmful impact on the health of a person. 

To deal with the issue, the market is now filled with sleeping aid devices that claim to boost sleeping rate, and melatonin rates as well as let you have a good sleep cycle. Here, in this review article, we are going to discuss the Dodow Sleeping Aid Device, which works on the principle of blue light technology. It relaxes the mind and promotes better sleep. Let us find more here:

Overview of Dodow Sleeping Aid

Dodow Review

Dodow Review

  • There are no harmful substances used which renders the device free from potential side effects.
  • If you compare the cost with other treatments of insomnia, then you find it much cheaper. 
  • You are also free to grab the deals and discounts offered by the manufacturers.  

Dodow is a portable metronome-light sleep aid that has been scientifically created to promote restful sleep and assist people in overcoming disruptive thoughts. The system works by obstructing your worries and racing thoughts while gradually soothing you into a restful, lengthy nap.

There are quite an array of practices and habits that can be used with the gadget to achieve excellent outcomes. Meditation, yoga, and behavioral therapy, for instance, are all excellent options that can be combined to enhance the effects of Dodow.

The technology is safe for everyone, no matter what their age, and has no negative or adverse effects in the future. Dodow is a simple product to operate. You do not have to purchase additional equipment or use software developed by others.

Furthermore, it is a single-time investment that will last for years. You must initiate its 8- or 20-minute sleep pattern before it will shut down on its own.

Features of Dodow Sleeping Aid Device

Here are some of the interesting features of Dodow Sleeping Aid Device to take a look at:

#1. Non-Invasive: The device works naturally overall. You also do not need to worry about any drugs and medications employed in the procedure. The device has a gentle and soothing light that helps you sleep faster. The light also has a calming effect which means you get relaxed and sleep comparatively faster.

#2. Distinctive Session Lengths: This sleeping aid includes customizable sessions. You can set a session for a minimum of 8 minutes to 20 minutes as per your preference or needs. The need for session lengths can vary according to the different sleeping patterns.

#3. Lightweight and Small: Another worth-mentioning feature of the Dodow Sleeping Aid is the compact design. The device is small and compact rendering it to be placed anywhere you want. You can take it with you wherever you travel. While purchasing you will also get a case to keep the device separately.

#4. Portability: As mentioned earlier, the device is compact, and its mechanism is battery-based. This means you can charge the device once and it will be available for use for an extended period of time. Even if there is no electricity, the device can work just because of its battery making it portable.

#5. Trial of 100 nights: When you purchase a sleeping mattress or sleeping aid, it is quite difficult to return it to the manufacturer. Additionally, the manufacturers do not provide any free trials in most cases. However, you will be glad to know that Dodow allows you to have a 100-night trial that too without any charge. Users are free to return or change the device after the trial period is over.

#6. Straightforward set-up: The device is created in such a way that its usage remains simple and you also do not have to learn a lot about its mechanism. The design is sturdy yet so impressive that it would definitely be loved by the users. No matter if you accidentally put your hand on the device or it fell down unintentionally, the device will not be broken.

#7. Touch Sensitive: Dodow comes with a simple interface that operates via touch. This simply means that the device is touch-sensitive. All you need to do is touch the device and it will start emitting the blue light in no more than three seconds. You just need to tap once if you are willing to switch between the two available session lengths.

#8. Bluelight Technology: The blue light technology that is used in this sleeping aid helps you relax and sleep better. As we all know, blue light is beneficial for soothing the mind and body. The same principle applies here as well. The blue light technology is solely responsible for letting you have a relaxed and sound sleep.


  • The Dodow sleeping aid is incredibly wireless and portable.
  • It has no drugs which means it assists in falling asleep naturally.
  • No matter your age, this device is safe for persons of all ages.
  • This is a natural remedy without any medications or other drugs for individuals who cannot sleep properly.
  • In order to provide you with simple management and operation, an intuitive touchpad is also available.
  • Additionally, the device includes a trial of a hundred nights of sleep.
  • The device gives you relaxation by lowering your breathing rates so that you can breathe in a better way.


  • The major drawback of the device is its availability is not possible from the physical stores.
  • Besides that, the device also does not have the indication feature whenever there is a low battery.

Who is this for?

The main aim of this device is to provide a night of sound sleep and return your proper sleeping habits. Let us take a look at for whom is this device most suitable.

  • If you have so much stress that you cannot sleep.
  • If you have your residence in a noisy location.
  • Expecting mothers can also use the device to sleep peacefully.
  • If you are a person who has been diagnosed with insomnia.
  • In case you have to take a lot of medicines.
  • People who often keep traveling can also use this gadget to sleep better.
  • People who have the issue of snoring can get rid of it simply by using this gadget.

