Bondic vs Blufixx – What’s Your Best Option for 2023?

Bondic vs Blufixx

Bondic vs Blufixx: Most likely, you possess such items or things that hold emotional significance for you. You will definitely not like to dump those objects even if they require fixtures.

If such is the case, you might be looking for some amazing tools to do the work effectively. The marketplace is filled with such tools that claim to be the best welders but actually not all are. This is where the debate for the top contenders begins.

Bondic vs Blufixx are among the best contenders for welder options. They both have exceptional ratings at online marketplaces. As per the customer reviews, both welders are efficient in doing their work better than any standard glue.

Here we will delve into a comparative guide to better understand both products and let you know which one is better to choose for fixing your favourite objects. 

Bondic vs Blufixx: What Are These?

Being liquid welders, both these have the potential to fix any desired object. However, the list is a little bigger of Bondic when compared to Blufixx. Before diving into the battle between these excellent products, let us have a look at what these products are.  


Bondic vs Blufixx

Blufixx can be counted among the greatest innovations over time. It is a sort of pen that cures all the issues related to your broken materials and objects. It will remain liquid until the LED light does not hit it. Once it comes in contact with the LED light, it becomes hard as a rock. This device is packaged as an entire set.

This indicates that the LED and glue are all packaged together as a pen. The pen’s one end contains the repair gel while the other side contains the LED. Batteries are also included with the pen, and they power the LED. This completes the package, enabling users to fix items with ease. 


Bondic vs Blufixx

If you want to fix the objects easily and faster then opting for a plastic liquid welder, Bondic is an excellent choice. This one is a plastic welder that is used to fix several materials and objects. Bondic will be very gentle on your hands as well. Your objects will not only get glued properly but also they will become stronger than before.

IUV lamps are also used to fix materials. Longer lengths of time pass without any damage thanks to this permanent fix. This tool can be used on virtually any surface, including those made of plastic, metal, rubber, wood, leather, and so on. This adhesive tool is dishwashing, sunshine, cold, and underwater safe.

Working Mechanism of Blufixx

To begin with the process of fixing the objects, you will need to first clean that area properly. After that, you may follow these steps:

  • After cleaning, simply apply the liquid glue to the harmed surface of the material. The adhesive has a pale brown color.
  • By rotating the safety ring, you can take it off the pen.
  • Press the LED button to operate the device.
  • The fluid glue must then be exposed to the UV light for a further few seconds to get the best effect. 
  • After some time, the glue will become harder. 
  • Finally, you can polish and color the material whatever you choose. 


  • Blufixx adhesive is known for providing an excellent bond. It can help to stick the most stubborn piece of material. The variety of colors that it offers makes it compatible with any surface as it will match the exact color. 
  • One of the plastic adhesives made to stick to various materials is Blufixx. For individuals who need something fixed quickly and easily, this glue is ideal. Additionally, the adhesive is earth-friendly, which is fantastic for people who worry about the natural world.
  • The Blufixx Plastic Glue can endure high temperatures and is also heat resistant. It makes it a fantastic material to utilize for crafts, fixes, and other tasks. Blufixx is a great option for connecting textiles, paper, and other types of material because it also has a strong adhesive ability.
  • Being a solvent-free adhesive, this one will not get dissolved in any other material. Also, it will not need any solvent to be used. It is solely capable of doing the task. This is one of the main causes for its lack of toxicity. Due to this, it is not going to leave any harmful impact on the natural environment. 


  • The major drawback of this adhesive is its limited effectiveness. It cannot be used for fixing any material. There are some exceptions available. 

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Purchasing Guide – Bondic vs Blufixx

If you want to purchase Blufixx, then it is suggested that you should go to the official website only. Here you will find the product with many additional discount deals, and offers. Though it is available at other retail sites too, getting it from the official website would be the best option. Also, there could be slight differences in price rates if you compare the official site and other platforms. 

How to use Bondic?

