Sleepgram Pillow Reviews: Is It Right for You?

Sleepgram Pillow Reviews

Are you looking for the best Sleepgram Pillow reviews? Read to know more. Without a pillow, your upper back and neck may experience undue strain and stress, resulting in discomfort and stiffness when you wake up. The pillow is essential to maintaining alignment between the spine and neck when you are asleep at night.

Pillows are also required for a clean and sanitary sleeping environment. They serve as a barrier, preventing allergens like pollen, dust mites, and pet dander from pets from gathering on your bedding and mattress. 

Nowadays, many pillows come with a hypoallergenic feature, making them accessible to people who are prone to allergies. Today’s market is filled with pillows that make these claims and provide a variety of functions. You must, however, make the decision on which pillow is best for you. 

Choosing the correct pillow helps you in many ways, from giving you a peaceful sleep to keeping you healthy. Here is a review guide for the Sleepgram Pillow Reviews which will allow you to know its benefits, features, pricing, etc. So, let’s get into the guide.

What Is A Sleepgram Pillow?

Sleepgram Pillow

Sleepgram Pillow Reviews

  • The greatest method of treating neck and shoulder pain
  • Ten times as little as human hair, soft, hypoallergenic fibers Settings for Better Neck Support
  • Each pillow is made out of one billion cooling fibers.

Sleepgram is a renowned company that has shown its expertise in the bedding market since 2016. They manufacture pillows as well as other items like mattresses, etc. The Sleepgram pillow includes two polyester microfiber pillows. 

One of these smaller pillows is flatter and more suited for back or stomach sleepers who don’t need as much support. The other is softer and shorter in stature. The cushion’s outer fabric is all cotton, which feels relaxing on the face.

These pillows are revolutionizing sleep and the overall health of a person. If you are a person who loves to have traditional pillows, then this is the ideal choice for you. These are nothing more than innovative features and better comfort. No matter if you are a sleeper, a side sleeper, or a side sleeper, the pillows are suitable for every person. 

Features – Sleepgram Pillow Reviews

It may be argued that this pillow satisfies every standard for a quality pillow. This is the ultimate solution for you. Here are its main features:

  • Design
  • Durability
  • Inner pillows
  • Outer cover
  • Temperature control
  • Moldability 
  • Customization 
  • Odour-free
  • Cotton material 
  • Availability in different sizes

Suitable For Various Sleep Positions 

As it is an adjustable product, it can go well with any sleeping posture or any body type. However, it specializes in providing comfort in three main positions, and they are:

  1. Side sleepers: Side sleepers need a thicker and firmer pillow than those who sleep in other positions. To completely fill the area between the neck and the bed without forcing your head too far upward, the pillow’s loft should be roughly equal to the breadth of the shoulder. The Sleepgram Pillows are perfect for people who sleep on their sides at varied weights because of their adaptability. 
  2. Belly Sleepers: If they use heavy pillows, people who sleep on their stomachs may experience problems. The neck and head might get strained due to this. However, the Sleepgram pillows are manufactured with such people in mind. For stomach sleepers, they provide relaxation and suppleness. 
  3. Back sleepers: To maintain proper spinal alignment, back sleepers often need a mattress with a low to moderate loft cushion. A large pillow may push one’s chin up towards the chest and cause neck pain, while a small pillow can strain the neck as well as worsen snoring. Most back sleepers will be able to find a suitable position thanks to the Sleepgram Pillow’s changeable design.

Benefits – Sleepgram Pillow Reviews

The Sleepgram pillow has various advantages, some of which are listed below:

  • The machine-washable quality allows you to clean the pillowcases thoroughly, eliminating dust mites.
  • The pricing is quite affordable, and you do not have to pay more than needed. Also, there are fluctuations and offers that reduce the price even more. Simply visit the official website frequently to learn the most recent prices.
  • The Sleepgram pillows eventually allow you to have better sleep and improved spinal health. 
  • You can even adjust the texture and height of the pillows as per your preferences. 

Sleepgram Pillow Reviews Pros & Cons


  • This is an ideal solution for those who deal with neck or shoulder pain. 
  • The pillows are suitable for every sleeping position. 
  • The pillows are filled with polythetic microfibers that make them comfortable and soft.
  • A fair sum can be paid for adjustable pillows.
  • The goods don’t even have unpleasant smells; they are cruelty-free.
  • These three-in-one, customizable pillows have 100 percent cotton covers and are incredibly soft. 


