Hiya vs First Day Vitamins: Which One is Right for You?

Hiya vs First Day Vitamins

Hiya vs First Day Vitamins: Which One is Right for You? This confusion will be cleared up in this blog post. The body requires a healthy diet in order to function effectively. It is even more necessary that your kids get the proper nutrients.

These days, it is really difficult to get all the nutrients and vitamins you need. Everything that you eat contains some pesticides, chemical compounds, and other unhealthy components that would be harmful to your overall being.

Well, as you know kids are much more likely to get diseases, so it is important to supply ample amounts of vitamins. This is why people rely on vitamin supplements. These supplements are capable of fulfilling the nutritional requirements. 

In the realm of nutritional supplements, a critical choice often arises between two prominent contenders: Hiya Vitamin and First Day Vitamin. Each promises distinct health benefits and addresses unique nutritional gaps.

Delving into their compositions, mechanisms, and potential outcomes sheds light on the basic and detailed differences that can influence one’s selection. This comparative analysis aims to unravel the strengths and limitations of both supplements, aiding individuals in making an informed decision tailored to their specific health aspirations and requirements.

Why Do Kids Need Additional Vitamins?

Vitamin intake is equally important for everyone but it becomes more crucial for little kids. As they are in their growing phase, their bodies need more vitamins and other nutritional components.

There are several reasons why children need more vitamins and some of these are given below:

  • Children’s growing bodies have higher nutritional demands so that they can have proper development. Important vitamins including A, D, and calcium are crucial for bone formation. Also, vitamin C and zinc are required for boosting the immune system. This eliminates the risk of illness in places like schools, playgrounds, etc. 
  • Kids often use to have erratic habits of eating which lead to insufficient ingestion. Kids may be picky eaters and neglect some specific food groups. This can even lead to huge nutritional gaps. Thus, it is essential to supplement the diet with vitamins to prevent any kind of deficiency. 
  • The body of young children might not properly absorb certain vitamins due to several factors, such as rapid growth or unwanted health concerns. If this is the case then providing them with supplementation can cover all the requirements and nutritional needs. 
  • Additional supplements can act as a safety net, filling in nutritional gaps and promoting their overall health. Vitamin supplements can aid in cognitive development, overall well-being, and mental health as well. 

Know About Hiya Vitamins

Hiya vs First Day Vitamins

Hiya Vitamins was founded to give children the nutrients they need for the best possible development and growth. The brand’s creators saw the importance of nutrition for kids to their general health and set out to develop a product that would precisely address those needs. 

The beginning of Hiya Vitamins‘ journey involved extensive research and consultation with pediatricians, doctors, and specialists. Kids taking vitamin pills won’t have any problems, according to Hiya Vitamins.

Hiya Vitamins is currently a well-known and reliable brand. They guarantee to provide all the vitamins your children require for improved health. Additionally, they are reasonably priced, making them accessible to everyone. 

First Day Vitamins: What Are They?

Hiya vs First Day Vitamins

First Day Vitamins has been established to ensure the parents that they can raise their children with proper nutrition and provide them with all the vitamins. It also lets you enjoy family life happily and healthily. The vitamin supplements at First Day are created by making a blend of 12 natural and organic vegetables and fruit mixes which are full of antioxidants and other nutritional necessities.  

First Day Vitamins First Day Vitamins were created with the necessities in mind and contain all of the necessary vitamins, including D3, A, C, E, B2, K, B1 B6, B12, and folate. They also have 2 grams of sugar in each gummy, making them less than or equal to the amount found in numerous fruit drinks, so it is not too awful. It is made especially for kids so the gummies are easily chewable and children will definitely like its taste. 


First Day Vitamins: On your initial purchase, the supplements will come in a refillable container. After then, each delivery will come in the form of a separate pouch that can be used and may be utilized for refilling the first container.

Hiya Vitamins: For parents who are constantly too preoccupied to make arrangements for their vitamins, Hiya Vitamin Service is the answer. A monthly delivery service called Hiya’s Chewable Vitamin Service gives your kids access to vitamins as well as a convenient way to organize and personalize their own bottles.

You get a reusable replacement packet every month for placing fresh vitamins in your regular glass bottle refills.

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Comparing Features 

Both vitamin supplements offer different features which make each of them distinct from one another.

Let us have a look at some of the features of Hiya Vitamins and First Day Vitamins:

Hiya Vitamins:

  • A single package from Hiya contains ample vitamin tablets for a maximum of 30 days. 
  • The formula used to manufacture Hiya vitamins constitutes of 13 different minerals and vitamins.
  • Eco-friendly packaging makes it an environmentally friendly choice to go with.
  • On having a monthly subscription, you will receive fresh products each month.
  • The tablets are specially created keeping the ingestion of kids in mind. 
  • There is no artificial sweetener added as monk fruit is used to give the slight sweetness. 
  • All the ingredients used to prepare the Hiya Vitamins are natural and organic. 

First Day Vitamins:

  • Only organic ingredients are used to make these vitamin supplements. 
  • There are fifteen days’ worth of vitamins in every single packet.
  • Vitamins in a chewable form which means kids will have a mouth exercise as well. 
  • First Day Vitamin gummies are comprised of nine essential minerals and vitamins. 
  • These supplements offer a variety of flavors inside each pack. 