The steps to use Bondic are extremely simple and do not require any expertise. Bondic is so gentle on the skin that even your child can use it. Do follow these steps to use Bondic easily:

  • The maximum number of drips in the Bondic bottle will be 80. The tip of the bottle is somewhat similar to the pen using which you can apply the glue.
  • Next, you will simply need to apply the adhesive to the surface and let it be exposed to the UV lights. The adhesive will become rigid and harder as a result. 
  • After that, you can keep the bottle back in the metal case that comes along with the Bondic bottle. Let it stay intact for a short while. 

Why Use Bondic?

  • Bondic would not be harmed by high temperatures or large temperature swings. It is advisable to inspect the weld each time you use the device to make sure it remains safe and functional if you want to use the welding kit in a hot environment, such as your oven.
  • Common adhesives typically only provide a fleeting bond. You don’t have to worry about the bonds’ longevity with Bondic because they can come free or even cause damage in the future. This may continue for weeks, months, or even years. Bondic can be applied inside and outside of the specific surface if you want extra durability.
  • For a strong bond to form, the UV light just needs to be on briefly. Sticky glue does not have to be applied and left on for several hours. Additionally, you are not expected to use your hands for more than five minutes at a time. Bondic is a liquid glue, but it runs in just under 10 seconds.
  • Any surface or substance can benefit from the use of Bondic Glue. It is so adaptable that you may use it to glue anything, including clothes, toys, paper, household appliances, and much more.
  • Bondic can be used to provide a robust, water-resistant grip. This resistance appears to be affected by the object’s exposure to water both often and closely.


  • The only disadvantage of this adhesive is that it can be used on surfaces where there is no UV light. Also, it is required to get refilled at a fixed timespan. 

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Where To Buy Bondic?

If you want the most reliable place to purchase Bondic, then consider purchasing it from the manufacturer’s website only. The reason is you could be a victim of scams or fraud if exposed to any false website.

Also, the price rates could be different on retail stores other than the official site. The ideal price of one Bondic bottle is no more than $19. This price is quite affordable when you are getting a permanent solution for broken surfaces, objects, and materials. 

Comparing Bondic vs Blufixx 

Bondic vs Blufixx
  • When we talk about Bondic vs Blufixx, both these adhesives can provide you with the best possible fixtures and repairs of broken objects. 
  • Bondic is a clear and transparent adhesive whereas the other one comes in various colors that can be a match to the color of your objects. 
  • If you compare the strength of bonds that Bondic and Blufixx form then you can say that Bondic is flexible than Blufixx. Also, it dries quickly in comparison to Blufixx. Though Blufixx adhesive dries a little slowly, it is more rigid in state. 
  • You can get a safety ring with Blufixx which is not available with Bondic. 
  • Bondic could be said as a better option because it comes with various unique functionalities and features. The top in the list is its waterproof feature. Objects fixed using Bondic can be put in water as it get dry very quickly. 
  • For a rapid solution, Bondic is simply the right choice as it has a fast working mechanism. Additionally, it does not contain any harmful, toxic, chemical substance making it safe for everyone including the surrounding environment.
  • Apart from all this, Bondic also offers a kit that includes refills and other add-ons. In contrast, when talking about Blufixx it comes just as a pen that has a built-in LED light working perfectly with the array of materials. 
  • Another significant aspect that distinguishes these two products from one another is price. Bondic is less expensive and will definitely fit in your budget. 

Final Takeaways – Bondic vs Blufixx

Bondic vs Blufixx are both efficient options when it comes to comparing with the traditional adhesives. Both are capable of making the work easier. You can use either of them for fixing and repairing your favorite or essential objects.

Blufixx cannot compare to the strength, longevity, and ease of use of Bondic, which makes it a superior adhesive. The finest option for gluing things together is Bondic. Sticking things together will become lot more feasible as a result than you might have thought.

It will strongly fix the repairs that will stay permanently fixed for a longer period. Also, it is a cost-effective option and also not so expensive. It can easily be purchased from the official website while enjoying the benefits of various offers and discount deals. 

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