How To Lift Droopy Eyelids: Complete Guide In 2023

How To Lift Droopy Eyelids

How To Lift Droopy Eyelids: The eyelids can be counted among the most important as well as fragile parts of the human body. The main functions that they perform are to protect the eyes, provide proper hydration to them, and eliminate every foreign particle from entering inside the eyes. As the eyelids have crucial functioning, they need to have good health.  

However, due to several potential causes, your eyelids might start drooping. Aging and injuries are some major causes. While we wish to have proper eyelids, it is important to have proper attention to them and consult the eye experts if there is any issue with them.

In case you are also the person dealing with the issue of droopy eyelids or ptosis, you can opt for several measures to uplift them. Let us go through the causes and various natural as well as medical treatments for the upliftment of droopy eyelids. 

The Causes of Droopy Eyelids

Before diving into the treatment methods, it is essential to know the potential causes of droopy eyelids.

Here are some of them:

#1. Aging: As the aging process begins, the major issue that we have to face is the skin losing its elasticity. When the skin of the eyelids becomes loose, it leads to droopy eyelids.

#2. Nerve Damage: Nerves have control over the functioning of your eyelids. If there is any injury caused to those nerves, then it is going to affect the eyelids making them droopy.

#3. Paralytic Disease: If any person ever has paralytic issues in the facial muscles, then they are prone to have droopy eyelids.

#4. Fat Deposit: Another major cause of droopy eyelids is the fat that might get deposited around that area. The muscles that help in the movement and protection of your eyes can ultimately end up to be fat deposits making the lids look baggy

#5. Diabetes: If you are a diabetic patient, you might have to deal with ptosis as it can come as a vital symptom of neuropathy. 

#6. Smoking: If you smoke or consume tobacco in any form, then it can be potentially harmful to your eyelids. The chemicals present in tobacco may cause inflammation, irritation, and other eye disorders

#7. Improper Sleep: People who do not get adequate sleep are less likely to give proper rest to the eyes. When there is less rest of the eyelids they have to work more causing strain to them and in the end becoming baggy and droopy. 

#8. Allergies: Allergic reactions can also cause eyelids to droop and restrict vision when the loose tissues of the eyelid become inflamed. If the lid becomes significantly swollen, it may stop it from opening at all, necessitating rapid medical intervention.

Symptoms of Droopy Eyelids

When the eyelids become droopy, they can change the overall facial look of a person. If it becomes constantly severe, then you might have the least vision capacity.

Here are some symptoms that can tell people about droop eyelids at the earliest. 

  • Abnormal or inflamed pupil
  • Difficulty in eye movement
  • Weakness in muscles
  • Headache
  • Blurred Vision
  • Itching 
  • Eye Pain 
  • Discharge from the eyes

Ways to Lift Droopy Eyelids Naturally 

Droopy Eyelids can be treated through natural remedies as well.

If you want to avoid the cost of surgeries and medical treatments you can any of the natural remedies mentioned here:

