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Are you looking for the best Soul Insole Reviews? Read to know more. You must be aware of how horrible it feels if you have ever had foot discomfort, sprained ankles, or painful plantar fasciitis. Though the shoemakers place a greater emphasis on creating beautiful designs than on functional features, if used often, you may get persistent discomfort in your feet. There are several options that you can opt for to reduce the discomfort and pain in the feet. 

You may go to therapists or can have massages on a regular basis. However, these solutions can be expensive as well as inconvenient too. The orthotics are also not so simple to use as they include compressible foam and hard plastic. Well, there is a solution for this issue and it is the Soul Insole Bubbles. Let us discuss this product in the following review guide.  

What Are The Soul Insole Bubbles?

Soul Insole

Soul Insole Reviews

  • They are manufactured of soft material for the best performance and coziness to your feet.
  • It is also helpful in several chronic pains, stiffness in muscles or joints, and swelling as well.
  • No matter what type of footwear you are using, these bubbles can work efficiently with all. 

A micro-sized shoe bubble manufactured using the medical-grade gel called Soul Insole provides optimum support to any pair of shoes. In addition to easing foot discomfort, arched feet, and chronic plantar fasciitis, it is also useful in releasing tension through the forefoot and heel. 

It is designed in such a way that it could perfectly fit in the shoe of every size. You can comfortably use them with sneakers, shoes, sportswear, high-heels, sandals, etc. This product gives you the best protection from arched or painful feet and also helps in curing chronic issues. The Soul Insole Bubbles will suit every footwear you will be wearing. 

Key Specifications: Soul Insole

Key Specifications: Soul Insole

Here are the key specifications to have a look at:

1. Comfort: Since they are not long enough, they do not decrease the amount of room in your shoe’s forefoot, which can frequently make your feet feel cramped inside. Additionally, there is no heel area to be concerned about having spaces in. You are free from all these issues as that could lead to discomfort and burning.

2. Flexibility: The primary factors in choosing insoles are support and ease of use. Flexibility is a crucial component in achieving it. Despite not running through the entire length of your foot, Soul Insoles nonetheless give your midfoot space the required flexibility. It prolongs the useful life of shoe insoles.

3. Durability: The ‘patented biochemically engineered gel’ used to make these insoles is a premium substance that keeps its original form throughout multiple years of use. They will survive more than the extended insole since they are not subject to heel strain.

4. Odourless: There is no unwanted or unpleasant smell that the insoles will cause. You won’t have to worry about stinky or damp feet. They are made up of high-quality components making the insoles completely odorless and your feet feel fresh for a long time up to when you are wearing them. 

5. Reusable: You do not need to purchase a new pair of shoe bubbles as these can be easily washed and used again many times. All you have to do is follow the cleaning instructions so that the durability of the shoe bubbles may remain intact. If you use warm water and wash it by hand, then it will not lose its features and will also be the same in the long run. 

Pros And Cons: Soul Insole Reviews


  • Though it is a perfect choice for anyone athletes can find them to be the best. 
  • It will help your feet to remain dry throughout the day.
  • Users will get the maximum level of comfort and optimum support when using this product. 
  • You may use the product for a very long period because it has the highest durability.


  • These are not efficient to be used for wearing with open shoes, sandals, or flip-flops. 
  • This product also lacks the feature of being water-resistant.

How To Place It?

To use the Sole Insole Bubbles, you will need to place them inside your footwear. After that, you may follow these simple instructions:

  1. The insole is simple and quick to insert inside your shoe. It just needs to be inserted into any kind of pair of shoes you want, approximately midway from its front and the rear. 
  2. They may be fitted without any scaling or cutting, and the glue will maintain the insole tightly in position. Additionally, you can exchange them between shoes, so if you want to put on a new pair, all you have to do is take out one pair and put them in the other.
  3. There will be no issues if you have a flat or lean foot because it is not going to cover the entire feet or sole. Be certain that the shoe or sandal is absolutely dry before you put the Sole Insole inside your shoes. 

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Pricing and Policies

Soul Insole Reviews

When you are purchasing the Soul Insole pair of bubbles, then it is suggested to get it from the manufacturer’s website. The reasons are the amazing deals and discounts that you can get here. Also, you will stay safe from any scams or wrong products.

Apart from this, they also provide you with refund and return policies. If there is any reason for dissatisfaction with the purchase, you will receive a full refund. This policy is valid for no more than 60 days. The price of Soul Insole is determined according to different packs. The price is as follows:

  • A single pair of Soul Insole is available at $29.99.
  • The pack of three Soul Insole products will cost you $59.98.
  • If you want to purchase five pairs of Soul Insole bubbles then you will have to pay $89.97 for it. 

Final Thoughts: Soul Insole

The purpose of a soul insole is to get rid of muscular discomfort, including those brought on by incorrect posture. Additionally, they address your position and reduce spinal aches. It will definitely be amazing for people who are looking for a permanent and inexpensive solution for their issues. 

These insertions, however, were created using the same concepts as foot orthotic implants. They are also biologically created and controlled. They are ideal for everyone due to their qualities, regardless of age. These insoles are dependable and gentle on your skin. You will achieve the greatest advantage at the most affordable price in this manner. So, why wait now? Just visit the official website and make the purchase you need.

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FAQs: Soul Insole Reviews

Q1. What Is The Life Expectancy Of Soul Insole?

Ans. This will completely depend on the maintenance and treatment of the shoe bubbles. The longer they last, the better you’ll keep them. However, as per the reviews and claims these shoe bubbles can work between six months and ten years. 

Q2. Is There An Unpleasant Smell Caused By The Shoe Bubbles?

Ans. The designers of this product assure you that the shoe bubble will not have any unpleasant odors. It is constructed with a non-porous medical-grade gel that is guaranteed to remain odor-free.

Q3. How Can I Clean My Soul Insoles?

Ans. Cleaning or rinsing your insoles is relatively a very simple procedure. All you have to do is wash them by hand in warm water while being gentle. After washing, allow them to air dry. To maintain their adhesive properties, it is essential to avoid using soap during the cleaning process.

Q4. Are These Insoles Worth Purchasing?

Ans. After using the product for just around two to three weeks, you might find that these insoles are worth the money you have paid. The shoe bubbles can relieve you from chronic pains and other issues in the feet. It will also protect your knees and back from swelling or pain. The people who are dealing with any such issue then it will be a great help to use these shoe bubbles.  

Q5. Can These Shoe Bubbles Be Used With Any Shoe Type?

Ans. The insoles work with any pair of shoes. Just make sure there is no sand or other dirt on the bottoms of your shoes. According to several assessments of Soul Insoles, they perform better when used with materials like PU, faux leather, and even the original leather. For canvas and cloth shoes, it might be less slippery though.

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