Hootie Alarm Reviews 2023: Read Before Buying

Hootie Alarm Reviews

No matter how many claims are made that you live in safe surroundings and the world as a whole, no one is aware of where and how they get suspected of any danger or unwanted situations. You never know if you get attacked when you are out jogging, partying, or anything else. The situation can get even worse for women. This is why women need more security. 

Personal security is the need of today’s society especially when you are a woman. Women are supposed to carry pepper spray, taser, or even a pocket knife but with the innovation in technologies, you can opt for smart solutions.

What if you get to know that you can have a personal security alarm that can alert you in dangerous circumstances? Let’s have a look at the review guide for the advanced Hootie Alarm which is created for your security and protection.  

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About Hootie Alarm 

Hootie Alarm Reviews

Hootie Alarm Reviews

  • You are not going to get boring colors as there are various color options available among which you can easily choose.
  • The in-built LED lightings makes your outing even safer as it will automatically detect if there is any person around you.
  • If the product is not satisfactory, you may return it by the refund policy.

The Hootie Alarm is an advanced security tool on which you can completely rely. This personal alarm has a hook that means you can attach the device to your keychain right away. This item can be carried in either hand, attached to a coat and backpack, or even both.

By calling for assistance when in danger, a modern Hootie alarm will help you assure security and fend off thieves, assailants, or stalkers. It attempts to scare off assailants while also signaling for help.

This is a perfect present that every woman should carry with her everywhere she goes, not simply a flawless defense that shields women from all forms of assault. The long-lasting material used in its construction extends the life of the gadget.

The ABS plastic also protects it from any type of wear and tear. With an excellent battery backup, you do not need to worry about anything when you are carrying the Hootie Alarm with you

What Makes It Unique?

What Makes It Unique?
  • Non-violent Device: This device is manufactured keeping the TSA guidelines in mind. This simply means that the device is not going to be seized or taken from the TSA making it safer to use. They tend to seize other protective weapons like pepper sprays and pen knives.
  • Large Area Coverage: The device alerts covering a very wide area. It is extremely audible and the alert can be heard from a distant place too. The wide range of coverage areas will alert more people as well as you can seek more help. 
  • Excellent Battery Life: The device has an extreme battery life which will last around a year. Since the batteries are removable, you may buy new ones when the old ones run out. The battery may be easily replaced and does not require charging.
  • Sweat-resistant: Though the device will not be completely waterproof, the outer coverage of plastic keeps it safe from any sort of damage no matter if it is being caused by water. It will provide you with complete resistance from sweat as well. 
  • No Permissions Required: If you are choosing this device, you will not need to worry about any additional permissions. The device also does not require any custom settings or specialized training.  
  • SOS mode: The strobe light has an SOS mode as well. If you are far away, this becomes especially important. With the help of the SOS LED light’s rapid flashing and loud alarm, other individuals can also protect themselves from potential harm.
  • Fashion-centric: The device comes in six distinctive colors. This will help you to choose the one per your choice. This feature of Hootie Alarm makes it fashionable and again an ideal option for fashion-centric people


  • This can prove to be the best self-defense solution for women.
  • You can protect yourself from assaults and attacks of any type.
  • The system is designed to keep the user secure while using it.
  • You will not need to give any permissions or do additional settings to make it work.
  • The appreciable battery life will be intact for approximately one year. 
  • The Hootie alarm is efficient in resisting sweat, water, dirt, dust, scratches, etc. 


  • Though it is claimed that the battery will remain the same for approximately one year, you will not get to know when the battery is going to die. Additionally, since you can just replace the batteries, you won’t be able to charge them. 

Working Mechanism  

The working principle of the device is simple and you can use it with some simple steps. To make sure that you are aware of the situation, Hootie Alarm will emit a severe alarm. It will also alert people covering the range of the device.

The steps to follow are:

Step 1. Foremost, the device needs to be activated. To do it, you will need to take the pin out of the device. Soon after the device is activated, it will produce high-volume audio and extremely bright light

Step 2. For deactivation of the device, the user will simply need to put the pin back

Step 3. If you are not sensing any danger, you can just carry it around by hooking it in your keychain, purse, wallet, jacket, and even bags.

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How Much Does It Cost?

How Much Does It Cost?

Just log in to the manufacturer’s website and place your order according to the quantity you need. The cost is very affordable and you can even avail discounts according to the number of devices you are purchasing.

The price listings can be something like mentioned below:

  • If you are placing an order for just one Hootie Alarm, then it is going to cost you $29.99. In addition, you will be responsible for $4.99 in shipping fees
  • The pack of three Hootie alarms will be costing you no more than $59.99. There will be no shipping charges. 
  • Five Hootie alarms are available at the cost of $89.97 with no additional shipping charges.
  • You can also purchase a total of eight units of Hootie alarms at a reasonable price of $119.96. There will be no cost at all for shipping. 

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FAQs: Hootie Alarm Reviews

Q1. Can I Get Extra Batteries For The Device?

Ans. No, there will be no extra batteries as you are going to get only two batteries that will be already employed in the device at the time of purchase

Q2. Is The Device Effective?

Ans. Yes, you can get to know the worthiness of the Hootie alarm when you use it. The alarm is effective and will attract the attention of people present at the site. It will also scare the attacker with the audio it produces.

Final Thoughts 

Keeping a Hootie safety alarm with you is a smart precaution whether you are hanging out with friends, going on a date, meeting new people, or being solitary. Regardless of whether you always have an attacking self-defense tool, this modern alarm solution adds another level of security and gives you additional opportunities to use other defensive weapons.

The attackers get successful most of the time because people do not have the time to seek assistance but this device will help you to do so. You will get adequate time so that you are capable of protecting yourself from those attackers, robbers, etc. 

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