  1. Hydration: When we talk about sagging and droopy skin, the majority of times it is due to a lack of proper hydration. To avoid the situation, it is advised that you should have adequate intake of fluids. Intaking fluids not only means drinking water but also other healthy fluid supplements such as fruit juice, refreshments, etc. Make a minimal intake of coffee, tea, and other caffeine-based drinks. 
  1. Tea Bags: Chamomile teabags can also be placed on saggy eyelids. Chamomile has anti-inflammatory properties that can help with droopy eyes. To get the most favorable results, chill saturated chamomile tea bags for around 20 minutes before applying them to your eyes. Make this a regular part of your daily schedule and you will notice the results quickly. As an alternative to Chamomile, you can also use green tea bags. 
  1. Application of Olive Oils: If you want to get rid of the hooded eyelids then you can consider olive oil. It is said that olive oil consists of several antioxidants. All you need is to heat the olive till it attains a lukewarm temperature. Once it gets heated appropriately, apply a small amount onto your eyelids and leave the solution on the skin overnight. Then, in the morning, wash the skin with cold water. This will help to revitalize your eyelids and increase skin elasticity. 
  1. Improve your diet: The diet of a person is equally responsible for their overall appearance. If a person is having so much sugar and junk food, you need to change them. You must add food items like fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs, and those that are rich in vitamins. The items that you can start eating include beef, peanuts, blueberries, cacao, nutritional yeast, cranberries, etc. 
  1. Eat Grapes: Grapes are another excellent source of resveratrol, which slows the aging process of the cells. Grapes can not only be a tasty snack, but they are also good for your eyes. If you start including greater quantities of grapes in your diet, it will help you get rid of drooping eyelids. If you want to add some variation to your grapes, consider cooling them or eating them with slices of cheese and olives. 
  1. Enhance your sleep: When it comes to improving the hooded eyelids, one needs to pay special attention to their sleep. Having a proper sleep schedule will help your eyes to have more rest. There should be several things taken into consideration when talking about adequate sleep. Some of the inclusions are doing yoga, making a perfect sleeping schedule, avoiding taking caffeine, etc. 
  1. Less Sun Exposure: Extended exposure to sunlight can cause skin damage, including damage to the skin of your eyelids. Before going outside, always apply lotion with a high SPF. If you are going to be outside for a very long period, reapply sunscreen throughout the day.  Wearing a hat and sunglasses with UV protection is also recommended to protect your eyelids. 
  1. Cucumbers: Keeping cucumbers on your eyelids can help you to improve their condition. It has an optimum quantity of pantothenic acid which acts as a rejuvenator of the skin. Simply cut the cucumbers into pieces and put the slices on your eyes. Your eyes will feel cool and also soothe the skin around your eyes and eyelids. 
  1. Ice Cubes: Drinking water is necessary for better skin and healthy eyelids. At the same time, you can put ice cubes on the eyelids for their betterment. Using ice cubes can help relieve inflammation and irritation, as well as tighten skin that has lost suppleness. They also constrict blood vessels, which helps to reduce the effect of sagging eyes. 
  1.  Homemade Lotions: Sometimes what people need the most is to moisturize the skin. Having a lotion or moisturizer can be a great help for you. You can go for any lotion whether it is purchased online or is homemade. You can make a lotion through DIY. The process is to add yogurt, oatmeal, aloe vera, and a peeled cucumber. Mix them in an appropriate amount and your lotion is ready. Apply it for approximately 20 minutes and then wash it. 

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Different Exercises for Eyelid Upliftment

People dealing with eyelid issues can opt for doing various exercises for its upliftment. Though there are no scientific studies to testify to the effectiveness of these exercises but still many claims have shown that the exercises can be beneficial when done along with medical treatments or home remedies.

Here are some worth-trying exercises:

#1. Warmup Exercise: You can opt for simple and basic exercises to improve the health of your eyelid. You will just need a stimulator so that use it to improve your vision and eyelids. This is carried out through a concentrated movement with the help of a stimulator device. The pressure that is forced on the eyelids helps them to move. If you do this exercise even for ten minutes, you can get to see the best results. 

#2. Resistance Workout: It is suggested that the eyelids must be moved forcefully so that they can have a simple workout at regular intervals. This will help the drooped eyelids to tighten and also increase the vision of the person. Eyelid muscles can be worked by elevating your brows, inserting a finger below, and then keeping them up for around a couple of moments and attempting to shut them. This offers resistance in a similar manner to weight lifting. Additionally, eye rolls and fast, forced blinks can exercise the eyelid muscles.

#3. Diagnol Stretch: It is another important exercise that helps in improving your vision and the condition of the drooped eyelids. This is done by simply pulling the eyelid with one of your fingers and applying pressure on the eye’s corner. Simply repeat this procedure ten times in one round. This exercise boosts the circulation of blood around the eyes

#4. Eye Patch: If only one of your eyelids is drooping, you might decide to utilize the other eye for harder tasks, much as you might use your healthy hand or leg instead of an injured one. To guarantee that the weaker eyelid receives as much natural exercise as possible, cover your healthy eye with a patch. This means you will be doing eyelid workouts without even realizing it over the day.

