HauSafe Cam HD Reviews: Will this security camera help?

HauSafe Cam HD Reviews

HauSafe Cam HD Reviews: The demand for adequate security has significantly increased in the current global environment. Rapid enhancement in crimes and burglaries is the main reason for people boosting their commercial and residential security.

When living in a high-risk surrounding, this requirement becomes even more crucial. To ensure the security and solidarity of your belongings and house, opting for a surveillance camera is the best option available. 

With cameras, one can monitor the surroundings easily and eliminate potential thefts, intruders, social pirates, etc. However, when you are choosing a camera for security purposes, it is important to avoid wired cameras and small cameras as well. Both will be highly inconvenient and will also not provide optimal security. 

As a rapid solution for security purposes, we are going to introduce a highly advanced surveillance camera, HauSafe Cam HD. This camera is specially designed to boost the security of your house and its surroundings. Let us discuss more about this product in the following review guide:

Overview of HauSafe Cam HD

HauSafe Cam HD Reviews

HauSafe Cam HD Reviews

  • You can also share the responsibility of security with another person or delegates in case you are unavailable. This is possible because of the multiple-device compatibility.
  • The product can be bought at a decent price with an amazing money-back policy offered by the manufacturers. This policy lasts for a maximum of thirty days. 

If you are a modern homeowner, then this HD camera is designed for you only. It is an uncomplicated device that does not need any special installation. It is wireless and can be simply fitted into any bulb outlet. No matter if you want to use it outdoors or indoors, it is ideal for both.

Additionally, the latest in-built features of this camera make it a worth choosing surveillance camera. You just need to have the application on your mobile device and the camera is ready to be operated. 

The camera can be installed in residential areas, apartments, office premises, and commercial buildings as well. You will not need to call any professional or technician as you can do all the things on your own just by going through the user manual given with the camera. You can also get all the necessary details through the mobile applications. Moreover, the camera can be controlled by the application. 

Technical Specs

Here is a brief of all the technical specifications of the HauSafe Cam HD Camera:

Type of Product Bulb Camera
IntercomTwo-way Interaction
Resolution 1080p
Night ModeInfrared Vision at Night 
PixelTwo Million 
Product Size156.5 cm
AlarmAutomatic Motion Detection 
Lamp CapPower Supply E27 Cap 
Rotation Angle All around 

Impressive Features of HauSafe HD Camera

Impressive Features of HauSafe HD Camera

#1. Hassle-free Installation: Users are not required to follow complicated steps to install and set the device up. It works through WiFi and can be easily fitted in the bulb socket. Regardless of the socket or holder type, the camera is so small that it is easily installed and any intruder will also not know that they are under monitoring.

#2. Motion Sensors: The camera also has in-built motion detectors that keep on tracking any moving object until it is in the range of the motion detector. If the sensors detect even a small amount of motion, they will notify you via the application. You can learn in real-time about any motion that is being observed in this way.

#3. Alarm System: For keeping track of intruders and other people who are coming and departing from your property, the alarm system can be a great help. The alarm systems will start notifying you as well as the person who is trying to invade your house. When you have to spend a lot of time away from home, this becomes even better.

#4. Visibility at Night: The HauSafe Camera can let you have excellent visibility even in the dark. You do not need to worry about low visibility in the nighttime because soon after it gets dark, the camera boosts its infrared night visibility so that you can keep monitoring your place even in the dark. You can see the high-end visuals in your smartphone captured through the night vision camera.

#5. Strong LED lights: There are four strong lights in the camera that get illuminated whenever any motion is detected. These lights can also work as the normal lights that you have replaced for putting the security camera. In this way, you will be getting a security camera and some bright lights as well.

#6. Two-way Communication: If you have pets and babies in your house, then the two-way audio communication feature is absolutely necessary for you. You can see them and have straightforward communication with them in case you are unable to be physically present with them. This can let you monitor your baby and pets even after being far from them.  

#7. Wireless Operation: The camera does not include any cables or wires when being installed. This simply means that the HauSafe Camera is completely wireless. All you have to do is place it in a holder or socket and it will work when there is a proper supply of the electricity. Apart from this, its main function is through the WiFi connection. Without that, you are not going to receive any notifications or data. 

#8. Compatible with all bulb outlets: Even if you have a small bulb outlet, you can still fit this camera in the outlet. It works with practically any kind of outlet and bulb holder. Moreover, you can control the device via your Android or iPhone. The camera works effectively through all. 

HauSafe Cam HD Reviews Pros And Cons


  • The HD resolution of the images that are captured by the camera gives the homeowners an optimum quality to monitor every single aspect through the camera. 
  • If you are unable to monitor your house every time, then you can go through the visual recordings whenever you are free or want access to them. 
  • Motion detectors and other highly advanced technologies will not let any single object pass without illuminating the LED lights. 
  • You can even use the device for making calls and talking with your loved ones when you are not with them or if there is an emergency situation. 


