How To Use Vinegar To Remove Hair Dye Naturally 2023

How To Use Vinegar To Remove Hair Dye Naturally

If you ever get a chance to be a blue-haired Rapunzel, will you take the offer? Well, let’s just say, life is too short to not experiment with your hair from time to time. Feeling the temptation to switch to a new color is pretty typical. But sadly, using too much hair dye can damage your hair permanently.

And using tonnes of chemicals to get rid of the color is a big no! What if I told you that you could get rid of the color just by using a simple method? There is no need to wait for your hair color to fade gradually or to put up with monotonous hair color.

Yes, you have heard it right! Vinegar can help you to get rid of the hair dye without damaging your hair. 

So homies, get a detailed analysis on how to use vinegar to remove hair dye, what the different types of vinegar you can use, why you can rely on vinegar to remove hair dye, the side effects of using too much vinegar to remove hair dye and last but not the list pro tips you can follow while using vinegar to remove hair dye. So let’s start without any delay.

How Does Hair Dye Damage Your Hair?

It’s not a secret anymore that hair can be harmed by chemical or natural hair coloring. Our hair contains proteins and lipids, which are two essential compounds for healthy, strong hair. Using too many harmful chemicals can be harsh for your hair. Long exposure to these synthetic substances can even change the inner structure of your hair.

As a result, your hair becomes fragile and starts falling at a concerning rate. But that doesn’t mean that you have to restrain yourself from using hair dye completely.  Dying your hair for a few days and removing it using the least harmful natural ingredients like vinegar can be a lifesaver for your precious hair. Let’s learn more about this.

Can I Use Vinegar To Remove Hair Dye?

Vinegar To Remove Hair Dye

There are several variations of hair color. While semi-permanent hair color can penetrate the inner layer of the hair cortex, temporary hair color only affects the hair cuticle, which is the exterior layer of the hair. Unsurprisingly, permanent hair dye harms your hair much more. Total removal of permanent hair dye is a challenging task.

 Vinegar can be your knight in shining armor to remove temporary hair dye. You can use vinegar on your hair by spraying it on or by combining it with shampoo. Before washing and conditioning as normal, give the hair 10 minutes to soak.  

The Different Types Of Vinegar You Can Use To Remove Hair Dye

Vinegar comes in several varieties. White vinegar and apple cider vinegar are becoming popular as natural ingredients to remove hair dye. Both of the vinegar helps in removing temporary hair color.

 White vinegar:  It has an unpleasant smell but can effectively fade hair coloring.

Apple Cider vinegar: It has a nice scent. So people mostly want to use it more. However, you need to remember that unfiltered ACV typically creates an unpleasant response and a burning rash on the skin.

Benefits Of Using Vinegar To Remove Hair Dye 

Vinegar is an easy-to-find, cost-friendly, common home item that has several uses in the cosmetic industry. Vinegar has gained popularity in skincare routines as an efficient cleaning agent and acne therapy due to its natural anti-bacterial, antiseptic, and anti-fungal characteristics. By mixing white vinegar with shampoo or conditioner before washing your hair, you may also use it to lessen dandruff.

Using Vinegar not only aids in the removal of hair color but also has several other advantages. You won’t have to break the bank to have healthier-looking natural hair. Thanks to this simple and affordable option.

1. Mild on hair: Vinegar is mild on the scalp and won’t irritate or dry out your hair as harsh chemical hair color removers can.

2. pH balance is restored: After being thrown off by the coloring procedure, your hair’s natural pH balance is helped by white vinegar to be restored, keeping it healthy and lustrous.

3. Environmentally friendly: Using vinegar is an eco-friendly decision that lessens your environmental effect because it is an all-natural remedy.

4. Cost-effective: You already have a bottle of white vinegar in your cupboard; there is no need to spend a fortune on salon services or pricey products.

How Can I Use Vinegar To Remove Hair Dye?

Vinegar To Remove Hair Dye

The pH of baking soda is low, whereas vinegar is acidic. By dissolving the chemical connections tying your hair shaft to the color molecules, white vinegar’s acidity removes permanent hair dye. As a consequence, the permanent hair dye fades and is easier to handle, so you may change your appearance.

You can follow the easy guide as listed below on how to use vinegar to remove hair dye.

  • Firstly, mix equal amounts of vinegar and water preferably in a spray bottle. 
  • Spray the vinegar mixture directly on your hair. Make sure that all parts of your hair have been soaked properly by the combination. 
  • While you wait for the magic to happen, cover your head with a towel or plastic wrap to avoid any drips or spills. After around 20 minutes, wash it off with lukewarm water.

With your permanent hair color, you might not see a significant difference after just one application, but continuing this procedure over a few days can undoubtedly aid in fading obstinate colors.

You’ll have greater control over the final color result over time if you use white vinegar as a natural solution for fading permanent hair dye without harming your hair the way strong chemical treatments may.

Side Effects of Using Vinegar on Hair

Too much of nothing is good for your hair even if it’s natural. Like other products, using too much vinegar can have some adverse effects on your hair.  Although adding vinegar to natural hair has no unfavorable consequences, some people contend that it dries their hair out.

There is not much research to support this statement. If the vinegar-to-water ratio is correct, the hair may get dry. Therefore, be sure to adequately dilute vinegar before usage.

For many hair problems, vinegar is a great treatment option for natural hair. It helps regulate the pH of the hair, has antifungal and antibacterial effects, treats dandruff, enhances the gloss of the hair, and aids in preventing product buildup. Simple components may be used to make a vinegar rinse that you can spritz on your hair or use to dunk wet hair in diluted apple cider vinegar. 

Pro Tips

  • If you have dry hair, stay away from using vinegar. Usage of too much vinegar can make your hair more dryer and prone to breakage. Additionally, using vinegar too often might harm your hair in more than one way.
  • After shampooing, just mix vinegar and water in a 1:2 ratio and pour it over your head.
  • After some time, wash your hair with Lukewarm water. To fully remove the color from your hair, you might need to repeat this process multiple times.

A few possible side effects should not stop you from experimenting with your hair as you want. Just make sure the color is temporary and the hair dye removal product is harmless and natural like vinegar. Use it in limited quantities and you will be good to go. Dye your hair however you want and let vinegar be your saviour.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Vinegar To Remove  Hair Dye

How Can I Use Vinegar To Remove Hair Dye?

Mix vinegar and water in a 1:2 ratio. Apply it on damp hair. Wait for 15 to 20 minutes and wash away with cool water.

Will Vinegar Fade My Hair Dye?

Using Vinegar on your temporarily dyed hair can fade it. So if you are looking for a natural method to remove hair dye, Vinegar can be a suitable option for you. 

Can Vinegar Harm My Hair?

Even though Vinegar has little to no adverse effects on your hair, using too much of it can dry your hair and make it frizzy and prone to breakage. Mix it with water and apply in limited quantities. Avoid using Vinegar if you have dry, frizzy hair.

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