CoolEdge Aircon Review 2023: How Does This Cooler Work?

CoolEdge Aircon Review

CoolEdge Aircon Review: Hot summers have become even hotter in the present scenario. Summer days can be tough for anyone. If you don’t have the money to purchase an air conditioner, the situation might grow worse. Though air conditioners are quite expensive, they have become a necessity these days. What if you get to know about portable air conditioners that too in an affordable price?

Yes, enjoying a cool breeze on hot sunny days is possible. You only need to purchase a CoolEdge Aircon Review AC. This little portable air conditioner can help you stay cool throughout the summer heat. It is designed to be carried anywhere users want. It will also consume energy, thus being beneficial for the environment. The following review guide lets us learn more about this innovative air conditioner.

What Is CoolEdge Aircon AC?

CoolEdge Aircon Review

CoolEdge Aircon Review

  • The aesthetics of Aircon AC can improve the look of the area in which it is kept.
  • The USB ports may be used to replenish the battery, which is quite robust.
  • It is a cheaper and less expensive alternative to present-day air conditioning systems.

CoolEdge Aircon AC is an efficient choice for people who are looking for reasonably priced and best for daily usage air conditioners. The gadget is small and compact but its efficiency is beyond expectations. It will cool the particular area in which you will keep this AC. It can be best known for its strong cooling properties

The latest technology used in the air conditioners makes it the perfect choice for hot summers. All sizes of places can benefit from the use of this fantastic cooling system. The battery is strong and may be used both at residence and at the office for several hours.

This tool could be utilized at any moment and is additionally simple to use. It uses a straightforward mechanism instead of intricate technology. Anyone can easily and efficiently use this gadget

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What Is Unique About It?

Here are some distinctive qualities of this product that set it apart from competing models:

  • Compact: When compared to bulky air conditioners, this one is compact and lightweight. You may put it down any place in your house that is flat due to its modest size. It may be placed on a chair, dressing table, or kitchen counter. There is no need to utilize the air conditioner in the car because the device can be identified even there too. 
  • Latest Technology: You all must remember the times when air coolers made noise and also produced sounds. Now that technology has advanced, you can see the air cooler working quietly. The advanced technology employed in the gadget is capable of eliminating disturbing sounds and letting you have a sound sleep. 
  • Durable Battery: An external battery that can be recharged powers CoolEdge. When completely charged, the battery can function for a maximum of eight hours. There is no specific charger needed for the gadget. It makes use of the typical USB charger. This makes the device perfect for usage outdoors without an electrical outlet because you can make use of the laptop’s battery for charging the AC.
  • Maintenance: Unlike conventional air conditioners, these air coolers require very low maintenance and are also free from annual maintenance. You do not need to call experts and professionals for the servicing and maintenance of these ACs. You will ultimately save a lot of money by doing this. 
  • Simple Usage: The tool is simple to operate. There is a button on the gadget that has to be pressed. No matter how big or tiny the room, you may utilize it. This gadget allows even your kids to lower the temperature in their bedroom. 

Functions of CoolEdge AC

There are three functions by which the CoolEdge AC can be used. Here are all three of them mentioned:

  • Humidifier: The device consists of a water curtain. This curtain is employed for releasing moisture and making the air humid. This eliminates the dry air and also the health problems that are caused by inhaling the dry air. 
  • Fan: The device is also capable of working as a fan. Three-speed settings for the fan are included with the gadget. These parameters enable you to choose the ideal speed based on local environmental factors.
  • Filter: Air filtration is another function of Cool Edge AC. To make the air safe to breathe, it cleanses it to get rid of bacteria, pollen particles, and dirt.



  • It doubles as a humidifier , which helps to sanitize and hydrate the air surrounding you. 
  • By just hitting a button, it is very simple to get started. 
  • This gadget offers simplicity and suitability for many situations. 
  • Additionally, CoolEdge AC helps you sleep well at night.
  • It is free from noise production resulting in a silent operation.
  • Despite being small, it can cool even a large area. 
  • Your kids and pets are absolutely safe when it comes to the trustworthiness of the device. 


  • The gadget can only be purchased from the official site and is not available at physical stores. 
  • The water of the gadget needs to be changed timely. 

Tips to use it 

For using this portable AC, foremost you will need to set it up. You can choose the following actions for it.

Step 1. Remove the CoolEdge kit from it. 

Step 2. Place your CoolEdge air conditioner in your home or workplace on an even surface.

Step 3. Connect the USB wire to any accessible USB port for charging.

Step 4. Pour clean, cool water into the CoolEdge water container.

Step 5. Turn on the CoolEdge and select your desired setting to immediately enjoy the cool air.

The most important thing to remember is that water must be changed and filled at regular intervals as the main source of the mechanism.

Where To Buy The CoolEdge AC?

Where To Buy The CoolEdge AC?

The official site is the only place at which you will get this product. You may select from a number of bundles on the website. There are also color options available of clean white and deep green. When purchasing more than one gadget, you will get different colors.

The manufacturers also offer a return policy of thirty days. This gives you the option to return the item if you are unhappy with its effectiveness or quality. Here is the price list according to various bulk quantities.

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  • Users can buy a single unit just by paying $79.
  • The price of two units will cost you no more than $119.
  • On purchasing three units of CoolEdge air conditioners, you will need to pay $137.
  • Your total cost for four items will be around $179. 
  • There is a package of five units available which is going to cost you no more than $197. 

FAQs: CoolEdge Aircon Review 

Q1. How Can Be The Device Charged?

Ans. For charging the device, all you need is a USB port and any charging device. It is not necessary to have an outlet to charge the device as it can be charged using laptops even. 

Q2. What Is The Area Coverage of CoolEdge AC? 

Ans. This AC can cool a room of having an area of 20 square feet. This means a single room can quickly get cooled when this AC is put there. 

Q3. Is The Gadget Energy Efficient?

Ans. Yes, the CoolEdge Aircon AC is entirely energy-efficient and uses less power and energy to run. Ultimately, the gadget is energy-saving, money-saving, and environmentally friendly. 

Q4. Do The Manufacturers Offer A Return Policy? 

Ans. Yes, all the orders come with a return policy of a maximum of thirty days. During this time, you can return the item and obtain a full refund. No matter if the product is used or unused, it can easily go for return as per the return policy. 

Final Takeaway – CoolEdge Aircon Review

The newest air conditioner available on the market today, the CoolEdge, has more benefits than the majority of compact air conditioners. It is highly quick, economical with power, and dependable. Without this incredible portable AC, which allows you to operate it practically anywhere and provide the exact same level of comfort, you just cannot afford to travel throughout the summer.

Having all the latest technologies and benefits in the gadget, it is definitely worth purchasing the device. You must try the gadget for once and you will absolutely like the perks and performance of it. Also, if you are purchasing the device from the official site then you can also get a discount of flat 50% so what to wait for? Place your order soon. 

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