Safety Considerations and Precautions 

When practicing any new exercises, it is important to consider all the safety precautions and considerations. This becomes even more crucial so that there is no adverse effect of the exercises on your overall well-being. You should follow all the safety guidelines to get benefits from the exercises and other remedies.

The important points to consider are:

  • Whenever you are trying any new exercises or opting for home remedies, you are required to have a consultation with your ophthalmologist. They will help you understand your condition and the types of exercises that will best suit your condition.
  • Your exercise place must be properly set up so that there are no issues in exercising. Having said that, the place must have adequate lights and minimal distracting elements so that the concentration level remains constant. 
  • When exercises are performed for the eyes, you need to keep in mind that no exercise includes extra pressure as it can worsen the situation. Instead, such exercises must be done with smooth and gentle motions
  • While performing exercises, it is essential to make sure that those exercises are not causing any type of pain to you. This simply means that you should be comfortable with the procedures. In case, there is any discomfort, do not carry on the exercise anymore. 
  • Take breaks of some seconds when doing multiple exercise sessions. The thing to keep in mind is you are doing the exercise to give your eyes rest. So, do not put any extra pressure on them by continuously exercising. 
  • The most important thing is to start with simple and less complex exercises. By this, we mean that putting pressure immediately might get wrong and you have to go through severe consequences like deterioration of eyelids. So, it is advised to be gentle on the eyelids and start smoothly. 
  • Consulting eye specialists or ophthalmologists should be your utmost priority before going to start any exercise or natural remedy. You should talk to them even if you feel a slight difference in the condition of your eyelids.

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FAQs: How To Lift Droopy Eyelids

Ques. Is there any non-surgical method to get rid of droopy eyelids?

Ans. Yes, there are several ways that you can opt for. These methods include exercise procedures and natural home remedies suitable for the upliftment of the eyelids. Other than this, Botox treatment, fillers, and laser treatments can be a great help if you want to opt for non-surgical treatments. However, before choosing anything consider talking with your eye specialists. 

Ques. Are the surgical procedures worth it?

Ans. Absolutely, yes. The amount you spend on the surgical process is worth it. The vast majority of patients with sagging eyelid skin are pleased with the upper eyelid upliftments. They both believe that the time and expense made on the procedure are worthwhile.

Ques. For how long will be the eyelifts effective?

Ans. The eyelifts done with surgical procedures might be effective for five to seven years. Once undergone the surgical procedure, you can stay worry less for a long time. Your eye specialist is the ideal person to tell you about the procedure as well as perform the surgery. 

Ques. In what time duration can I expect the sagging eyelids to heal?

Ans. It completely depends on the seriousness of the issue. How the medications react to the underlying condition also matters a lot. Apart from this, the expected time could be from several weeks to several months. In case you have opted for the surgical procedures, then it might take more time to be cured. 

Ques. Is palming beneficial for boosting vision?

Ans. Yes, palming can help you rest your eyes and lessen eye strain. It entails covering one’s eyes with the palms of both hands to block off light and other disturbances. This might reduce fatigue and enhance vision if done around five to ten minutes regularly.

Wrapping Up 

Having the droopy and saggy eyelids could be a troublesome issue. It changes the overall appearance of the person. When the conditions get even worse, people can lose their vision as well. However, with consistent exercise and some healthy changes in the lifestyle, you can easily tighten the eyelids no matter what age you have attained.

Apart from regular exercising, you are also suggested to make some slight changes in your lifestyle as well as diet. All these measures will consequently help you to have improved eyelids and boosted confidence. Just adding some simple practices into your daily routine can save you a big amount in the long run. Having said this, the amount of upliftment surgeries and other medical treatments can be saved for other purposes. 

We tried to cover natural remedies and simple exercises that will benefit you in eyelid upliftment. Hope that the information provided has helped you and thanks for reading the article. 

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