  • The products have limited availability, so it is quite hard to get your orders soon.
  • You might have to deal with issues getting appropriate customer service.

Pricing Of The Pillows

Sleepgram Pillow Reviews

The average price of these pillows ranges from $30 to $40. However, some of the high-end pillow options may have higher prices. This could go up to $80, as these are way better than low-priced pillows. The price of the pillows may vary according to the materials used. Also, you can avail yourself of offers and deals from time to time. You will just need to place your order on the official website. The prices are as follows:

For king-size pillows

  • If you purchase the family pack of six pillows, then it will cost you about $360.
  • The pack of four Sleepgram pillows is available for $240.
  • Purchasing two Sleepgram pillows may cost you more, as you have to pay $130 for them.

For Standard-size Pillows

  • The family pack, which consists of six pillows, will cost you just $240.
  • If you are ordering 4 Sleepgram pillows, then you have to pay $160 for them.
  • Opting for the set of two Sleepgram pillows will cost you $90

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Customer Reviews 

If you are wondering whether the Sleepgram Pillow is worth it or not, then you can consider going through the customer reviews. Here are some of them:

“As we sank into the pillows of our new bed, my husband remarked that it felt “like being at a fancy hotel.” I’ll bring these pillows with me everytime I travel from now on because they are excellent and incredibly comfortable. Simply put, other pillows don’t compare.” 

Rachel Hubbard 

“I now own both Sleepgram Dreamsleep pillows and bed sheet sets, and I am thrilled overall. I sleep on my side, and ever since I started using a Sleepgram Pillow, my neck has never found itself in an uncomfortable position that causes me to wake up stiff. The pillow is readily inflated into cosy configurations and doesn’t flatten out while you sleep.”

Sue P

“We recently bought a second set of pillows for our camper since my husband and I adore the Sleepgram pillows and cases so much. So, I can be confident that we’ll always have a restful night’s sleep while we’re away from home and on the road.”

Mary J

FAQs: Sleepgram Pillow Reviews

Do The Pillows Retain Their Shape Or Go Flat With Time?

The pillows are completely filled with polyester microfiber. This is the only reason why it retains its shape for a long time. Also, it provides a soft and cozy texture. Customer reviews also state that the pillows do not get flat with time.

Can I Wash The Pillowcase In The Machine?

Yes, it is possible to wash the pillowcases in the machine. All you have to do is remove the outer covers and opt for normal laundry in order to wash the pillowcases. Also, you can go through the care instructions that come along so that you can be more clear about the cleaning procedure. The dryer sheets can be a great help for drying the pillowcases at no cost. 

Is It Possible To Track The Orders Easily?

When you place the order, it gets shipped within one or two business days. Just after your order gets shipped, you will get a confirmation email as well as a tracking number. Using that, you can keep track of your orders until they get delivered. In case you need further assistance, you can also contact the customer service team.

What Is The Warranty On Sleepgram Pillows?

Sleepgram has a lifetime warranty on every single product they offer. As per the reviews of users, these pillows can efficiently last for a maximum of three to four years. They are made in such a way that they maintain the pillowcase’s shape

Is There Any Policy For Returning The Order?

Yes, you can return the product within a hundred days of receiving it. Your item needs to be unused or in a donatable condition to be returned. However, the original packaging is not required. Filthy, broken, or incomplete pillows are not eligible for return. The manufacturers demand an invoice or other proof of your purchase so as to process your return.

Final Thoughts – Sleepgram Pillow Reviews

Sleepgram Pillow Reviews are the perfect solution for all individuals who want to have a peaceful sleep at night. These pillows offer a three-in-one solution as you can customize them according to your needs and requirements. Offering a cozy and soft touch to the users makes it a one-stop-shop for them.

Those who suffer from shoulder and neck aches opt for the Sleepgram pillows as their first choice. It provides pain relief by applying a little pressure. Additionally, the Sleepgram Pillow has a 100-night trial period during which you may decide whether or not you like it before contacting the company for a refund.

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