Smarty Security Bulb Reviews 2023: Must Read This Before Buying

Robberies have increased for an array of causes. Numerous individuals are growing concerned since they are unaware of how to safeguard themselves. Several safety professionals believe that having your property seem occupied regardless of whether you are not present there or not is critical. This includes keeping the lights on and possibly purchasing a safety system.

Placing a video surveillance system can be one of the most effective ways to keep intruders out of your residence. A surveillance system can help your residence feel more secure and protected while also deterring criminals.

Video surveillance systems are an excellent tool to discourage criminals while also assisting you in monitoring your home. If you are thinking about having a surveillance system, look into Smarty Security Bulb reviews. Here is a review guide that will help you to decide whether the bulb is worth purchasing or not.

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What Is The Smarty Security Bulb

Smarty Security Bulb Reviews

Smarty Security Bulb Reviews

  • 360-degree rotation, zoom, and pan
  • Tracking and Automatic Motion Alerts
  • Bright Lights can be turned on via an app.
  • Anywhere, converse and listen in both directions.

The Smarty Security Bulb is a high-quality surveillance device with a straightforward appearance that is ideal for the modern household. For a simple setup, the security camera has a tiny dimension and no exterior wires or detachable elements. This camera is suitable for use indoors as well as outdoors. 

The device is simple for setting up and use. All you have to do is plug the device into an electrical outlet and point it in the direction you are interested in recording. When the camera’s sensor senses motion in its frame of view, it will begin recording.

You may see recordings from your Smarty Security Bulb Camera on your mobile device or PC. It enables you to keep an eye on the house while you are away and provides you with security in your mind realizing that it is being watched afterward. 

Features: Smarty Security Bulb Reviews

Features: Smarty Security Bulb Reviews
  • You will appreciate this bulb since it instantly transforms into full-color nighttime vision at night. This will help your residence feel more safe and comfy at night. This lighting’s quality is greater and superb when contrasted with infrared night sights. The light-emitting diodes (LEDs) in the bulb have been supercharged, allowing it to broadcast videos of excellent quality to your tablet or mobile.
  • The device does not require any connections or batteries to function, therefore it remains prepared to use.
  • It includes a security system with a motion sensor. As a result, it notifies the user whenever anything changes in the area. You do not even require that you spend a lot of money on this.
  • You will hardly miss your children and pets while absent from home. This camera allows you to communicate with family and friends from all over the world. You may communicate or talk to your children via the camera no matter where they are. You will additionally be able to observe your dogs as they play.
  • Aside from allowing you to see those you love, this camera offers two-way audio, allowing you to communicate with one another in the same way you would with a phone. So it can keep communicating and seeing one another even while you’re far away from home.

Benefits: Smarty Security Bulb Reviews 

  • You are provided with a discretely mounted surveillance monitor that operates around the clock.
  • The software allows you to continually track the condition of your family and home.
  • You receive high-quality pictures in addition to recordings of sound and playback.
  • It is extremely adaptable and has implications beyond the house.
  • It allows you to continue keeping an eye on youngsters, older people, intruders, and pets regardless of whether you are not at home.
  • It does not require an additional battery or recharging device because it gets power right away via the socket.

Smarty Security Bulb Pros & Cons

Top Pick
Smarty Security Bulb Reviews


  • Easy installation 
  • Affordable 
  • Motion detection 
  • Adjustable 
  • Rotation to 360 degrees
  • Alarming functionality 
  • Detailed night vision
  • Mobile application available 
  • High-quality recordings 
  • Detect intruders


  • You will require to give the device a strong power connection. If the power supply will be interrupted then the device will get switched off. 

How To Install The Device?

To successfully use this device for enhancing the security of your house or any such place, you can take the following steps. These will definitely help you to activate the device

Step 1. Power the digital camera at first by inserting the battery into a conventional and functioning E27 adapter for regular or LED lights.

Step 2. Download the application of Smarty Security Camera on your mobile device.

Step 3. Using a smartphone data or WiFi connection, pair the mobile application with your device.

Step 4. Enable the surveillance device via the application’s dashboard.

Step 5. Finally, configure the monitoring, recording, playback, and alerting settings.

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Pricing: Smarty Security Bulb Reviews

Purchase the device from the official website and grab the discount offered by the manufacturer. No matter what quantity you purchase, you will get a discount of 50%. Apart from that, you will also get a money-back guarantee of a maximum of 30 days. The price rates of this security bulb are as follows:

  • One single camera will cost you just $46 and an additional shipping charge of $7.95. 
  • Two security cameras will cost you $92 with a shipping charge of $7.95.
  • If you want to purchase three security cameras then it will be available at $117 with free shipping. 
  • The cost of four same cameras will be $156 and you do not need to pay the shipping charges. 
  • If you are going to purchase five security cameras then you have to pay $195 which means one camera will cost you $39. Also, you do not have to pay for shipment.
  • Ten cameras will cost you $290 which means one camera will be $29 and there will be no shipping charges. 

Customer Reviews 

“Because I take care of an unwell member of my family while employed full-time, I had been searching for a simple, low-cost camera to monitor their treatment when I’m at work.” It is ideal for the job. For the cost, the picture quality is higher than imagined. The camera angle can be easily adjusted using the app, and if I push the audio switch, I can actually hear members of my family conversing with their carers. I can additionally interact with my close ones straight through the webcam by pressing a button. Overall, it represents excellent value for money!”

Gerald T. 

“I live independently and I experience much safer now that I have the camera. The visual quality is excellent, and it recognizes every little motion and tracks you everywhere you move.”


“I adore the panoramic display.” The quality is excellent, and the pan-tilt-zoom capability works well. After an outage, it immediately restarts and reconnects to the router, which is a boost over my previous camera. “I’m very happy with my order.”

Michael A. 

Final Thoughts: Smarty Security Bulb Reviews

To conclude, you can say the most intriguing characteristic could be its real-time distant watching capacity. It is distinguished from other kinds of safety systems on the marketplace by its added features, which include dual microphones that allow communication between you and the person standing at the door.

It also allows visibility at night. Even though you are not in need of a surveillance device, the Smarty Security Bulb Camera is a lovely gift that shows that you are concerned about the protection of those you love. 

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FAQs: Smarty Security Bulb Reviews

Is The Device Weather-resistant?

Yes, it is claimed that the device is resistant to weather. However, it is also suggested that it must not be kept outside if it is raining outside. Your device can malfunction and lead to function inappropriately. This device is specially designed for being used indoors only.

Can Multiple People Use This Camera At A Particular Time?

Yes, this device is compatible with several smartphones at a single time. Multiple people can use this device and get different views from different angles at the same time.

Is The Camera Easy To Install and Set Up?

Yes, the Smarty Security Bulb Camera starts and runs in approximately 3 minutes. Simply install it in your vehicle or house, switch it on, and release it. This camera features a vacuum container that is simple to set up, eliminate, and transport whenever needed, which makes it extremely portable. Setting up and functioning is straightforward. The device and cable are invisible beneath a rear-view mirror. 

The Camera Be Charged In Advance?

No, there is no need to charge the camera in advance. As per the mechanism of the camera, it works by directly connecting it to the plug and socket. It requires a power supply to function. This could be connected using an adaptor if you want to plug it into the standard outlet or power supply. 

What Is The General Cost Of This Device? 

The demand and availability of the device determine and fluctuates the pricing of the camera. Both daily and weekly alterations are made to the price. To find out the latest price, visit the official website. Additionally, a single gadget can be purchased for 50% less.

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