Handy Heater Reviews 2023: Read Before Buying

Are you looking for the best Handy Heater reviews? Read to know more. In the winter season, everyone goes on a hunt for the best space heaters and blowers due to the unusually frigid temperatures.

The greatest way to remain warm within the house or at work may be to use a room heater in addition to hot beverages and cozy clothing. There are several room heaters available in the market which promise to have excellent quality of heating.

However, this is not true with all the brands so it is better to do proper research before purchasing the room heaters. A heater that is portable, lightweight, and has so many other innovative features will not be a bad choice. This review guide will tell you about such a device which is termed a ‘Handy Heater’. Continue reading to learn more about this innovative heater.

What Exactly Is A Handy Heater?

Handy Heater Reviews

Handy Heater Reviews

  • The portable heater from Ontel Corp is small.
  • According to 202 user reviews on Amazon, this product has a 3.4-star rating.
  • It is incredibly portable and light.

Handy Heater is a recently introduced heating device that is meant to emit regular warmth in a manner that is capable of warming spaces of all shapes as well as sizes in a matter of minutes. It may also increase the room temperature by about 75 degrees. It is absolutely simple to set up once you have taken the device out of the packaging box.

You can manage the passage of heat based on your needs thanks to the adjustable temperature options. Furthermore, the timer feature offers safety and ease. The thermostat’s timer may be programmed to power on the heating system at a specified time and afterward, switch back off at a particular moment. This might relieve worry if you forget to switch off the heating device when going outside your room or house. 

Amazing Features Of Handy Heater 

Amazing Features Of Handy Heater 
  • Handy Heater is quite small and can handle a variety of settings that are simply accessible and even easier to use. 
  • Because the heater is movable, it may be placed at any place in the entire home. No matter if you keep it across the desk, beneath the mattress, or perhaps near the coffee machine. In addition, it may be taken with the person everywhere they go, including the fitness center or workplace.
  • The thermostat of the heater is highly adjustable so that you can customize the temperature appropriately. The ideal temperature can be kept between 60 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, the heater can be used for a maximum of twelve hours if you do not shut it off. 
  • The innovative heater is an ideal solution for people who are looking for energy-saving measures. This will perfectly save money and energy as well.
  • It effectively heats areas by utilizing ceramic warming technological advances. Ceramic heating systems transform electrical power into thermal power. The heat is then dispersed throughout the ceramic area.
  • This gadget displays the current temperature via an electronic LED after which it changes the temperature as per the needs. The complete Handy Heater data is accessible in a single place in no more than one moment. 

Why Do You Want This Device?

When you buy this heater, you will have a number of advantages. Here are some of them. 

  • The adjustable settings and preset options help you to operate the heater easily. 
  • You can easily use this heater in several places including your home, workshops, offices, garages, computer labs, and more. 
  • The device also has customized settings available both inside as well as outside. 
  • The output that you get from the heater remains consistent and high in quality throughout the usage. 
  • If you want your room to get warmer instantly then this heater is for you. 
  • You will not need to spend a lot of money on centralized heating systems as these heaters are much more affordable than heating systems. 
  • The gadget also has the advantage of being waterproof. This implies that you can also use it outside.

Pros And Cons: Handy Heater Reviews

Top Pick
Handy Heater Reviews


  • The device is affordable and will best fit your budget as well. 
  • The heater is portable and small enough to be transported to almost any place.
  • Handy Heater is made up of highly advanced technology of thermo-ceramic.
  • It also comes with several thermostats and temperature settings that could be adjusted according to your needs. 


  • If you are looking for a heater suitable for bigger rooms then this would not be the ideal choice. 

Steps To Use Handy Heater 

Step 1. First of all, connect the 120-volt power socket to this heating device. To turn the heating device on, you will need to push the power switch.

Step 2. Now, choose your preferred heating setting and make any necessary changes as the room warms up for optimal satisfaction. Be aware that adjustments can be seen on the electronic LED display.

Step 3. When your room or place is warmed sufficiently then you will need to switch the device off and take the plug out of the power outlet. After that, you will need to ensure that the heater is placed in a dry and cool place till using it next.  

Brief Buyer’s Guide 

You are suggested to purchase the Handy Heater from the official website only. Here you will find various discounts on purchasing different quantities of the heater. A 60-day money-back guarantee is included with all packages and heaters. Within the first 60 days of receiving the delivery, you can return the item if you’re not happy with it. Here are some price rates for these heaters. 

  • You can purchase one Handy Heater just by paying $59.99.
  • If you are purchasing two heaters then it will cost you $119.98.
  • Three Handy Heaters are available for $134.98. This is the most advantageous offer that the manufacturer’s website has to offer.
  • You can get four heaters at a reasonable price of $164.97 accompanying huge savings. 

What Do The Customers Say?

“I use the Handy Heater 400w, however the Handy Heater 1200 is a better value in my opinion. It’s really cold in my office, which is near a window. On high, this excellent small heater keeps me heated up in minutes. I have to reduce it to low or medium. It actually works, and it’s small enough to fit in the room.”

Robin R. 

“This little heater fits in the palm of your hand. It efficiently covers a 10 x 11 bedroom. I have it set at 60 degrees. The average temperature limit is 60-90 degrees. Though the three-pronged heater performs an excellent job in warming the sleeping space, users should be mindful that it remains on and generates noise when in use.”

Rebecca E. Bunke 

“We’ve enjoyed it operating every day; we’ve experienced no issues since we received it. It turns off when you tap it on the side. Tap the upper button, and it starts up again, very quietly. The array of colours are fantastic in the dark when enjoying a film and the majority of the lights are turned off inside as it puts off a beautiful glow.”

Anna C. 

Final Thoughts: Handy Heater Reviews

Handy warmer is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a lightweight, environmentally friendly space warmer. It is simple to employ, inexpensive and may be operated inside as well as outside. It is simple to stow while not in use due to its small size.

Furthermore, the Handy Heater’s changeable thermostat allows it to be simple to find the ideal temperature all day. You will also not need to worry about the increased electricity bills as it requires minimal energy to operate perfectly. Many customers have appreciated the perks they get from the Handy Heater and now it is your turn. 

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FAQs: Handy Heater Reviews

Q1. What Are The Size Specifications Of This Heating Device?

Ans. As the size of this heating device is small the specifications are also not so large. The length of the heater is 9.75 inches whereas the width and depth are 8 inches and 7 inches respectively. 

Q2. What Are The Maintenance Tips For The Handy Heater?

Ans. Each Handy Heater has to be totally off before being unplugged from the power outlet. Following that, you are suggested to use a non-abrasive, moist towel for wiping the outer surface of the heater. The best choice is to make use of gentle soap when the equipment needs further cleaning. Lastly, you are advised to pat it off using a gentle towel.

Q3. In How Many Days Can I Expect The Delivery Of My Handy Heater?

Ans. The maximum time frame for delivery anticipated is thirty days. The duration estimate takes possible extensions or customs processing into account. Nevertheless, there is a good chance that deliveries will show up during the initial fifteen business days of your order being placed.

Q4. What Is The Estimated Time For Heating The Place Completely?

Ans. You will not need to wait for a long period of time as it gets into action quickly. You would need to give the Handy Heater just 10 minutes to warm your room or place completely. 

Q5. Can I Connect The Heater With an Extension Cord?

Ans. No, it is not advised to connect the Handy Heater with any extension cord. You should directly connect it via plugs and outlets in the walls. 

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