Pocket Picasso Sticker Printer Review 2023: Buying Guide

Let’s turn your child into a Picasso this summer. Surprised? Well, this is totally possible with a super cool gadget that will turn your child into an instant artist. Say hello to the Pocket Picasso Sticker Printer__ the artistic pocket friend of your child. No more worrying about dull moments during summer break, we’ve got the perfect solution to make it absolutely awesome. 

Imagine this tiny device that fits right in your pocket, and with just a tap, your child can create the coolest stickers ever. It’s like having a mini art studio that goes wherever you go. How cool is that? But wait__ it’s not only for making stickers; it’s about having pure joy while learning cool stuff too. Your child gets to play with all sorts of colors and shapes, creating everything from funny characters to amazing scenes. It’s like magic for their imagination!

Now, here’s the super cool part – you can take it everywhere! Whether you’re on a road trip, having a beach day, or camping under the stars, the Pocket Picasso Sticker Printer is the ultimate travel buddy. It brings along fun and creativity for the whole journey. So all the Parents out there, get ready for a summer filled with pure joy and endless creativity, all thanks to the Pocket Picasso Sticker Printer. Let the fun and imagination flow!

What Is The Pocket Picasso Sticker Printer? (Pocket Picasso Sticker Printer Reviews)

Pocket Picasso Sticker Printer

Pocket Picasso Sticker Printer Review

  • Portable design fits in your pocket.
  • Affordable option for various printing needs.

The Pocket Picasso Sticker Printer is a small, easy-to-use device that lets you print colorful stickers from devices like phones and tablets. It’s like a tiny printer that brings your photos or drawings to life as stickers. You can give a personal touch to your notebooks and scrapbooks by these.

This little printer is great for kids – they can make all sorts of stickers, from small ones for scrapbooking to bigger ones for special gifts. It’s not just for stickers though; you can also print photos, sticky notes, or labels to keep your things organized. Plus, there are lots of ways to customize things with different templates, text, filters, and stickers. 

The Pocket Picasso Sticker Printer isn’t just about printing, it’s a tool for letting creativity flow. It’s super easy for kids to use, and they can make unique stickers, labels, or art pieces. There are tons of options to choose from, so your child can have fun making all sorts of cool things.

Advanced Features Of Pocket Picasso Sticker Printer That Make It A Must Buy 

Pocket Picasso Sticker Printer

1. Compact and Portable Design:

The Pocket Picasso Sticker Printer is super small and light, making it awesome for families on the move. It fits in your bag or even your pocket, so you can take it anywhere for some spontaneous printing fun.

2. User-Friendly App:

Operating this printer is very smooth. Thanks to its easy-to-use companion app. Even if you don’t have much experience with electronic gadgets, you will quickly figure out how to use them. The app lets you print your stickers straight from your smartphone hassle-free.

3. Wireless Bluetooth Connection:

This mini printer isn’t just for smartphones – it connects wirelessly to tablets and computers via Bluetooth. That means you can print from multiple devices, adding even more convenience.

4. Heat-Powered Printing:

Instead of ink, the Pocket Picasso uses a heat-based printing technique. No more dealing with ink and messey refills. It’s budget-friendly and eco-friendly, ensuring stress-free printing of your creations.

5. Free Paper Roll Included:

 You’ll find a free roll of printing paper inside the box. Without waiting more you can start your creative journey.

6. High-Quality Printing:

With 200 DPI ( dots per inch), the Pocket Picasso is quite impressive.  This ensures your prints look clear and of high quality, whether you’re printing photos, labels or any texts.

7. Versatile Printing Options:

This mini printer is a creative device. It lets you print everything from images, labels to vibrant notes or other art forms. You can also choose from various art templates, or daily to-do organizers, and notes for stylish organization.

8. Built-In Precision Cutter:

Forget about scissors – the Pocket Picasso has a built-in cutter for cutting your printed stickers correctly. It gives your creations a clean and professional finish effortlessly.

9. Long-Lasting Battery:

The Pocket Picasso has a powerful 1600mAh built in battery. It makes sure that you can use the device for longer with minimum power consumption. It’s quick and efficient, letting your kids turn their imaginative ideas into reality in no time.

Pocket Picasso Sticker Printer Reviews From Real Buyers

Pocket Picasso Sticker Printer

Rating: 5/5 

 “The Pocket Picasso Sticker Printer is a game-changer! I bought it for my niece, and it’s a hit with the entire family. The prints are super cool and unparalleled. Watching my niece using her creativity with custom stickers has been a joy. The free paper roll didn’t last long, but the additional rolls are worth every penny. Highly recommended!” 

