StankStix Reviews 2023: Must Read Before You Buy!

StankStix Reviews

Are you looking for the best StankStix reviews? Read to know more. Bad odors are frequently caused by bacterial development in our arm cushions, workout bags, and footwear.

With scent and other fragrances, you can only temporarily hide the smell. It fails to deal with the stink issue. Although you may employ chemical-based aerosols and other cleaning products, doing so might irritate some people and even trigger allergies. 

In case you inevitably find yourself in a smelly atmosphere, then among the most effective and least costly choices is the StankStix odor remover. For several users, it has been useful in getting rid of smells in many places. Here is a review guide of StankStix so that you can better understand it and the worthwhileness of the product.

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What Does StankStix Mean?

StankStix Reviews

StankStix Reviews

  • The device will remove odors from all products and old equipment.
  • The detachable handle makes it easier to exactly fit all gear sizes.
  • Whatever moisture is created, all is soaked by the device and the stick will release an impressive smell.

Stankstix is an odor-removing product that efficiently gets rid of unpleasant odors from socks, boots, helmets, shoes, and other wearable items. Long-term use of footwear, such as boots and shoes, can produce an offensive odor that bothers everyone. A pleasant smell is produced by the odor remover

With the help of silver seal technology, it prevents bacteria from growing inside shoes and socks, which generates unpleasant odors. Its non-toxic sticks quickly absorb wetness and eliminate offensive odors. In many laundries, it is also used to maintain the clean fabric in the basket. Since the stix contains no hazardous substances, everyone can use them safely and effectively. 

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What Makes It Different?

What Makes It Different?
  • Rapid mechanism: The Stankstix are made of silver, which can instantly kill 99.9% of microorganisms that cause odors. Because of its strength, it can eliminate odors more quickly than other spray bottles.
  • Highly Durable: You would not need to buy another stick of Stanstix during this time because one stick can last for as long as ten years. The sticks operate at their best all year long without needing to be cleaned or replaced. It eliminates any persistent odors, ultimately saving both cash and time.
  • Ease of use: Simply put it inside your shoes, footwear, etc., to use it. The offensive odors are permanently removed from the accessories, and they never return. Additionally, as it is entirely composed of pure essential oils, anybody can use it.
  • Pleasant and appealing smell: Everyone will like the odor of the device, which is either rose-brush or cedar tree. It eliminates the odor and switches out the unpleasant odor for better-smelling ones. To keep you safe, there are no additional things that contain chemicals.
  • Ensures Safety: The inserts are safe to use and keep on the inside of footwear as well as containers, and other items to keep moisture and unpleasant odors at bay. It is suitable for children and animals due to its entirely harmless components.

Pros And Cons: StankStix Reviews


  • For a maximum of ten years, its silver seal technique offers reliable operation.
  • You can immediately get rid of unpleasant smells from worn accessories.
  • It will be efficient in killing bacteria, pathogens, and odor-causing elements.
  • It is suitable for everybody to use and possesses no hazardous components.


  • The price of the StankStik might be a concern for many people as it will require to be changed after every six months. 

How Will It Help You?

StankStix used silver as a secret component to develop a solution that gets rid of offensive odors. Science has done extensive research on silver’s ability to kill germs, which frequently cause the emergence of foul odors.

There will be a mixture of essential oils and silver so that it can give a perfect performance for eliminating the odors. You will notice the best results in around 24 hours as the smell will be completely gone and it will also not return for a long period of time. 

Price Guide: StankStix Reviews

You can purchase the device from the official website only as it is unavailable to be purchased at the physical stores. There is an array of packages from which you can choose from. The prices are discounted as well. Some of the package deals that you will get on the website are listed here:

  • You can purchase one StankStix at the price of $29.99.
  • The cost price of two StankStix products will be no more than $44.99.
  • The amount that you will need to pay to purchase four StankStix products is $89.97. Free shipping is offered at some selected locations. 
  • If you are wishing to purchase six similar products then it will cost you around $119.96. There will be no charges for shipping. 

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FAQs: StankStix Reviews

Q1. Is The StankStix Odor Remover Toxic?

Ans. No, this product is not toxic. There has been no use of harmful chemicals or any other artificial materials and components making it safe for everyone including pets and little kids too. The main component of the product is an essential oil that is based on plants offering a pleasant smell and no adverse effect on health. 

Q2. For How Long Can A StankStix Last?

Ans. If you are opting for the StankStix odor remover, then a single device is going to work the same for approximately ten years. However, you will need to change the insertions of the device after every three months in order to ensure that the device works smoothly and effectively. 

Q3. Will It Be Suitable For Putting In The Shoes?

Ans. The device is made up of an additional handle which is removable and the end caps of gadgets can also be removed. These elements will help you to adjust the size and height of the device as per your requirements. This is why it may be used with any sort of footwear.

Q4. How Soon Can I Anticipate The Results?

Ans. The results may vary depending on the hardness of the smell. As per the reviews and claims, it can be said that the device takes a minimum of 24 hours and a maximum of two weeks to remove the unpleasant odor completely. 

Wrapping Up: StankStix Reviews

This StankStix review focuses on the practical applications of this tool. Having said that, it is a worthwhile option to be chosen for eliminating bad smells. Nobody likes to endure unpleasant odors. In addition to being unclean, it lowers your sense of worth. But improper hygiene may not be to blame for offensive smells. It might also be inherited.

However, the majority of the time, it is brought on by odor-producing bacteria that adhere to the objects of everything that you touch and flourish on moisture. This product works at the core of the issue and helps in vanishing unpleasant smells.

It will remove all the smells in no more than 24 hours. No harmful impacts and usage of chemicals are the other main reasons to purchase the StankStix odor remover. 

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