Reasons to Choose Dodow Device

Let us talk about the major benefits of this gadget:

  • Effective Mechanism: When we talk about several other alternatives, we find that this gadget is much more effective than those. It has a simple mechanism that relaxes the body and helps you sleep. In case, you do not have any issue with the product, the manufacturers assure you with the same.
  • No sound: The no-sound potential of the device keeps you undisturbed. This means that the device has no sound while it is working. The noise produced by the devices is a major concern while purchasing sleeping aids. Fortunately, you do not need to worry about noise and sounds with Dodow.
  • Instant Shutoff: If you are thinking about who will shut the device off when you have slept, then you do not need to think the same. The reason is the automatic shutoff mechanism. Once you have slept the gadget will instantly shut down. You can set the time in the gadget as well.
  • No more distractions: When you try to sleep at night, you might deal with so many distractions. The device helps eliminate all those distractions and makes you focus on the blue light only. When you are simply focussing on a particular thing then all the other distractions will be removed automatically.
  • Boosts production of melatonin: The production of a hormone called melatonin is extremely important to regularise the sleeping cycle. Instead of taking medications to boost its production, you can simply use this gadget and experience a decrease in your metabolic rate. When the metabolic rate decreases, there is a simultaneous increase in the production of melatonin.
  • Changes the mind’s state: Imagine trying to sleep after the completion of a troublesome task or simply just after using your laptop or watching television, your mind will be having a different state. To avoid that and change the mind’s particular state, the gadget is extremely useful.

Things Included in the Package

Dodow Review

When you get the delivery of your order, you should check that the package includes the following items. Besides, these items you might need a screwdriver to fix the batteries.

  • There will be a Dodow automatic device which includes the touchpad capabilities.
  • You will get three batteries of AAA capacity so that the device can run for a long period without having the need to charge it.
  • Apart from that, the box will also include a manual guide through which you can get the help of using the device and battery replacements whenever needed.

Working Mechanism

The device is known for the usage of blue light technology to help users sleep faster and in a better way. To effectively apply the mechanism, it is important to use the device properly. Here are the steps to use it with ease.

Step 1. Set the place

Before using the device, you will need to set the place where you want the light to be emitted. This is crucial so that the person can have an improved concentration. Before starting, get a perfect place for the Dodow gadget. The light is going to be emitted on the ceiling so there should be no obstructions in between. Assure that the way is clear and light reaches the ceiling properly.

Step 2. Session Length

Next, you have to go for the session lengths. This will be completely approachable as per your requirements. You can choose among the two available options; an 8-minute session or another one that is a 20-minute session. If you want to have an instant relaxation then a session of eight minutes is suitable for you.

In contrast, a session of 20 minutes will be ideal for a person who has been working all day and is seeking some peaceful moments. For the first session, you are required to tap once on the touchpad. If you opt for the second session, then simply double-tap the touchpad and you are done.

Step 3. Breath and Repeat

The most important thing to do is to breathe as the light is emitted on the bedroom’s ceiling. Having said that, you have to go with the rhythm of the blue light so that your mind as well as your body get relaxed. It is essential to change the state of your mind too. As the light expands, it is suggested that you breathe slowly but constantly in order to get soothing relaxation.

Purchasing Guide

The official retail store is the perfect place where you will get the Dodow sleeping device at a reasonable price. Other than that, it is also available at retail stores online but it is suggested to avoid them as they might be scams or frauds.

The official store also offers deals and discounts for customers. The current discount is flat 50% off on purchasing multiple quantities of the device. Take a look at the price list here:

  • If the user wants to purchase only one sleeping device, then they have to pay around $59. The shipping charges will be taken separately.
  • For two of the same devices, the users need to spend around $88.50. The price of the second device will be deducted to 50%.
  • All you need to do is buy two Dodow Devices and get the third one free of cost. The amount you have to pay is $118.

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FAQs: Dodow Reviews

Ques. Can anyone use this Sleeping Aid Device?

Ans. No matter if you are a toddler or a grown-up adult, the device is safe to use. There are no drugs involved in the device leaving no harmful effects on the body. Moreover, the design and user interface are also simple making it suitable for all. Be careful if you have any ongoing medications, then you must have a talk with your doctor before switching to this device.

Ques. Is the Blue Light Technology harmful to the body?

Ans. The Blue light that is transmitted from the screens of various devices like televisions, laptops, and mobile phones is said to be harmful as it is ultraviolet. The technology which is used in this device is not harmful instead it is especially meant for relaxing and soothing the mind. Users are going to be extremely comfortable when using the Dodow device.

Ques. What if I cannot sleep in 8 or 20 minutes?

Ans. At the very start, it is highly possible that you do not sleep during one session. It is advised to repeat it until you do not get to sleep. Also, the device requires your complete focus so that it can help you. It is likely that some users take more time to get accustomed to this light.

Ques. Will I get a money-return guarantee?

Ans. Yes, when purchasing the device, you will also get a promise of returning your money back after a trial period of 100 days. You can take a hundred days to be sure of the quality and efficacy of the Dodow Product.

Wrapping Up

If you are a person who hardly gets proper sleep, then this device can be a wonderful remedy for you. Despite being a new entry in the marketplace, it still has so many amazing benefits to offer you. You will be amazed to see the transformation you get when using the Dodow Sleeping Aid Device.

Your sleeping patterns will be changed simultaneously giving you better and relaxed sleep at night. The challenge that people normally face while sleeping can be eliminated when using this exceptional device.

The reviews also state the product to be amazing which you can have a look at before purchasing the sleeping device. One can take advantage of its small size and take it anywhere you wish. Another major noticeable thing is the price at which you can buy the device. It is comparatively cheaper than the other available alternatives. It is advisable to give it a try for once and you will be amazed to see the results as well.

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