___ David Miller, Canada.

Rating: 4/5 

 “I recently purchased the Pocket Picasso Sticker Printer for my son, and it’s been a fantastic addition to our craft time. The prints are fantastic, and the portability is a huge plus. The only reason I’m not giving it a perfect score is that the app, while straightforward, could use a few more features for customization. Nonetheless, it’s a solid buy for creative projects!”

 ___ Emily Taylor, United Kingdom.

Rating: 5/5 

 “This mini printer is a dream come true for DIY enthusiasts! I got it for myself, and it has exceeded my expectations. The prints are adorable, and the simplicity of the app makes it very easy to use. Portability is a major advantage. A must-have for anyone who loves adding a personal touch to their projects!”  

____Carlos R., Australia 

Pros And Cons: Pocket Picasso Sticker Printer


  • No need for ink as it uses thermal printing.
  • Easy-to-use app makes printing a lot easier.
  • Connects seamlessly through Bluetooth.
  • Comes with a bonus roll of printing paper.
  • Offers versatile printing for photos, labels, notes, and more.


  • Only one free roll of printing paper is included.
  • Limited availability, sold exclusively on the manufacturer’s website.

Who Can Use The Pocket Picasso Sticker Printer? (Pocket Picasso Sticker Printer Reviews)

The Pocket Picasso Sticker Printer is perfect for both kids and adults. It’s small and very easy to use. These features are very helpful for keeping kids entertained during summer breaks. But besides kids, adults can use it too! Use it to add a personal touch to gifts, crafts, or organizing at home or work. 

This mini printer is fantastic for creating your own stickers, making labeling and organizing super easy. Whether it’s printing notes or personalized to-do lists, the Pocket Picasso Sticker Printer lets everyone, young and old, add a special touch to everyday things.

How to Use the Pocket Picasso Sticker Printer?

How to Use the Pocket Picasso Sticker Printer?

1. Download the App: Firstly download the free Pocket Picasso Sticker Printer app from whatever authentic app store you have.

2. Connect Through Bluetooth: Turn on the Pocket Picasso Printer and activate Bluetooth. Open the app, and follow the steps as mentioned on the screen to connect your device with the printer.

3. Load the Paper: Insert the provided printing paper roll into the printer’s paper slot. Make sure it’s loaded correctly and securely.

4. Print Your Creations: Download the App, choose what you want to print – like photos, labels, notes, templates, text, banners, icons, or fixed-length prints. Customize your design, then hit “Print” to bring your creations to life!

Pocket Picasso Sticker Printer Pricing 

Pocket Picasso is an affordable creative sticker printer. On the official website, you can get exciting discounts on this sticker printer. 

You can get___

1x Pocket Picasso for $49.95.

2x Pocket Picasso for $94.99.

3x Pocket Picasso for $139.99.

4x Pocket Picasso for $179.99.

Where Can I Buy The Pocket Picasso Sticker Printer?

You should buy the Pocket Picasso Sticker Printer directly from the official website. The company will process and ship it in a few business days to your address. You will receive the product very soon within your delivery time period.

Big popular e-platforms like Amazon, eBay, or Walmart don’t have the original Pocket Picasso Sticker Printer. So, we strongly recommend buying directly from the official company website to avoid scams. You can even get a special discount and the company has a money-back guarantee within a limited time period.

Should You Buy Pocket Picasso Sticker Printer Or Not__ Final Review

The Pocket Picasso Sticker Printer is a cool gadget for both kids and adults. It uses special printing technology, so there is no need to buy expensive ink anymore.The easy-to-use app makes printing easy, letting you be creative effortlessly.

You can make custom stickers, and labels, or have fun with scrapbooking and art projects using the Pocket Picasso. It’s great for parents wanting to entertain their kids during the summer or artists looking for a creative tool. Even though you might need more paper for continued use, it’s easy to get extra rolls. And since it’s small, you can take it wherever you feel inspired. So we suggest you buy one and let your inner Picasso come out in this season.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Pocket Picasso Sticker Printer

Q1. Is Pocket Picasso Sticker Printer Legit?

Ans. Pocket Picasso Sticker Printer is indeed a legit printer. You can print any type of design you want using this device. But we suggest you buy it directly from the official website. 

Q2. Is Pocket Picasso Sticker Printer Only For Kids?

Ans. Kids and Adults both can use the Pocket Picasso Sticker Printer. It lets you make custom stickers, labels, and different art printings. Everyone can use it to utilize their inner creativity. 

Q3. What Types Of Design Can I Make With Pocket Picasso Sticker Printer?

Ans. Pocket Picasso already has a huge amount of stickers, labels, and various art designs uploaded to it. But you can also print any other designs stored in your device via Pocket Picasso. 

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