Key Differences

Methods of Consumption: Hiya is a chewable tablet whereas First Day Vitamin offers vitamins in the form of gummies. If you consider children’s preferences, then they would love to have gummies. First Day’s gummies are significantly better for your children than regular gummy vitamins.

Many children’s gummies are made with gelatin, which implies they include animal byproducts. Cavities are frequently brought on by gelatin’s stickiness to teeth. First Day uses pectin, which comes from fruits like apples and oranges and is a healthier substitute for gelatin. This has the exact same thickening action as gelatin but a smoother bite and remains less sticky, making it less likely to become stuck in children’s teeth.

Daily dosage: First Day’s intake is two gummies daily, while Hiya’s dosage is one pill daily. The one tablet-per-day approach appeals to certain parents as being simpler and more practical. However, most children adore gummies and will gladly consume two every day

Packaging: First Day and Hiya both do an excellent job utilizing recyclable packaging while keeping the bottles entertaining for kids. Both companies fill additional orders with reusable packaging that fits within the first bottle after sending the initial purchase in a vitamin container. Hiya adds a little bit of excitement to the experience for youngsters by delivering stickers so they can personalize their bottles.

Vitamin Content: Hiya’s formula contains significant quantities of Vitamin A, Vitamin D, and Zinc. However, there is a concern that these vitamins are already available in sufficient amounts through the regular diet, which could lead to over-supplementation in the short term. In contrast, First Day places a strong emphasis on formulating dosages that address your child’s nutritional deficiencies without the potential risk of over-supplementation.

Sugar Content: The sugar content is relatively less in the First Day Vitamin when compared to that of Hiya Vitamins. Hiya differentiates itself by offering children’s vitamins that are free from added sugar. Nevertheless, they utilize monk fruit and mannitol as alternative sweeteners.

These sweeteners lack sufficient research on their safety and long-term health implications for children, leaving potential negative effects uncertain. On the other hand, First Day opts for natural, organic sugar in their gummies, maintaining a minimal 2g quantity. This amount is notably around 80% lower than what is typically found in other prominent brands.

Price: With your initial purchase, Hiya’s kids’ chewable vitamins will be available to you with a discount of 50%. Thereafter, a $30 monthly membership is required. But for online customers, they only offer this choice.

There won’t be any other subscription packages available for you. First Day Vitamins, on the contrary hand, provides additional freedom with a $36 one-time buy choice or a $30.60 subscription and saving option. This renders it an additional sensible and cost-effective option.

Positive Aspects 

First Day Vitamins

  • When compared to any other vitamin supplement, the sugar content is very less in the First Day Vitamins
  • There is also no artificial sweetener or glucose syrups which makes it different from the others. 
  • The gummies are gluten-free causing no harm to the health of your kid as there are no side effects found.
  • Additionally, there are no additional preservatives or artificial substances in the First Day Vitamin gummies.
  • Being beneficial for health, the First Day Vitamins are worth purchasing gummies for your kid. 

Hiya Vitamins

  • Hiya Vitamins are designed specifically to support children’s regular nutritional deficiencies and to support their growth and development.
  • Hiya Vitamins provide a number of advantages that address many aspects of the well-being of children, such as immunological support, brain development, and general vitality.
  • They provide a strong emphasis on the growth of children, which is why they only select organic components that have received clinical approval. 
  • To ensure the efficacy and quality of the multivitamin tablets, third parties, including recognized laboratories and professional clinics, examine the tablets. 
  • These pills are perfect for children with allergies or who have a limited diet because they don’t contain any major or minor allergens. 
  • These tablets are sure to be a huge hit with your kids because they have been specially designed with kid-friendly flavors and textures. 
  • The products can be obtained in accordance with subscription arrangements as well. Various plans are available depending on the demands of the consumers. 


First Day Vitamins: This can be a little costly when compared to the brands easily available in the market. So, it might not be the ideal choice for people who do not have a good budget. 

Hiya Vitamins: There are no such drawbacks to Hiya Vitamins. For some people, the subscription-based models can be a negative point as people might not want to invest in subscription-based supplements. 

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Final Verdict: Hiya vs First Day Vitamins

Well, if a kid is having a balanced diet, then becomes obvious that they are getting all the necessary nutrients and vitamins. However, kids are not so good at eating those boring vegetables until they are not made interesting. Unfortunately, this is not possible on a daily basis so you must go with providing them vitamin supplements. An adequate amount of vitamins is necessary for kids to stay healthy. 

As you have gone through the detailed comparison of Hiya Vitamins vs First Day Vitamins, you must have made a personal preference among these two. You can also see both supplements have their own benefits and drawbacks so it is up to you to choose the best one for your kids. Hiya vitamins are chewable tablets making them a very good choice but that might not be good for your kids’ teeth.

Additionally, in spite of having no added sugars, mannitol and monk fruits present in Hiya Vitamins can be harmful to your kids’ health. When referring to youngsters, there is no research that supports them. In this situation, your preference will go with First Day Vitamins.

All in all, when you are thinking about the kids’ overall health, then you will be easily able to get the best choice. Manufacturers claim their products to be the ideal ones but consumers can also check out the reviews to compare both vitamin supplements. 

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