  • The camera will become useless if there is no power supply. You need to be mindful that the device will only work appropriately when you are providing an efficient electricity supply. 

Ways to effectively operate the camera

A user needs to first install the accompanying application for mobile devices on the gadget before they can utilize HauSafe. All controls are located on their mobile devices, which also give notifications on the live camera feed.

Once the application and the camera are installed, the camera’s electrical connections are designed to look like conventional light bulbs and may be readily fitted in a light holder. As per the product description, each gadget comes with an SD card with a capacity for storage of 64 GB which allows for sufficient video recordings to last 24 hours. 360-degree panoramic picture of your home with high quality along with no blind spots.

Cost of HauSafe Camera 

Cost of HauSafe Camera 

Even after providing you with many optimum advantages, the HauSafe Camera is still having an affordable price. You can visit the official online store and make your purchase just by filling in the required details. You can enjoy the price cuts available on the official store. On purchasing more than one unit, they will offer you a 50% deduction in the actual purchase price. Let us take a look at the prices of various units purchased.

  • One single unit of the HauSafe Camera will be available at $49.95.
  • In order to purchase two units of the same, you will need to make a payment of $99.
  • When a user purchases three units of HauSafe Cam, they only need to pay around $129. Also, this price includes the delivery charges. 
  • The cost of five units of HauSafe Cam is going to be around $199 including the cost of delivery to your location. 

Money-return Policy 

At the time of manufacturing, the company is confident in the product. This is the reason why they offer their customers a guarantee of complete satisfaction prior to using the product. Users are entitled to get their investment back if they do not get the desired level of security. You can ask for the item to be returned. However, you have thirty days from the day you received your order to make this request. 

Points to consider when choosing a surveillance camera 

When it comes to purchasing a new surveillance camera for internal security purposes, you are required to keep a few things in mind. You must take into account all factors and have a budget in mind for the security camera. After considering all the important points, you must opt for the best-suited camera.  Here are some of the points you need to consider:

  • Camera Resolution: When talking about picture quality, then it needs to be outstanding for a surveillance camera. As the camera should notice every single detail, you must go for a camera that has HD resolution of 4K or 1080 pixels. 
  • Field View: This is another important point to be considered. You should consider the area or amount of space you want to have coverage of. This will enable you to ascertain the camera’s expected field of vision. It is recommended that the field of view be wider.
  • Installation: The installation process also needs to be kept in consideration while purchasing the surveillance camera. The process should be straightforward and must not require complicated steps. It is possible that the camera you choose has professional installation or DIY installation. 
  • Smart Features: Some cameras have smart features like motion detection, two-way audio, and cloud storage. These features are very beneficial, nevertheless, they can also raise the price of the camera. 
  • Compatibility: The camera you are going to purchase must have compatibility with the smartphone that you are using. You won’t be able to operate the camera or keep an eye on other things without that. 

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FAQs: HauSafe Cam HD

Ques. What is the duration of the recording time?

Ans. The camera is capable of recording indefinitely throughout the day and night. Nonetheless, it also employs an SD card port, which allows you to generate recordings alongside its other functions. As a result, if a burglary attempt is made, people will be protected by an additional level of security.

Ques. Can I take the camera with me to other places?

Ans. As there are no wires and cables used to fix the camera at your place, you can take it with you wherever you like. The portable feature of the device makes it different from other cameras. If you are going on a trek or camp, you can take the camera along with you so that you can monitor the place in the dark. 

Ques. Can I control the device from remote places?

Ans. Yes, a majority of the bulb security cameras allow the users to have remote control and viewing. From any place that has a stable internet connection, you can browse the camera’s live stream, playback recorded footage, alter settings, and get real-time alerts on your mobile device or other devices that are connected.

Ques. Can I install the camera and set it up with ease?

Ans. Yes, basically the bulb cameras do not require any additional wires to be connected. This is the reason why they are simple to set up and install. All you have to do is fix the camera into the bulb holder and it is ready to be operated. The mobile application also has a convenient and simple user interface allowing the users to access the data and alerts without any hassle. 

Ques. What is the expected time to get the delivery?

Ans. The delivery time will completely depend on the location from where you have made the purchase. Generally, all the orders are delivered within the first thirty working days. If you want to have derailed information then the manufacturers can provide you with the tracking number.

Wrapping Up 

Whether you are far away from your house, in the office, or even in a different country, you can monitor your property in real-time and this is the biggest flex of having this HauSafe Camera. For maintenance and security upgrades, a trackable smartphone app is used. Because it resembles a standard bulb, the HauSafe security camera may be placed in a bulb holder right away.

The HauSafe Cam features an extraordinarily sharp 1080P lens, a 360-degree rotating panoramic infrared camera, alarms to alert users about intruders and thieves, and an automatic tracking system to secure your house from any unauthorized visitors. However, it stands out from the competitors due to its low price, compact size, and wireless nature.

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